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Good Luck Everyone, I've been there and done that!!!

GCSE's don't count for anything nowadays (exceptions with College)- As long as you've tried your hardest and worked to the best of your abilities then you cannot complain.

Dunno though, GCSE grades can be taken into account quite a lot for Uni acceptance nowadays. If they have to choose between a heap of candidates who all have very similar A level profiles, they will often fall back onto GCSEs to get a better picture of somebody's wider exam profile.

Don't worry guys! I was so nervous last year but it'll be a great feeling. Stand there wth all your friends, open the envelope! 9 times out of 10 people have done so much better than they're expecting, so just be positive!

Anyone else getting ASs on Thursday?!?!

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The Junior Cert (the Irish equivalent of the GSCE's) results are out on the 13th of September. I did them but I'm not particularly worried because they don't mean anything!

The Leaving Cert (the Irish equivalent of the A Levels) results are out this week on the 16th, so good luck to anyone getting theirs!

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I won't get my results until the... 28th? when I'm back from holiday, but I should hopefully have something worth sharing. :P

That's the same as me. The as's come out on the 17th, but im getting them posted so it will take a couple of days and i go on holiday on the 21st so by the time they are sent i'll be on holiday, or going on holiday and i come back on the 28th. :)

I'm a bit worried as well because i'm going to Miami, what with all of the things going on here lately.

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Oh bugger, I had managed to almost entirely forget about my AS levels ... : (

I know that I mucked up my history exam, but having said that, I'm very harsh on myself - if it's good enough to make me grin, I'll share : )

Don't remind me about the 24th!!!

Mind you i will be driving to school(hopefully). I past my cvt test for a moped i can drive a 50cc which is up to 30 mph

My younger sister just passed her CBT (can't get her off her new scooter!), and she's going to be driving it to school to get her GCSE results, then off to college to continue with a summer school thingy. She doesn't want me to be around when she shares her results with the family, unless I'm going to pay her for it!!

Good luck everybody!!

P.S. I was in a terrible state this time last year - floods of tears at the mere mention of GCSEs (seriously, despite how sad that sounds...). Like Pam, I had to get great grades for the school I wanted (6 A's), so the pressure was really on. Even if you don't get the results you want (which of course will not happen to anyone here!! : ) ), I think that knowing is better, as you can decide where you're going next. My worrying was a complete waste of my summer last year - just keep yourself busy!

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