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  1. Thank you. =). I'm good Aaron. How about you?
  2. He's here tomrrow at 4pm. We don't really get any Brit's coming to perform here so its a big luxury. Coldplay came but there were no tickets left, and Robbie is coming in November but I will be back in the UK by then. GGGGRRR!
  3. I'm fine. Shayne Ward is coming tomorrow so I might go and see him, if my friends want (they will probably choose a movie instead).
  4. I just read that before you edited it Aaron. You had me laughing so hard. :lol:
  5. Thats really good Shannon. I bet it feels a lot better now? Hey Aaron and Andy. How are we all today?
  6. I am still here. Hi everyone! *waves* I find it more laid back and relaxed now to post after the post count has stopped in general chat. I like it a lot more.
  7. Hi Aaron. How are you? My Dad has always worked overseas and his job was here. We were only meant to be here for 2 years and then go back to the UK but we somehow just ended up staying for a lot longer.
  8. I'm in Hong Kong. I have lived here for 11 years and now I have to go back to the UK (I'm going to miss my friends so much). And if you left Shannon I'm sure you would as well.
  9. You can always move there when you are 18 though =)
  10. I'm still here. I'm also moving back to the UK at the end of summer. However all my packing is done. I own nothing at the moment as nearly all of my posessions are on a ship. =(
  11. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gayne (Why I am listening to this I have no idea....maybe as I am downloading some songs for my dad...)
  12. Yep, okay I am willing to be 'employed'.
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