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Your country's best attribute

Guest Tamxxx

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this is really random, but i thought i'd start a thread where everyone is to describe ONE positive thing your country has e.g. tourism etc and ONE negative thing e.g. danger. :)

Ok I will start

Some of my country's best attributes are its countryside and history.

Some bad things are the increasing yob culture and Tony Blair.

When I refer to my country I mean England, not the UK. :wink:

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Good: the thorough and well-developed social services, including health services, unemployment benefit and free schools (including higher education).

Bad: Low penalties for rape and sexual offences - even those in prison for economical offences get a longer sentence.

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Best: Culture. I love the fact, that we do have our own language and some traditions are great. (Estonian Song and Dance Festival for example)

Worst. Former Soviet Union. Worst thing that has happened to Estonia. Glad that's over now..:/

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