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A Hidden Agenda

Guest Jamey-Maria

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O.k so i know i shouldn't be starting a new fic because i'm so lazy in doing my other :P but i had an idea and i just felt compelled to do this.

Prologue: What if one day you discover the person you love isn't who you think they are?.......

A few notes:

There is no Corey, he doesn't exist. As much as I wanted him in there I couldn't make it work :(

They didn't break up over the ear incident because Jack realised that Martha did it for his own good. His hearing is back to normal. :)

They have been together for a month now.

Chapter One

"I'll get it," Martha said while removing herself from where she and Jack laid intertwined on the couch. She walked over to the microwave and pulled out

the popcorn. Her grandfather was out for the night so she and Jack planned a night in watching movies, just like they had done the weekend before.

"What should I pick?" Jack asked, getting off the couch and moving over to the cabinet to look through the collection of DVD’s.

"Whatever you want, I chose last time."

"Well then, how about one with a chainsaw massacre?" He suggested. He knew Martha would hate it but he was curious to see if she’d put on a tough

exterior. Lucky for Martha she wasn't facing Jack when her face turned white.

"Erm..." She kept facing the other way while trying to come up with an excuse. Despite her tough facade, she had never been one for movies with

bloodshed, especially excessive bloodshed. "I don't think we have any... yeah, we don't have any," She lied. "Why don't you just put on Titanic again?”

Martha asked, trying to change the topic. "You seemed to enjoy it last weekend," She smirked.

"No!" He shot out immediately. "I only watched that for you."

"Oh... and I suppose you were teary for me aswell?" She laughed.

"I had something in my eye, that's all. I was definitely not crying.”

"Whatever you say," She laughed.

"Well, well, well! Look what I’ve found." Jack said, picking up a DVD from the back of the collection. ‘Damn,’ Martha thought, ‘he must have found some

of Ric's movies.’ She silently cursed her cousin for leaving them there.

"Isn't this great? You thought that there were no horror flicks but I’ve found one. Should be fun don't you think?" Jack loved this. He couldn't see Martha's face but he was imagining it. Any second now he knew she would crack. "Hey isn't this the one where the guy gets chained to a cupboard and

he has to chew his own arm to free? O forget that, this is even better, the women is trapped in a cage with barbaric, hungry animals and she has to try and escape before they...."

"NO, please Jack no!" She yelled. I'll do anything but please don't put that movie on, please." She spun around almost dropping the bowl of popcorn in her hands.

"Aww is my poor baby scared?" Jack teased.

"Yes, okay I’ll admit it. I'm terrified." She said walking over to the couch with the bowl and placing it on the table. Jack came up behind her and put his hands around her waist, pulling her down on top of him as he fell back onto the couch.

"You know you can always cuddle up to me if you get scared," He whispered into her ear. Gently placing a string of kisses along her neck.

"NO! I don't want to Jack and no amount of sweet talk is going to change my mind." She said bluntly.

"I guess we'll just have to watch Titanic again," He sighed

"That's more like it," She said picking up the remote and getting ready to press play."

"You know I hate to ruin your fun, Miss Scaredy-Cat, but you actually need to put the DVD into the DVD player before you can press play." To his shock Martha pressed play anyway and the words "Titanic" flashed across the screen. Jack's face changed from his cheeky grin to a sly smile as what she had done registered.

"You planned this didn't you?" He questioned, but he wasn't really asking. "We were going to watch this all along."

"Maybe," She joked, leaning back and resting her head on his chest.

"So all that ‘whatever you want’ was just a ploy?" Jack asked in a mock tone.

"And you call yourself a cop," She laughed, highly amused by Jack's impression of her.

"You're so sneaky."

"Shh, it's starting," She smiled, bringing a hand full of popcorn to Jack's mouth and pushing it in to get him to shut up.


During the movie both had nodded off at different times and moved from one end of the couch to the other. When the movie finally finished Jack looked down to admire the beautiful women sleeping in his arms. He adored her. He didn't want to wake her just yet, just admire her beauty a little while longer. The room was completely black except for the glowing light coming from the TV, which was reflecting onto Martha's face. She stirred and looked up at Jack. She glanced at the screen briefly to see the credits going up and then looked back at Jack.

"Wow," She said in amazement. "The film is finished and you eyes are dry. Really there are no tears at all?"

"Very funny" Jack laughed. She smiled and he lent his head down lightly, pressing his lips against hers. It was sweet and lingered for a few minutes until Jack pulled away.

"I need to tell you something."

"This sounds serious." She joked.

"It is."

"Okay then, you better tell me," Martha said sitting up and was followed by Jack.

"I'm not quite sure how, but here goes." He took Martha's hands in his own and interlocked their fingers. "You drive me crazy you know?" They both smiled. "But you're also the one person I can always count on and that I can tell anything to, without feeling like I'm being judged. I've never felt this way about anyone and don't ever want to feel this way about anyone else. I know I can trust you." Martha felt a blush creep across her face; Jack normally wasn't the kind to get so sentimental. She thought this was going to be easy - boy was she wrong. He noticed her starting to tense up and get slightly uncomfortable. "I'm not trying to make you uncomfortable and I'm sorry if it's a little early to be saying this, but....." He stopped again. Jack was clearly having problems coming out with this.

"Jack would you just say it." Martha begged. "You're making me nervous, surely whatever it is can't be that impossible to say." There was silence for about another thirty seconds. Both of them just looking into the others' eyes. When Martha realised that Jack wasn't going to say anything she heaved a very big sigh and the same time Jack blurted it out.

"Martha I love you." There was no sound from either of them.

"You what?!" Martha asked, wanting to make sure that she had heard him right.

"I said I love you, " He repeated quietly. Trying to cover up her shock Martha put on a very weak, fake smile. She tried to open her mouth but it was frozen. She couldn't speak. Great, she thought, why hadn't I thought of this? I didn't expect him to fall in love with me.

"That's nice," was all she managed to come out with. She knew it sounded pathetic but she couldn't think of anything else. Although she wanted so desperately to say the words back she couldn't. She just couldn't.

"I'm sorry Jack but I don't love you..."

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Okay, I know I should wait a while before posting and act as if I've just read it through... BUT I have to comment it now.

I LOVED it!! The Titanic-ness, SO FUNNY! Lmao!

"That's nice,"

You don't say that!! Lol.

I loved it!! Can't wait for more! :D

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That was really sweet.....up until the ending. What happened there? "I'm sorry Jack but I don't love you?" what's all that about. Get a grip woman! Of course you love him! You have to update so we can find out what on earth she's thinking!

Great fic though! :)

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That was really sweet.....up until the ending. What happened there? "I'm sorry Jack but I don't love you?" what's all that about. Get a grip woman! Of course you love him! You have to update so we can find out what on earth she's thinking!

Great fic though! :)

What she said. Great start.

Jack dont worry about Martha I love you!!!!!!!!!

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haha that was funny and sweet at the same time, well the beginning part before the "i love you" was sweet...then it was funny

i cant believe she said "that's nice"...a "thank you" would of been nicer

but great fic, please update :)

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