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A Hidden Agenda

Guest Jamey-Maria

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Warning: This chapter may contain material not suitable for younger readers. ENJOY!

Chapter Two

Jack didn't say anything. He wasn't expecting Martha to say it back, but at the same time he wasn't expecting her response either. Martha couldn't understand why she didn't just say it, even if it was a lie. Why couldn't she just open her mouth and say those three little words? It wouldn't have taken much. Why couldn't she just lie to him?

"That's okay," Jack said, trying to make it sound as if he wasn't a big deal, but everything about him told Martha that it was. His tone, his eyes and the way he was subtly moving his hands away from hers. ‘No this is not happening,’ she thought. ‘I've come too far to let this happen. Come on Martha think!’

"Jack, please don't take that the wrong way! It's just I’m not ready to say that yet." She was about to spin him the biggest web of lies yet. "I've had such bad experiences in past relationships and they always end in me getting hurt. Mainly because I jump in head first, don't think about what I’m doing and I lay my heart on the line too soon. I know that this is different but I just think if I said how I felt before I really mean it or am ready that it would be a lie. And I don't ever want to lie to you Jack." Jack sighed in relief as he repositioned his hands with hers. He was worried that she was going to tell him that it was just a bit of fun and that it wasn't that serious to her. He felt better now thinking that she just needed more time.

"Take all the time you need." He smiled, leaning forward to gather her in a hug. "There's no rush."


The rest of the night was spent on the couch, Jack's arms wrapped tightly around Martha's waist and resting his head on her shoulder. They ended up watching some rubbish that was on at that late hour. All Jack was thinking about was how much he loved Martha and that he'd never been in this position before. There was just something special about her, something that drove him wild and made her impposible for him to resist. She wasn't like other girls he'd dated before, she had this vibrancy about her, and this feisty nature. She wasn't easy to get either, so Jack was going to make sure that he held onto her, she was definitley a keeper. Things could not have been more different in Martha's mind. She was going over the past half an hour again and again. This was so complicated, why did he have to tell her he loved her? It was never ment to be this hard. Sure she felt bad about using him but she had to do it, she just had to. Luckily she had smoothed it over for now but eventually this topic would come up again if she didn't get her act together soon. She needed to hurry up and carry on with her original plan. That was clear in her mind, the only thing she couldn't work out was why she felt so bad about lying to Jack. He was a means to an end for her; nothing more. Sure she enjoyed all the affection but that was it. 'So why was this troubling her so much', She thought as she took in the masculine smell of his cologne. She eventually fell asleep again in Jack's arms while racking her brain for the answer. When Jack noticed she was asleep he turned off the t.v and picked her up; carriying her into the bedroom and gently placing her head on the pillow, pulling up the blanket to make sure she was comfortable. He then got into the bed beside her and put his arms around her while kissing her goodnight on the forehead.

"I love you," He whispered again.


The next morning as Martha woke up she realised that Jack wasn't beside her. She outstretched her hands as she yawned, wriggling her toes and pushing the blanket further and further to the end of the bed. She stayed lying there for a minute more, remembering the events of the previous night that had lead her to fall asleep. There was no point in trying to think about it now, she would just drive herself crazy. The best thing to do was to just forget about it and move on, so she got up and headed for kitchen.


Martha was drawn to the smell of the bacon and eggs she could hear frying. She drifted over to where Jack was standing at the stove and slipped her arms around his waist from behind.

"Morning gorgeous" He said, as he felt her arms tighten around his middle section. "So you finally decided to wake up then?" He laughed. Martha ignored the question and continued to enjoy the smell of the food.

"Is that for me?" She asked playfully, nuzzling at his neck.

"Well i was thinking about making it for the other girlfriend i had coming around this morning but if you really want it...." He joked. He didn't get a response from Martha, instead he got a passionate kiss fuelled by her growing guilt. It was long and intense and Martha had made Jack drop the spatula on the bench so he could grab her and keep up with her kisses. They became more and more intense and their breathing was growing rapidly. Jack broke away from Martha only for a second to turn off the stove and returned to kissing her, his lips moved down to her neck and then slowy made their way to her chest. She pulled him the general direction of the bedroom as they stumbled back. He swiftly pulled off her top and dropped it to the floor before they opened the bedroom door and shut it loudly behind them.

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aww this is so good, i feel so sorry for Jack poor thing he loves Martha and she is using him :( i wonder what the reason is please update soon i can't wait to read more

thats exactly what i thought!

Update ASAP

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Awww, Martha is using Jack (but for what? *scratches head*) There he is, loving her and there she is with a hidden agenda (i can see why you called the fic that). I feel bad for Jack :(

But on a good note i like the last bit of your fic, it was really good

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Sorry this is probably the lamest chapter i've ever writen but it's all i could manage and this is the third day that i've had my migrane so please forgive me because it's most probably it's crap, lol. Anyway you don't need to hear about my problems. :P

Not sure if this needs a rating but i'll give it one just to be safe.

Warning: Contains adult themes

Chapter Three

Martha laid next to Jack with the white linen sheet pulled up to cover their bodies. Her head was resting on his chest and the entire room was silent apart from the sounds of their heavy breathing which had proceeded to slow down within the last ten minutes. He moved his fingers back and forth gently dragging them along Martha's upper thigh, carresing the skin there. Jack was staring up at the ceiling still thinking about the previous passionate events that they had just participated in. He couldn't believe how lucky he was to have her, he'd even contemplated pinching himself to see whether he was dreaming or not. She was everything Jack ever wanted and more and being here with her was pure ecstacy. She certianly knew how to get his pulse racing and get him exctied. He continued to get lost in his thoughts of bliss as he moved his hand up to her face and started to play with a small strand of her chocolate locks. 'Could you be in anymore stupid?' Martha thought herself. 'Your not supposed to let yourself get too attached to him and here you go jumping into bed with him because he made you breakfast! Geez girl, get a hold of yourself. What are you going to be like if he ever makes you a three course meal for dinner?' The other part of Martha's head was telling her how perfect this was, how perfect he was! No other guy she had known had treated her this well. She'd never had really bad experiences like she had told Jack last night, but she'd never had a man treat her like this before either. 'No! You can't think like that. You have to keep what your doing in mind and keep focused on that' She scolded herself. Her thoughts of his smile were melting her, and for that moment she let herself get lost again. She didn't want him to get suspicious of her so she justified what she was doing as a way to distract him. 'Yeah that's it, it was just a way to keep him preoccupied and believe that i really care.' She tried to convice herself, i mean i don't really care, do i?' Martha was about to get up before she got herself in any deeper when she felt Jack's eyes on her. As much as she tried to resist she felt her own eyes being drawn to his. It was like some kind of magnatism, she couldn't help herself.

"Your amazing.' He spoke softly in a hushed tone. She smiled up at him intently. Thier lips were almost touching, Jack parted his mouth ready to kiss her again, when she turned her head and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

"Your pretty amazing yourself," She responded. Jack was slightly taken aback by Martha's movements but not thinking anything of it just continued to smile at her. It took every ounce of will power Martha had to do that. She'd wanted to kiss him but if she didn't leave now she never would.

"I've got a shift so i have to go," She said reaching over to one of her drws for some clothes. "Sorry, i don't want to leave you," She lied. Secretly she couldn't wait to get out of there. Away from Jack, away from temptation. "Will you be alright here if i go?"

"I'll survive if i must," He laughed.


When they were both dressed again they walked back out into the kitchen.

"So much for the hot breakfast." Jack said sarcastically, walking over to where they he had been standing by the stove before their little rendevous. He was shocked though to notice that when he got there the pan was empty.

"What.....but i?" He turned around to look at Martha who was just as confused. Alf emerged from the the corridor in his bed robe.

"Nice breakfast," He said.

"Yes we enjoyed it very much," Continued Morag who walked out of the bathroom. Jack and Martha just stood in shock; she had completley forgotten that her Grandad was there, and obviously her aunty had popped in some time last night like she usually did.

"We called out to you to join us but you didn't answer. You two must of been fast asleep not to hear us, i even knocked at the door," Alf commented.

Martha wasn't sure what to say, but it didn't even come close to comparing to how Jack felt. The both started feel hot and there cheeks were slightly pink.

"Um.. yes something like that," She tried to laugh. "Jack does snore pretty loudly."

"You know sweetheart, you really shouldn't leave your things lying on the floor. How did it get here anyway?" Morag questioned.

"What things, how did it get where?" Martha asked not sure what she was talking about.

"Your clothing," She replied bending down to pick up Martha's top where it had been frantically disgarded earlier. Martha's face was bright red now. "O! Sorry, I must of..... um, dropped it." This was so embarrassing. She knew she shouldn't be getting embarrassed. There was no reason she should feel uncomfortable at all as she was an adult and could do what she pleased, but the sheer shock of not knowing that her two eldest family members were there and that she hadn't realised sooner, mixed with the fact that they both seemed to be clueless as to what was going on wasn't helping. Jack's face had changed to a pale white.

"Well, i have a shift like i said before," She turned to Jack. "Why don't you walk me out?" She grabbed his hand, trying to get out of there as quickly as possible and they headed out the door.

"Bye love, we'll see you later," Alf called. Once they were both gone he turned to Morag and they both let out their supressed laughter. "Your evil you know that?" He laughed.

"Me?" She said idignantly but still laughing, i'm not the one that claimed to have knocked on the door."

"Did you see the look on the boy's face? As white as a ghost!"

"She didn't seem too comfortable either." They continued to laugh until they were out of breath.

"Young ones these days. Can't keep there hands off each other."

"What can you do? Alf smiled. "They're in love."

"It about time that girl had some happiness. Especially after......." He trailed off.

"Yeah, i never thought i'd see her beautiful smile again. I'm just glad that she's letting it go, she seems to be moving on and it looks Jack makes her happy.


Once outside the door Martha and Jack burst into a fit of giggles. After about five minutes of their uncontrollable laughter Martha turned to Jack, "I really have to go now, i'll see you later."

"You can count on that."


As Martha made her way along the beach to the surf club her head was a mess. She felt like she was being torn in two. She didn't want to use Jack, at first she couldn't have cared less, but the more time she spent with him the more she grew to care. Her feelings were becoming like a yo yo. One minute she was hot and the next she was cold. She had genuinley felt something for him this morning even though she tried to deny it. She noticed two small children playing in the sand. A little boy and a girl, they were in their swimming costumes and had a bucket and spade. The little boy had managed to make a sand castle. Martha stopped, she just watched them for a minute. The girl hand wandered off and was picking small things up from the sand. When she returned back to where the sand castle was the boy had used the shovel to make a mote around it for the water. He picked up the bucket and went closer to the edge ot the water. The little girl had opened her hand to reveal shells, she placed them on the top and around the castle for decoration. When the little boy came back with a bucket full off water he poured it into the mote, they both watched as the water dissapeared into the sand again. They looked up and smiled at each other before he took her hand and they run as fast as there little legs could carry them into the water. A small tear trickled down Martha's cheek as she watched them, it brought back so many memories.. That used to be them. She missed him, she missed him so much. She reached into the back pocket of her jeans and in her wallet was a photo. She stared at it for a long time, and the tears gradually started to flow down her cheeks. They were tears she'd cried a hundered times over and the hurt still didn't go away. She would never have him back and it killed her to think that, but it was true. She had to accept it, but she wasn't going to move on, not yet. She couldn't possibly move on until she had piece of mind. And that's why she needed Jack.

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