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Summer Bay Earthquake 2006

Guest Ross

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Topic Title – The Summer Bay Earthquake 2006

Topic Description – Entire Cast

Type of story: Long fiction

Rating: A (V/D)

Main Characters: Entire Cast plus some fictional characters

Genre: Drama/ Mystery

Spoilers: No

Warnings: Violence and Death

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: As life seems to be running smoothly for the residents of Summer Bay, a massive earthquake rips through the town and changes everything. How will the town come to terms with the loss of their loved ones and how will they react when a face from the past makes a shocking return?

I just wrote some 'foilers' about an earthquake, and thought I'd elaborate and write an entire fanfic on it. Never done one before, so here goes!

Summer Bay Earthquake 2006 Part 1

Tasha was still struggling to come to terms with her miscarriage. She just spent all day sitting there, in complete silence, not saying a word to anyone. One day, Robbie decided he had to do something to help her; he couldn't bare to see his wife in this awful condition.

"Tash" he said, entering their bedroom quietly. "I really think we need to talk about this".

Tasha remained silent.


Tasha began to cry uncontrollably, and Robbie scooped his wife up in his arms gently.

"I'm sorry Rob, I just don't know what to do. I loved that baby so much. I know it wasn't born, but I could feel it inside me. It was a little life, I would have done anything for it. And now its gone and there's nothing I can do to help it."

"Tash, none of this is your fault. You couldn't help that this has happened, you can't blame yourself"

Tasha was unconsolable, so Robbie simply sat and held her until she fell asleep.

He went donwstairs where Irene was desperately waiting to hear how Tasha was.

"I've never seen her like this" Robbie confided in Irene. "It's like she's lost all interest in everything".

"I know love, I know, but honestly 'darl I think you just need to give her time, she'll come round eventually but you need to give her time to come to terms with it, after all she's lost something so precious - only a mother can understand what she's going through, and I'm tellin' ya, it aint pretty".

"I know, I just wish I could do something to help her".

"Believe me love, just knowing you're there is helping her, it may not seem like it, but it is. Look, I don't think being here in the Bay is helpin', sometimes getting away from a place where something like this happened can help. I might ring Josie up and ask if we can go and stay for a while, I think some time with just the women will help her. Would you mind Robbie?"

"Of course not" replied Robbie. "I just want Tash to feel better.

After a quick chat on the phone to Josie, Irene went upstairs to talk to Tasha.

"Tash, love. I've just been speaking to Josie and she wants to see you, so I've told her we'll go and stay with her for a few days in the city. Are you happy to do that darl'?"

Tasha sat motionless for a minute or so, but eventually responded "Yeh Renie, I think getting away from the Bay might be what I need. And it'll be nice to catch up with Auntie Josie".


Will do Part 2 soon :) Tell me what you think guys :)

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Right, Part 2

Belle was playing in the garden with Ryan, and Amanda was watching out of the window. She was so happy at the sight of her two children having fun together, and suddenly she realised how amazing she felt at the fact she had found her long lost daughter. She opened the door and called Ryan and Belle inside.

"I was just thinking how great it is that we're getting to know each other Belle" Amanda said, beaming at her daughter. "I know we didn't start off as friends, but I'd like to think that's changing, and now I really want to show you off. So I was thinking, how would you like to come to my sister's house with Ryan and me this afternoon?"

"Erm, well, I dunno if, erm..". Belle hesitated.

"Please?" Amanda said, desperately wanting a response from Belle.

"Well, alright then, that'd be great. I'd love to come".

Amanda put her arms round Belle and slightly taken aback, Belle returned the gesture.

Meanwhile, at Leah and Dan's house, Dan was pacing up and down outside of the bathroom door.

"Well?" he asked. "Have you done it yet?"

"Yes" Leah replied. "Now we just have to wait".

Leah came out of the bathroom and placed a pregnancy test down onto the table. The minutes felt like hours as the pair waited for the time to arrive when they'd know.

"It's been 10 minutes" Leah said excitedly.

"Ok then" Dan responded, "after 3, 1, 2, 3..".

Leah picked up the pregnancy test and screamed with delight at the realisation that her and Dan were going to finally have a baby.

"I can't believe it!" she exclaimed as Dan grinned at her. "We're going to have a baby!".

"Finally everything's falling into place" Dan said. "Our little family's going to be complete".


Past 3 soon :)

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And... Part 3

Robbie was doing some tidying up in the kitchen. Irene and Tasha had headed off a couple of hours ago, and all he could think about was how Tasha was feeling. But he knew this break from Summer bay would do her good, and would probably make things a bit clearer in her mind. He dried up all the plates and put them away in the cupboard when he suddenly heard a loud bang from in Belle's room. He knew it couldn't be Belle because she had headed off hours ago to the city with Amanda and Ryan, so he went to investigate. He looked around and everything seemed fine, but then he noticed that a picture has fallen off the wall and smashed. That must have been what the noise was. He picked the picture up and went to put it back on the wall and noticed a large crack had appeared in the corner of the ceiling.

"What the..?"

Robbie put the picture down on the bed, and left the room. He was too concerned about Tash right now to worry about fixing this problem.

Meanwhile, over at Noah's, a shelf full of glasses had just come loose and fallen from the wall, smashing all over the ground.

"Just what I needed" Beth exclaimed as she angrily swept up all of the glass.

"Strike me roan, what's going on in here!" Alf said, entering the bar.

"Oh Alf, I don't know, this whole shelf of glasses just fell off the wall. I don't get it because I haven't ever noticed it being loose".

"Well, don't worry love, accidents happen. Maybe we should just close up for a couple of hours, give you a break".

The few customers that were there finished up their juices and left the bar. Beth and Alf finished tidying, then locked up the bar, ready to return for the evening trade. Neither of them noticed the huge crack that had appeared in the wall supprting the shelf, which had caused it to fall.

*30 minutes later*

"Thanks for that Tony. I have to say I wasn't expecting to come home to find dinner ready for me!"

"Well, I saw Alf earlier and he mentioned he was coming to take over from you later to give you a break, so I knew you'd be on your way home at some point".

"Well, it was great Dad!" Lucas said enthusiastically, "but I'm gonna go to my room and finish my English assignment".

"Yeh, thanks Tony, it was delicious. Mum and I will tidy up for you" said Matty.

"Well girls, I won't say no to some help! I'm just gonna make a pit stop then I'll come back and help you".

Beth and Matilda cleared the plates off the table, and started washing up. Suddenly, a loud creaking noise filled the house, and Matty stood in shock as photos and ornaments started falling from the shelves. The vibrations started getting stronger and Beth let out a loud scream as a cupboard swung loose from the wall and hit Matty across the head. The earthquake got stronger and gradually destroyed everything in its path. After 5 mintues of terror, it stopped and an eery silence filled the air. No movement could be seen anywhere except for the final remains of buildings falling to the ground.

Had anyone survived Summer Bay's latest disaster?


Finf out in Part 4:D:D

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OK guys, here's Part 4 :)

The sounds of sirens filled the air. Emergency services were flooding the town of Summer Bay, and surrounding areas, all of which had been devastated by the terrifying earthquake that had hit the Northern Beaches of Sydney. An emergency rescue truck approached the 'Summer Bay Caravan Park' sign and pulled up outside the large pile of rubble that had been the Caravan Park House. Officers filed out of the van and started digging through the rubble, desperately searching for life. Suddenly, one of them found a young, 20 something underneath a large heap of wood, shielding her baby daughter from danger. Thankfully, Sally Flethcer and baby Pippa had been found, although Sally had a large gash on her head.

"Are you ok?" the officer asked Sally. "We have to get you and the baby to hospital now"

"I'm ok, she's ok, but everyone else..!" cried Sally emotionally. "My son and other daughter are still in there somewhere! And the rest of my family!"

"Calm down, tell me exactly who is still in there" said the officer, trying to calm Sally down.

"7 people!" screamed Sally, her eyes welling up with tears. "My son Ric and daughter Cassie, Mr Stewart, Morag, Jack and Martha! And Colleen! Please, get them out of there!"

"Richard! Get over here, we need to get these 2 to hospital!" the officer shouted to one of the others. Then he turned back to Sally. "Don't worry - well rescue your family".

The officer guided Sally away from the house, who was still clutching Pippa tightly like a piece of precious china. As they walked away Sally could not take her eyes off the remains of her home. 'They've got to be ok', she kept saying to herself in her mind, 'they've got to be'.

All along the roads of Summer Bay were piles of rubble - it seemed almost like nothing had been left standing. On one of the streets, Beth Hunter emerged from underneath a pile of brick, looking confused and concussed.

"Oh my god, MATILDA!" she shouted, the memory of the cupboard that had fallen on her daughter returning to her mind. "MATTY! Where are you?!".

Beth looked down as a bloody hand reached up from under the rubble. She dug frantically, and to her relief, found Matilda, who although badly hurt was still alive.

"Can you stand up, sweet?" she asked her gently.

Gradually, Matila managed to get to her feet, but was barely conscious. To Beth's relief, the sounds of sirens entered the street as more emergency services made their way around the Bay.

"Don't worry, love, we'll get you to a hospital".

As Beth Hunter led her daughter outside onto the steet, she got a sinking feeling in her stomach, remembering that Tony and Lucas were still somewhere in the house.

Would they have been as lucky as her and Matilda and made it safely out of the house?

Find out in..... Part 5 :)

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