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Sunday's Child

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This is set a few months in the future. Enjoy and don't be too mean! :D

Chapter 1

Martha sat in the window, admiring the diamond ring - that Jack had given her the night before - in the bright morning light. ‘God, it’s so pretty’ she thought as she reminisced about the night before: the music, the candles, the meal, the walk under the stars and then the proposal. ‘God that was funny’ Martha thought, as Jack wasn’t the best at displaying his emotions. But she’d said yes, and couldn’t wait to tell the whole of Summer Bay their news.

Jack emerged from their bedroom wearing his Police uniform. She immediately looked up and smiled to herself, he was her perfect man and they were now engaged. ‘Have I ever told you how much I love you in that uniform?’ she whispered into his ear as she wrapped her arms around him. Jack started posing which made Martha giggle. ‘OK, now you just look like a fool’.

Martha hated the fact that they couldn’t spend lazy Sunday morning together as he always had to go to Sydney to fill in for Police vacancies. ‘Can’t you just stay with me for one Sunday, we got engaged last night, I want you here with me.’

‘I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can’

And so he walked out their front door, leaving Martha to face another Sunday alone.

Tell me what you think....

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Chapter 2

Jack pulled up onto the drive of a wealthy Sydney residence, and got out of his Police car. The sun was blaring and he had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. He was greeted by a woman of about the same age. She had flowing golden hair, big blue eyes and delicate porcelain skin. They smiled at each other, which was followed by a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek.

‘So… have you told Martha yet?’ She questioned.

‘Erm…well, you see…’ Jack faulted.

She woman sighed, ‘Jack, this isn’t fair on her, she needs to know, I’m not comfortable with the fact that she thinks you’re on Police duty over here’.

‘I’ll tell her soon, I promise.’ As her said this Jack put his arm around her as they strolled forward.

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Chapter 3

Back in Summer Bay, Martha was filled with boredom. Despite her loathing for housework, she’d cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and was now going to sort out their clothes. What she really wanted to do was to shout out to the whole world that she and Jack were engaged to be married but she couldn’t, because she wanted Jack there to spread their good news. She just had to keep herself busy and the time would just fly past.

She walked into her and Jack’s bedroom and opened the bottom draw of his dresser. ‘God, I’ve never seen these clothes before’ she picked up several old holey tops, garish coloured trousers and awful striped jumpers that looked several sizes too small. ‘Why has he still got these?’ Martha thought. She took all the clothes out of the draw and placed them besides her on the floor. But there was something at the back of the draw. She picked it up and looked at it. It was a baby book. ‘Why is Jack’s baby book hidden at the back of a draw? I bet he didn’t want me to look at his baby pictures’ she chuckled to herself. She went to open the front cover as the phone rang. She jumped up, and went to see whom it was.

‘Hi Martha, it’s Peter, is Jack in?’

Martha stood there confused for a second, ‘no, he’s working in Sydney, like he does every Sunday.’

‘Sydney…Jack… oh yeah, Sydney, sorry, god I’m stupid sometimes. Well can you get him to ring me when he gets back, bye.’

Martha put the phone down. ‘Why did it sound like Peter was totally oblivious to Jack working in Sydney? Jack couldn’t be lying could he?’ Martha thought. ‘No, it’s Jack, I’ve just got too much time to think, stop thinking Martha, STOP THINKING!’ She found herself actually shouting, so she decided to leave the house and go for a walk, before she actually went mad.

She went into their bedroom and put everything back, first the baby book and then the clothes on top and then left the house to have a nice walk on the beach.

Back at Peter’s house, Peter was checking his notes. ‘Jack never works on a Sunday…’ he said with a bemused look on his face. ‘Good job I covered for him then, Policemen’s honour. He better not be up to anything bad though…’

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Chapter 4

Jack came back from Sydney at about 5 pm and was given the biggest hug by Martha. ‘God I’ve missed you, I’ve been so bored, I actually cleaned the house!’

Jack chuckled at the thought of Martha cleaning. ‘Missed you too babe.’ Martha secretly loved it when Jack called her ‘babe’, even thought she knew it sounded silly. ‘How about I cook you a big meal to make up for not being here today, and then we can go to Noah’s and spread the good news.’

‘I’d love to, but I promised that we’d go to Tasha and Robbie’s to see little Rebecca and then we could go to Noah’s’

‘Mac, erm, do you mind if I skip going to see Rebecca, it’s just… erm I’m really tired.’

Martha laughed, ‘Your too tired to go and see a newborn baby, but you’d cook me a 3-course meal?! Come on, we’ll just have a quick visit and then we’ll go to Noah’s, your Dad and Luc are gonna be there right?’

Jack saw no way out of this, he was going to have to go and see the new baby. ‘Yeah, ok, but lets be quick at Tasha’s, I just wanna tell everybody about us!’

‘Do you want a drink of anything?’ Tasha asked.

‘Sit down Tash, you’ve just had a baby! I’ll get my own, don’t worry!’ Martha replied, pointing to the sofa in the attempt to get Tasha to relax. ‘Now I’ll make a nice pot of tea for us all, wow, we sound so grown up!’ Martha laughed to herself disappearing into the kitchen area.

‘So how did you propose to Mac Jack?’ Tasha asked.

‘Well it’s kind of a long story, I’ll tell it some other time.’ Jack said looking at his watch.

Martha brought in the tea carefully on a tray putting is on the table.

‘Let me look at this ring then.’ Robbie and Tash looked in awe as Martha blushed. ‘God I’m jealous, you better get me a ring that size one day Robbie!’

‘Thanks mate, look what you’ve done now!’ Robbie joked looking at Jack who was a million miles away.

‘Where’s lil’ Rebecca then?’ Martha enquired.

‘She’s sleeping…’ Suddenly they heard a cry from the next room. ‘…Well she was sleeping, I’ll just go and fetch her.’

‘No you sit, I’ll go and get her.’ Robbie stood up and went and got baby Becca. He came back with a little bundle in his arms, with pride glowing across his face. ‘And here she is!’ He whispered with pride passing her carefully over to Martha.

‘Oh my gosh, look Jack, isn’t she just the cutest thing. She’s absolutely gorgeous. Don’t you look just like your mummy’ Martha cooed. ‘Aww, I just want one! Do you want a cuddle Jack?’

Jack snapped out of his dream world, ‘What? Did you say something Mac?’ He then saw Martha holding Rebecca out to him. ‘Oh, no thanks.’

‘What’s up don’t you like babies?’ Martha joked.

‘No… it’s just I had a bad experience once’ he mumbled. ‘Do you mind if I just go out and get some air?’ And so Jack walked out and went into his car. He thought about baby Rebecca: her cute face; her big eyes; her tiny fingers and toes. He had to blank it out.

‘Erm… Robbie, Tasha, I’m so sorry, he was awfully rude, I don’t know what’s wrong with him. He’s always acts a bit funny after he comes back from duty in the city.’

‘Oh it’s ok’ Robbie and Tash said in unison unconvincingly.

‘Well I better be going now, we need to go to Noah’s and tell people our news before I pop!’ She joked. ‘Bye Bye Rebecca!’ She said blowing a kiss to the newborn baby.

If you have any comments feel free to share them with me... well nice comments that is! lol

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