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Love Bites

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Story Title: Love Bites

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: Will, Gypsy, Nick, Jade, Dani, Teigan, Kit, Jack, Flynn, Sally, Barry, Irene, Beth, Tony, Lucas, Matilda, Robbie, Joel, Natalie & Others.

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama/Romance/Mixture

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: (V/D) (SC) (L)

Summary: The lives and loves of a group of family and friends who live in Summer Bay.

Chapter one.

It was a warm, bright sunny day in Summer Bay, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. Summer Bay was a quiet sleepy little village where everybody knew your business but it was full of kind hearted people as well.

Irene Roberts was in the kitchen getting the breakfast ready for her children to munch on before work or school, she wasn't really their mum, she was her foster mum, but she looked after them like any other parent.

Chloe came running down the stairs with baby Olivia in her arms. "URGH" screamed Chloe. Irene came running out of the kitchen to see Chloe furiously banging on Joey's door. "Joey, Joey, open up, you can't hide from me" said Chloe. Irene walked up the step towards where Chloe.

"Chloe, what ever is the matter?" said Irene. Chloe looked up at Irene and held up her hair brush that had peanut butter all over it, she then moved her head so Irene could see the peanut butter that was stuck in clumps in her hair. Irene started laughing as baby Olivia looked up at them like they were both mad.

"Irene, it's not funny, I have bloody peanut butter in my hair, I have to go to work and I'm going to smell like peanuts," cried Chloe. Chloe carried on banging on Joey's door. Irene walked away laughing. "Love he obviously isn't in. Just leave it, love," laughed Irene.

Chloe puts Olivia in her pushchair, and then runs upstairs to wash her hair, Joey then walks out of his room, he tries to sneak out without Irene seeing him but he steps on a creaky floor board. "****," whispered Joey. Irene walks up to him shaking her head. "Joey, what in God's name made you want to put peanut butter in Chloe's hairbrush?" said Irene. "It was just a joke Irene, she needs to lighten up", said Joey, shrugging his shoulders.

Chloe came running down the stairs. "Lighten up, lighten up, I give you lighten up," cried Chloe. Joey runs out the house with Chloe following. Irene starts laughing while she walks to the kitchen. "Thank God, Chloe and Joey are all I have to deal with, or I really will start going round the twist."

At Summer Bay High, Sally Fletcher who has long black hair tied up in a ponytail, was walking with Vinnie Patterson who looked a bit like Johnny Bravo. They were both in their last year at Summer Bay High. There standing by the lockers chatting. When they see an attractive girl walk pass, with Donald Fisher.

Vinnie stares at her. "Who was she?" said Vinnie. "Funnily enough Vinnie, I didn't ask her, her name and address when she walked past me," said Sally, sarcastically. Vinnie laughs sarcastically.

The girl is in Mr. Fisher's office, she has short brown hair with copper highlights. "So Leah, I'm sure you will find Summer Bay High, a great experience to finish your HSC," Donald concluded. "Thank you, Mr. Fisher," replied Leah, shyly. She walked out the office and walked towards her first lesson, she was so scared, she was in new surroundings she just wanted to be at her old school where she felt safe.

Vinnie and Sally were sitting next to each other in science where there was a knock at the door. The teacher opened the door and saw Leah standing there. "Leah Poulos, welcome to Summer Bay High, everybody this is Leah, Leah Poulos. Take a seat Leah," the teacher said warmly. Vinnie sits up and smiles at Leah. Leah smiles back. "She's beautiful," whispers Vinnie.

Joey and Chloe are walking along the beach. "Chloe, look I'm sorry about your hairbrush, I just was mucking around," said Joey. "I know apology accepted, but next time your dead ok?" laughed Chloe. They stop when they hear someone crying. "Did you hear that?" asked Joey. Chloe nods and they look out to see where it is coming from.

Chloe spots someone sitting right at the bottom of the beach. "Look, Joey that's where the noise is coming from," cried Chloe. Joey and Chloe run up and find a boy of about Joey's age sitting with his knees hugged up to his chest. Chloe looks at Joey worriedly. The boy looks up at them and looks petrified of them. "It's ok, where not going to hurt you, are you ok?" asked Chloe. The boy looks at her and shakes his head and bursts into tears.

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Thanks Fletcher_babe for replying, very much appreciated!

Chapter two.

Joey and Chloe look at each other worriedly. “My mum’s gone, she’s left me,” the boy says shakily. Joey looks at Chloe and then at the boy and Joey places his hand on his shoulder. The boy jumps and looks at them scared. “I’m not going to hurt you, where’s your mum gone?” asks Joey concerned. “She’s gone… she’s gone to hospital… and they won’t let her out,” the boy says scared. Chloe looks at Joey and tears form in her eyes.

Vinnie and Sally are walking down the corridor when they see Leah putting her things in her locker. Vinnie walks up to her. “Hey, I’m Vinnie, Vinnie Patterson,” Vinnie says while putting his hand out and Leah shakes it. “Leah, Leah Poulos,” says Leah quietly. “I’m Sally, Sally Fletcher, welcome to Summer Bay High, would you like to come to the diner with us?” asks Sally, smiling at Leah. Leah nods and walks out with them towards the diner.

Chloe and Joey are still at the beach with the boy, they look at each other. “I’m all alone, I have no one, they’ve taken my brother and sister… they’ve taken them,” cries the boy. Chloe looks at Joey, concerned. “Whose taken them?” asks Chloe. The boy looks up at Chloe and bursts into tears. Chloe sits down next to the boy and puts his arm around him. The boy collapses into tears on her shoulder. “Sh! It will be ok, Joey and I will help you,” Chloe says. The boy looks up at her and smiles, this dashing smile that could break a million hearts, he has a skin head haircut, and wearing a beige shirt that is open so you can see his six-pack stomach. “You’ll help me? How?” asked the boy, confused. “That’s easy, because we know a woman who will look after you, and she will also help you find your brother and sister.” Joey looked at Chloe and wondered what the hell she was playing at. “What’s your name?” blurted out Joey. Will looked up at him, and smiled. “Will, Will Smith,” Will said calmly.

Chloe looked up at Joey and smiled. “Really, and I’m Cameron Diaz,” laughed Chloe. Will looked up and started laughing. “No, it’s true, my name is Will, Will Smith,” laughed Will. Chloe got up and started walking towards the beach house. Chloe turned around. “Come on Will, lets go and introduce you to Irene.” Will followed them and smiled, he had a funny feeling that Summer Bay was going to be a great place to live.

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Chapter three.

Vinnie, Sally and Leah were in the diner, having their milkshakes. “So where have you moved here from?” asked Sally. “Cyprus,” replied Leah, shyly. “Wow, what a beautiful country, just like the lady that has come from it,” said Vinnie, cockily. Leah laughed. “Sorry about him, but you’ll get used his lame pick up lines,” joked Sally. Leah smiled at Vinnie and he thought his heart was going to explode into millions of pieces. “Don’t worry, I think he is rather funny,” Leah said, hoping that she had managed to make it sound like she didn’t fancy the pants of him. “You hear that Sally, she thinks I’m funny. The girl has taste,” Vinnie said laughing whilst staring at her deep brown chocolate eyes of hers.

Irene is sitting down on the sofa laughing her head of at the TV, when she sees Chloe walk in. “About bloody time, young lady, I’m not a baby-sitting service you know!” Irene said jokingly. “Irene I’m sorry about Olivia, but someone needed my help,” Chloe said desperately. “What’s wrong love? What happened?” asked Irene concerned. “Joey and I were walking along the beach, and we heard this crying, so we were looking for everywhere to see where this noise came from, we thought it we were going to find a baby, but then I saw a boy huddled up on the beach, crying his eyes out, Irene,” Chloe said desperately. “Is he ok?” asked Irene concerned. Joey walks in with Will following closely behind, he has his head down looking at the floor. “Oh dear God, look at you, what’s your name sweetheart?” cried Irene. Will looked up at her and did a weak smile. “Will, Will Smith,” he told her shyly. Irene looked at him and smiled. “Well, Will, let’s get you settled, Joey make up the spare room, Chloe get him so spare clothes, I think there are some of Damien’s still around, and I’ll get some dinner ready. Are you hungry pet?” asked Irene, concerned. Will nodded. Irene smiled to herself while getting everything ready.

Vinnie and Sally were walking out of the school towards their houses, Sally looked at Vinnie and laughed. “What’s so funny?” asked Vinnie. Sally smiled at him and laughed again. “You, you so fancy Leah,” teased Sally. “No, no, I just think she is an alright chick, that’s all,” Vinnie says not quite believing it himself. “Really, I believe you thousands wouldn’t,” teases Sally. Vinnie looks at Sally, and laughs to himself.

Irene and her brood were all eating dinner and Will was eating like it was going to be his last meal on the planet. Irene looks at him and smiles. “Don’t worry pet, there’s plenty more where that came from, so slow down, you’ll give yourself indigestion. So Will, where are you from?” asked Irene. Will looked at her and looked scared. “Don’t worry Will, Irene only wants to help you, she has helped loads of people like you,” said Chloe concerned. “I’m from Melbourne,” Will said quietly. “Wow, that’s a beautiful city, so calm and peaceful, but Summer Bay is great too! So what do you do in your spare time?” Irene asked hoping to build up a friendship with Will. “I skateboard and surf. Well before my mum got sick, and dad…” Will trailed off and tears formed in his eyes, he tried to stop them, but he just couldn’t the tears fell down his cheeks and they didn’t stop. Irene leapt out of her seat and put an arm around Will.

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Chapter four.

Sally and Vinnie walked into Summer Bay House where Pippa was making the dinner. “You so want her Vinnie, just admit it,” Sally said laughing. “What’s all the noise about you two?” Pippa asked laughing. Sally looked at Vinnie and started making kissing noises. “Cut it out Sal, please?” Vinnie said desperately. Pippa looks at both of them and starts laughing. “What’s going on Sally?” Pippa asked, nosily. “Vinnie is in love, yes that’s right, the V-man has found the woman of his dreams,” Sally said, teasingly. Tiegan had just walked in and hard the last part started laughing. “The V-man’s in love, well I never thought I’d see the day, what’s her name?” Tiegan asked curiously. “Leah,” Sally said giggling. Pippa looks at her foster children all laughing and joking and smiles. “Leah and Vinnie, kissing in a tree K I S S IN G first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage,” Tiegan sings, whilst laughing.

Irene still has her arms around Will who is sobbing on her shoulder. Irene looks at Chloe concerned. “My mum’s gone,” Will wails. “Gone where love?” Irene asked, dreading hearing the answer. “They’ve locked her away, she’s mental, they’ve taken my brother and sister, Irene help me get them back.” Irene looks at him and her heart breaks into two. “I’ll help you love, but you have to tell me everything that has happened ok? Or I can’t help you, ok?” Irene says sympathetically to Will. Will nods.

Pippa and the others are all sitting down to dinner. “So what does Leah look like, Vinnie?” asked Pippa. “She has brown hair, with copper highlights, and these deep brown chocolate eyes that just make your heart melt,” Vinnie said in a daze. Tiegan starts laughing. “You have it bad, don’t you Vinnie?” Tiegan joked. “Oh, leave him alone, he didn’t tease you over Joey, did he?” Pippa asked. Sally starts laughing.

Irene and Will were sitting by themselves on the veranda, Will was staring at the mug of coffee Irene had given him, to warm him up. “So what happened to your mum, Will?” Irene asked gently. Will stared at the coffee cup and opened his mouth to speak a few times but he couldn’t. “It’s alright love, take your time,” Irene said to him sympathetically. “Mum, is in a mental institution, she went their a month ago, she doesn’t even know me, I’m her son, and she doesn’t even recognize me. My own mother doesn’t recognize me.” Irene looked at him as the tears started flowing down his face again. “Will, you poor thing, what about your father isn’t he there for you?” asked Irene as gently as possible. Will looked at her and scoffed. “My dad their for me, you have to be joking, the only thing he cares about his alcohol, he don’t give two stuffs about Hayley, Nick and I,” Will said getting angry. “Are Hayley and Nick your sister and brother?” Irene said smiling. Will smiled back. “Yeah, they are, but I don’t know where they are Irene, they’ve put them into care, I just want them back Irene, I should be looking after them, not some strangers,” Will said desperately. “I know Will, I’ll help you, ok?” Irene said looking at a tired looking Will. “You’ll help me? But why?” Will asked. Irene looked at him, and smiled. “Because, I believe you and your family should be together again, and you need someone to look after you, and that’s me, I never turn anyone way. So first thing tomorrow we’re going to phone DOCS to see where your family are, and to tell them, that I will foster them permanently,” Irene said rather patriotically. Will smiled and hugged Irene. “Now off to bed, sunshine,” Irene said. Will walked inside and saw Joey and Chloe looking at him, quizzically. “Well,” Chloe said breaking the silence, “What did Irene say?” Irene walks in and stares at Chloe, and laughs. “Will is staying with us, and tomorrow were going to look for his brother and sister, so lets all go to bed please?” asked Irene, giggling to her self.

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Chapter five.

It’s the morning at Summer Bay House and Pippa and Sally are making the breakfast for everyone, where there is a knock at the door. Pippa goes to answer it, it’s a social worker. “Oh hello, what can I do for you?” asks Pippa. Sally leaves to go upstairs to hurry Vinnie up.

Irene was making breakfast when Chloe came down the stairs and put Olivia in the high chair, and went into the kitchen to get Olivia’s bottle. Irene smiles and Joey comes out from his bedroom and sits at the breakfast table and smiles at Chloe. “Have you seen Will this morning?” asks Irene. Chloe and Joey shake there heads.

Pippa and the social worker are sitting on the couch. “So what’s all this about?” asks Pippa. The social worker smiles, and takes a sip of her tea, “We have two children, who need fostering, one boy called Nick, whose 13, and a girl called Hayley, whose 15, there mum’s in a hospital for people with a mental illness and their father is an alcoholic and quite violent to them, they have a brother but he has gone missing, so I was wondering if you would accept them?” asked the social worker. Pippa looked at her, thinking what a horrible upbringing they have had. “Yeah, sure, I would love to,” Pippa said as she led the social worker out of the door.

Will came running down the stairs and stood and looked at Joey and Chloe waiting for Irene to put the breakfast on the table. “Come and sit down, a chair is for sitting on not staring at it,” teased Chloe. Irene brought four plates out with bacon and eggs on it. “Sit down, sunshine and tuck in too Irene Roberts’s special fry up,” laughs Irene. Will sits down and tucks in like no tomorrow. “When are we going to phone about Hayley and Nick Irene,” asked Will. “I’m going to see Pippa first to ask her advice as she, is the person to talk to about this type of things, you can go with you, it will also give you a chance to get to know, Tiegan, Sally and Vinnie,” Irene said. Will smiled at Irene and continued to tuck into his grub.

Vinnie, Sally and Tiegan were by the lockers at Summer Bay High, when Vinnie sees Leah walking towards them. Vinnie smiles at her and Leah smiles back walks towards them. “Hey Leah, this is Tiegan,” introduced Sally. Leah looks at her while taking a little glance at Vinnie. “Hey, nice to meet you,” said Leah, shyly. Tiegan smiles. “I’ve heard so much about you, Vinnie kept going on and on about you last night,” Tiegan said cheekily. Vinnie goes bright red and is about to walk away when Leah smiles at him and he stares at her like no one is there and its just them two. Sally and Tiegan look at each other and laugh.

Pippa is getting the house ready for the two children to arrive, there’s a knock at the door and Pippa answers it to see two teenagers standing their with the social worker, Pippa smiled at them. Hayley had long blonde hair that was curly she had an athletic build, Nick had short blonde hair and looked a bit like a surfer with his appearance. Pippa smiles at them, “Hello, my names Pippa, would you like to come in and make yourselves at home,” offered Pippa. Hayley and Nick walk in and sit on the couch, Pippa crouches down on the floor to them. “Is there anything I can get for you, a drink or something to eat?” Hayley and Nick shake there heads. Pippa walks to the kitchen and there’s a knock at the door, she does to answer it.

Vinnie walks closer to Leah and his just about to ask her to have dinner with him at the diner when the bell rings for class. Vinnie looks at Leah who is still standing there. “Ask her out now, you doofus, why did that bell have to ring, stupid thing,” thought Vinnie. Leah was standing there looking at him, smiling to herself, “He is so cute, those brown eyes, I could just get lost in them all day… I have this urge to kiss him, but I don’t know if I have to confidence to kiss him, why do I have to be so shy,” thought Leah.

Pippa opened the door to see Irene and Will standing there. “Hello, Irene, and…” said Pippa. “This is Will, Pippa, we wanted your advice,” said Irene. “WILL!” shouted Hayley and Nick, as they run to him. Will looked at them and tears filled his eyes.

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