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  1. What does everyone want from them? Friends or more?
  2. I really like them. It seems I have the opposite opinion of them to most people - I like Nicole but Romeo bugs me. They have a really nice, easy relationship.
  3. I love the colouring on that batch. It's nice and fresh. The cropping is great, too.
  4. I love the colouring and cropping on them. Gorgeous update!
  5. Gaden. I miss them. The colouring is beautiful.
  6. Happy Birthday Olivia! I hope you have a great day. :D

  7. Rihanna - Shut Up and Drive.
  8. I thought he would get better once Annie left and he was out of that relationship but it hasn't happened. I keep waiting for it to happen but it's just not. I really thought it was his relationship with Annie was bugged me but it would seem that it's him. I agree with RR1, he does seem to have just one expression. It never changes.
  9. Lise

    Happy Birthday Jen! :D I hope you're having a great day.

  10. Those are gorgeous, Barbara. I love all of them.
  11. Sunny. It'll need to be like this for a few more days to get rid of the flooding around here, though.
  12. Those are gorgeous, Bec. I love the colouring and cropping.
  13. Happy Birthday Jack! :D I hope you have a great day.

  14. I love the animations. They are great. The colouring on the icons is beautiful.
  15. I love the Rebecca icons. The cropping is great.
  16. Lise


    It's not hard to think that. They look like they could be mother and daughter.
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