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    Lea crying just made it all perfect. I loved Dianna's reaction, too. His speech about bullies in school was great and I hope that everyone that bullied him in school was watching that.
  2. Lise


    Sounds like a case of Glee's lack of continuity sticking out like a sore thumb once again. It really is becoming quite obvious now. Some effort towards it would go a long way.
  3. I love them, Bec. I like the yellow effect thingee.
  4. I love the cropping on them.
  5. Just Like Heaven, The Lake House & The Social Network.
  6. Nina has come a long way since the series started. Katherine is awesome. I love her!
  7. It's probably the best acting on the show so far. Michael and Candice did such an amazing job. You can feel Tyler's pain and Caroline just wants to make it better but there's just nothing that she can do. I love the connection that they've formed.
  8. I love them, Jen. The colouring is beautiful.
  9. They are lovely, Jen. I can't think of any that I want for this year, though.
  10. Lise


    The thing that triggered that comment was the whole situation with Finn. I'd waited all season for Finn sleeping with Santana to come out and to see Rachel's reaction and then they go and put it back on Rachel by making her cheat. Santana is awful to Rachel and I knew Rachel would hate it but it's like the show hates Rachel so much and loves Finn that they just have to make Rachel do something worse. No teacher should let the kids do what they do to Rachel. She's ambitious and knows how good she is - I don't see what's wrong with that. She may be full on but that's why I love her. I love seeing strong female characters on tv. Emma is so much better off with Carl. He's really good for her. She's so much more likeable when she's with him. I wonder if Glee should try getting some new writers - just to change things up. They've got to try something imo. I don't know how long I will keep watching if they keep doing what they are doing to Rachel.
  11. Lise

    Happy Birthday, Eli! I hope you have a great day.

  12. OMG! I love all of those, Barbara. They are beautiful.
  13. Lise


    Puck and Rachel. I'm annoyed at the whole Rachel situation. This show just doesn't want her to catch a break and I have a problem with that. She's my favourite character and I hate what they are doing to her.
  14. They are all amazing. I love them!
  15. I love the colouring and cropping on that batch.
  16. I love the cropping. The colouring is great, too.
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