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  1. Katy Perry - Who Am I Living For? I love this whole album!
  2. Life As We Know It - I really enjoyed it. Josh and Katie have really nice chemistry.
  3. I love the Belle one. The b&w and cropping are amazing.
  4. Those are gorgeous. I love the colouring and cropping.
  5. WOW! I love every single of one of them!
  6. I love them. I especially like the last one in the second to last line. The colouring goes very well with it.
  7. I love the Sara wallpaper. Beautiful Indi icons.
  8. Happy Birthday, Kristina! I hope you have a great day.

  9. I love the split ones. The cropping is so good.
  10. I love the colouring and cropping. Awesome batch.
  11. Those are gorgeous. I love the colouring.
  12. Mattie. I love every single one of them.
  13. Lots of amazing work. I love every single one.
  14. I love everything. It's all beautiful.
  15. Bec, I've seen a lot people liking Stefan and Caroline so you are definitely not alone. At the point that we are up to in NZ I'm definitely loving Damon and Elena. I've never liked couples that were there from the beginning and get no build up and for me that's SE. DE's chemistry is amazing and I get the vibe that something more is building up with them. Other than them, I love Caroline and Matt&Caroline (even though I know where they've headed in the US).
  16. Lise


    It was weird for me to finally listen to the songs. They are all such iconic Britney songs that it sounds strange to not hear her sing them. I do think that Heather sounds a little bit like Britney, though. I love Paramore but I'm not looking forward to yet another Finn&Rachel duet. There have been far too many of them already during the series. I'd like to hear them sing with others a bit more.
  17. Lise


    Song previews for next weeks episode. And Charice is only a reccuring character.
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