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  1. I love everything about them.
  2. I love the cropping on all of them.
  3. Those are great. I love the cropping.
  4. Those are beautiful. I love the cropping.
  5. I love it all. Everything you make is flawless.
  6. Beautiful, Amy. I love the cropping.
  7. I read that the latest book is a big one for Damon. I'm loving all of Damon & Elena lately. For Damon everything's coming back to her.
  8. It's been so good lately. My poor Caroline, though.
  9. Lise


    I'm waiting for all of the rest.I've not even seen gif's of them. Sarah, I think the story is it will start whenever the Superbowl is over with. Normally they screen about 1 or 2pm NZ time, though.
  10. Hot. It's cooling down now, though but it was 29 degrees at 9am.
  11. Black Swan. Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis are amazing in this. Parts of it are scary and it really sweeps you up in it.
  12. I love the cropping. It's perfect.
  13. YAY! Amy icons! I love them. The split one of Jazz and Miles is great.
  14. Happy Birthday, Jem. I hope you had a good day.

  15. I love all of them. The cropping is great and I love both of the sigs.
  16. Those are gorgeous, Barbara.
  17. Happy Birthday, Lesley! I hope you have a great day.

  18. I love them. I couldn't pick a favourite but I really like the fourth Bec one.
  19. Lise


    It really is that good. I need the whole thing to come out so I can hear the whole song.
  20. Love and Other Drugs. If Anne & Jake didn't have great chemistry it would have been seriously average. The story and writing need a lot of work but it's still a good watch even if it's just for Anne & Jake.
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