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  1. The final bunch were uploaded today - Dex, Indi, Casey and Brax.
  2. We're approximately halfway through our current cast profile updates.
  3. Just rewatching the pilot. Can anyone explain Neville's joke in the pilot when Alf comes to the caravan park about the bearded lady. I like to think that I have a fairly good comic head on me, but I have never been able to make heads nor tails of what the punchline to Neville's joke was.
  4. To celebrate today's Leah milestone, her character profile has been updated.
  5. Sometimes getting a certain set isn't that hard. It's working out who was taken out when and where and what set they are within a year.
  6. Alexx, I always liked Coral's 1st year or so, the Sutherland's may have been slightly over-egged in it, but at least it was usually good character writing. It was however as if she only had one years worth of stories as late-2003 with storylines like The Dorm, cookies, Toby the cleaner, were all complete dross and it was also as if when trying to introduce the newer characters she tried too hard to make them interesting instead of making just good solid characters. That said, despite the initial personas of Robbie, Matilda and Kim being overplayed, at least they had characters. I think howe
  7. The thanks should really go to Red Ranger who has written all the updates.
  8. For those that are fans of the Braxton family, the trio of brothers have had character profiles added today.
  9. The character profiles for some recently departed and current characters have been updated this week and hopefully updates on Friday right through the weekend as well.
  10. Once she herself admitted that Milco didn't exist, she didn't have her leg to stand on and would deserve anything that was coming to her if she started that facade again.
  11. I noticed this a few weeks ago, a few weeks later one of the additional pieces of information states Blake is a year older than Karen, but had to stay back a year because of a broken leg. Like you, I wasn't quite sure which one is right, so was waiting to see what became of it.
  12. Yeah, he's Pippa's dad, Bert. He hass been seen in 1988 played by a different actor, he then returns in 1995 when Coral, his wife, dies. This return stint is due to Pippa being in a coma.
  13. Ryan

    Suggestions Thread

    It has been tried at least once before and they usually start off reasonably well, but then people lost interest and it slowly dies (though if I remember correctly it did go slightly bizarre and involved Matilda swimming in a giant yoghurt pot!)
  14. We are aware that some of the things have slipped slightly (or very) out of date, and this is on our "To Do" list, so hopefully we'll have it up to date in the next fortnight or so.
  15. I think there's a difference between the Australian and International viewings since I have two copies of Ben and Carly's reception. One has the logo, one doesn't. I think though I've read it changes around the time the theme tune changes which is around the time Marilyn and Bobby return in 1995.
  16. There won't be any episodes due to coypright restrictions.
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M92FGy57Z4 The shot there: I imagine in 1991 Sophie gets moved with Haydn at some point, so I guess that's what Sally's gets. EDIT: It's used in 717 and 850, so presumably every episode between as well. I can't be certain of the episodes the changes take place. However my guess is Sally and Sophie together, when Haydn arrives, Sophie is moved to the shot with Haydn on a surfboard. This stays like this for most of 1991. Fisher and Bobby are together after Steven leaves in what is one of my favourite shots I believe. In 1992 at some point, Greg and Fin
  18. This is not a question about the airing of the show, more a feel on when as viewers we feel the show stops being the Early Years. Since the original 2000 repeats stop in about a month or two time, there's always been a definitive mark. Kind of like, those episodes that were repeated and those that hadn't. But on it's own 623 is not a particularly remarkable episode and nothing changes from 624. Had that episode aired one imagines it would still be thought of as the early years. If we break the show up into pieces, say 1/3's, the Early Years lasts till 1818, an episode that can be seen on Yo
  19. A 1989 Year Summary has been uploaded http://www.backtothebay.net/features/1989-...on-review.shtml
  20. If JosieTash has given you the OK to write current Australian episode summaries, you can continue with them. JT's summaries were never an official part of the site, more his unique take on each episode and so the decision whether you can take over would be solely his.
  21. There's been quite a few updates over the past week or so.
  22. To celebrate there's been some updates this weekend.
  23. A few more updates over the past few days - I found it interesting doing the 2009 Cliffhangers in what was a year I thought was awful just how much I don't remember.
  24. Hopefully a start to more frequent updates - 4 profiles added this afternoon.
  25. 3 more character profiles added today.
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