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  1. I am missing a few half episodes in 2000 where I slept in or my Freeview signal dropped out. At the dance where Lara and Seb win the dancing prize, I'm missing the final scene which is Paris and Irene at the porch and a few of the episodes are Five ones which contain a few edits. But I've effectively got 2841 to the 2008 Olympic Cliffhanger on video, then I've downloaded ever episode since then (and actually before as well, really from the mid-07 when the files become really good quality) to now. So, that's a stretch from 2841-5360 (2521 episodes). I've also got copies of 0-467, and
  2. I think I remember pointing it out to you on Neighboursfans.
  3. Five repeated 2841-3140 four years ago. I already had 3105 onwards on video so from a personal level, it didn't matterto me that they had stopped. Scary to think it's that long ago now! Then again around this time of year two years ago we were wetting ourselves that the Pilot was about to get repeated.
  4. I thought I answered this. Ah, the curse of writing out and post and then accidentally closing the window I guess!
  5. Some character profiles from the second half of the last decade have been uploaded over the past week.
  6. Red Ranger, not to spoil things, but I believe next week in the UK episodes John Palmer is moved to cast. It's one of the sad things about no titles, I imagine they'd be a stir of excitement if he popped up next Gina after 2 years as a guest. Now, I'm not quite sure anyone noticed it.
  7. Tam and Irene off the top of my head.
  8. Soap-Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome
  9. SORAS, a popular TV technique that allows you to get a decent actor in for a child so that it can have more interesting stories than missing pieces of lego. Some of the examples of it American TV are laughable, like kids becoming teenagers 5 years after they were born.
  10. A handful of character profiles and a few titbits about the Early Years added today.
  11. Two Walkers get a character profile today, Sid and Indigo.
  12. Given Neighbours attempt at an Irish character, we should perhaps be glad.
  13. To me an original character is the first group of full-time actors that they have when they launch show and when they released the show to the press, Fiona Spence and Justine Clarke were part of this, in the same way I wouldn't include Bob, as I would say he's merely a guest that appears in a few early episodes.
  14. Celia and Roo were original characters even though they don't appear for a few days.
  15. I've got a few fancards, though not really something I collect. I certainly look at some of the figures on Ebay which seem absolutely absurd.
  16. Wasn't it a bizare return (probably been about 5/6 years since I saw the episodes), in that it's one when she appeared to have only filmed one day with one or two people, and has scenes with no one else. I remember someone saying Tammin Sursok left very early compared to when her characters does and if you watch, the great deal of her scenes are with guests or a few characters during her departure storyline.
  17. It's 1997 and most of the information is given in the Scott Irwin biography. Basically, it's not much more than a one night stand after a night partying, but he hadn't been getting close to Sally, mainly for reasons other than Sally.
  18. Indeed, with Roo returning last year, albeit played by a different actress, I think that leaves just Neville as the only character of the originals who never returned. (I don't know if you count Lynn as someone who returned as a guest star whilst still on the credits or someone who doesn't appear for 6 weeks whilst on the credits) EDIT: Forgot Sally.
  19. In the Frank Morgan Story book that was released in the 80's (so probably not strictly canon), Frank's parents names are given as Les and Helena, Helena's maiden name Niarchos, with her parents being Spiro and Maria, thus that's where the Greek came from. However, I'd say there's also probably a chance that they wrote the Greek descent into the character because Alex Papps got the role.
  20. In addition to a new quiz going up, there's been a few updates around the site
  21. More by fluke than anything else, I noticed when updating the site today that Morag was actually the 500th character profile added to the site.
  22. Hi, ryno, Episodes 246-275 have been added.
  23. No, I don't think there is.
  24. Heehee, complete chaos in Scotland, probably caused by all the TV crews scrambling over themselves to film the chaos.
  25. Does no one Generally Chat anymore?! Had completely forgotten whilst browsing around the sites that I had the most posts here, though I've always wondered with things being switched on and off around the forum whether that is technically true.
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