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  1. I also must praise Kain and his acting. It must be hard work portraying someone with a disability and a mental age of a young child. Cam
  2. I like this character. She is so sweet. Does she have DS? I hope she stays around for a long time. Cam
  3. This relationship has been a very loving one between sisters. Cam
  4. I think this relationship is also just as strong or even stronger in real life between Ada and Amy. Cam
  5. I like the friendship between Rachel and Leah - it has been so enduring.
  6. As of last night, Annie has became involved in the Irene storyline. Charlotte did some fantastic acting when reacted to the slap. She was just so shocked at being slapped by someone she absolutely adores. Cam
  7. Sorry - I am new to this forum. Is this not the way?? Cam
  8. I notice that there are no 2006 episodes on the BTTB site. Any reason? Cam
  9. Has it been filmed yet? Any idea of the plotline? Cam
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