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  1. I really don't mind the current credits - it is more important to focus on the storyline. Cam But I miss the song.
  2. I also must praise Kain and his acting. It must be hard work portraying someone with a disability and a mental age of a young child. Cam
  3. I like this character. She is so sweet. Does she have DS? I hope she stays around for a long time. Cam
  4. This relationship has been a very loving one between sisters. Cam
  5. Thanks Dan. Dan, is it possible to mention Belle's and Aden's Wedding on the Stewarts Point page as most people would now associate the place with the wedding? Cam
  6. Hi Dan Can I confirm that Belle's and Aden's wedding was filmed at the truly beautiful Stewarts Point? Cam
  7. Just Wondering what is happening with the episode summaries? The last one is 17 July. So much has happen since then and no future episodes. Cam
  8. Where were the trek scenes filmed and when? Cam
  9. I feel that the profile for Roman needs to be updated again now that he has left summer bay and to mention Gaudy. Cam
  10. Where did they film Sally's farewell concert? Did the show use an actual school hall? Cam
  11. Where did Channel 7 film the fishing scenes and when? Cam
  12. I think this relationship is also just as strong or even stronger in real life between Ada and Amy. Cam
  13. I like the friendship between Rachel and Leah - it has been so enduring.
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