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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JuESq60KKP8...feature=related That music video feel was all rather bizarre.
  2. I can't be certain, but year, probably around October 1989. I take it today saw the incredbly cheesey John Farnham episodes.
  3. Curtis was in pieces after her death and so was Laura.
  4. 140 or so episodes, I think next January at the rate of an episode every weekday.
  5. If you're talking about the summaries on the website, we're aware that there appears to be some inaccuracies with a few scenes listed in the wrong episodes.
  6. From what I've seen of Bobby, and it is heavily weighted in terms of episodes to 88 and 89, the first half of her time in the show she is given some of the best stuff the show has done. However, she doesn't seem to have had much stuff in the early 90's. Maybe I've watched the wrong episodes, but I feel they did slightly run out of steam with her, in the way I think Leah's best stuff was 00-04.
  7. 1709 and 1710, Ailsa was suffering from a mental breakdown and thought Alf was out to get her. Bobby and Frank kiss at the end of Episode 164, though Frank had known since Episode 110 that Bobby fancied him.
  8. I think I've got the current cast lists accurate now - it's a tick/untick box exercise so it's relatively easy to do. Anyway, yes, if anyone spots a mistake or something horribly out of date on the website, feel free to PM me and we'll look into it and try our best to fix it and bring it up to date. Some things we'll be able to straight away, somethings we'll probably be aware are out of date, inconsistent or perhaps just plain wrong, but we'll have to add them to a list.
  9. After the excitement of the Most Popular Character this week, more normal updates now resumed. Four Character Profiles and two Scene Counts added over the past 3 days.
  10. Final Results off the poll are up.
  11. I also note The Walkers weren't credited eiither.
  12. The latest quiz has been launched and two character profiles have been added.
  13. Yeah, it inculdes both Pippa. Pippa was on the show for 10 years and 3 months, Leah near enough the same, but the seasons have dropped a few weeks here and there in recent seasons.
  14. Pippa's original stint was 2344 episodes long. Inclusinf today, Leah has been around 2308 episodes, so I guess mid-August she'll overtake Pippa.
  15. In that case it is was a rather strange thing to say in the argument I was talking about. Her two proudest moments were "having Alan" and "leaving Donald".
  16. The funeral episodes are certainly better. I think you could say that Alan's death was the total polar opposite of what the show now. No pointless cliffhangers, perhaps the even more poignant image of the empty to hospital bed. I do agree about it being a great week however.
  17. Dan, don't give any spoilers away, I want the storylines to be a surprise 2016! Strange week, but I did enjoy the return of Lynn and Alan's death, well I can't exactly say it was a surprise, but I also found it slightly underwhelming. I guess because I've picked up bits of these episodes up here and there, I kind of knew it was coming.
  18. She also seemed, em, glammed up. Obviously her family had been showering her with more flashy clothes than the Fletcher's
  19. http://www.backtothebay.net/episodes/1988/159.php She appears in the next episode as well.
  20. Talking of that family, Rebecca still seems slightly ambiguous as to whether or not she actually exists at the moment. She certainly wasn't created in Episode 7 when Roo says that she is Celia's only niece, but in 98 Barbara mentions "They are both fine" when speaking to Donald. However in an episode in the past few weeks she said her proudest moments were the birth of Alan and the other was leaving Donald. Seems a slightly strange to mention one of your children and not the other.
  21. Also wondering, taking into accounts the frequently retrotted Ray Meagher story of a slow news day of he only signed on for six months, whether Fiona Spence and Judy Nunn, probably the two highest profile actors in the series at the moment have alternative work at this point, which accounts for their departures for a short period of time.
  22. The mobile home was demolished in 2003. I don't know if this was because in real life, it had burnt down.
  23. I think the change in Roo comes pretty soon doesn't it. These last few episodes have been brilliant, Fletcher's have become fairly marginalised I feel though.
  24. Maybe they wanted us to think she was coming back. Technically she does come back, maybe she is removed after that.
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