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  1. http://www.backtothebay.net/characters/horton_mr.shtml Everyones favourite District Inspector has made the site!
  2. Roo pretends Frank is the father originally because Brett wants nothing to do with the pregnancy, but once he becomes sterile after the mumps, he changes his mind.
  3. How did you gather Frank is Martha's mother from my post. Brett is Martha's father.
  4. Perhaps it's knowing the outcome, but I'd picked up that Frank and Bobby were huge, and to be honest, I've been quite underwhelmed by their romance to date. Perhaps in the next 100 episodes, which are extremely Bobby-heavy, is when it really becomes "magic".
  5. Oh, and forgot to add, Miss Fenwick character biography added today!
  6. And to think I spent ages earlier this afternoon tip-toeing on eggshells trying to write my post. I think if out there there is a feeling that they can be brought back in some form I think it's worthwhile looking again to see if they're viable not, perhaps in redcued form. I'm always willing to upload the stuff that's been produced, because I don't find updating the site a chore and I certainly don't do to gain reputation points, I hope that it will stand out as a monument and encyclopaedia of both the present of Home and Away, but also the past, and that the information will be there for l
  7. There won't be departure features for Geoff and Aden, unfortunately, no, as there won't also be departure features for Annie, Jai, Martha or other characters leaving in the nearish future. Primarily there is two reasons. What usually happened was that we'd get to the point where a character left the show in Australia and in the staff room, we'd realise we had a week to make the whole feature. So ultimately in the staff there usually wasn't the actual drive to make the features, occasionally for characters we hated on the show and were glad to see the back of, and the time involved. The o
  8. "her face looks like porridge running down a wall." Lance, Martin and Celia appear to be the only characters from the opening credits in that episode. Must be a record?
  9. Ah, 200 episodes, or 201 if you include the pilot which in a way bastardises episode counts. I might be barking up the wrong tree here, but I think that was Gary's 13th appearance in a row since his debut and appears to appear in 201, 202, 204, 205, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211 and 212. Perhaps he has minor appearances in the episodes I find no note of in here as well and I think it works well. Someone coming in with a cause and not rushing the story through, but giving it pace. To get 24 appearances in todays show, you'd need 8 weeks, that's two months and the storyline will drag. A bit like this
  10. http://www.backtothebay.net/updates/ A few more summaries from 1988 and a couple of updates in the location section.
  11. Kim debuts at the start of October
  12. Who was the mysterious Miss Greville in the credits? I'm assuming she was cut because I can't see anyone who she was supposed to be.
  13. A few more assorted episode summaries added today.
  14. If the info we've got is correct, obviously the casting of Mrs Patterson with Alison is pretty spot on, but she doesn't quite look like she'd give birth to Skye.
  15. It's legal to marry your cousin, isn't it? A bit freaky, but still legal. I think I have to agree with GameTime about Floss and Neville. I think when the show was originally perceived having the two oddball characters in the caravan park, interacting with some of the characters, but it just hasn't worked out. First off, making them retired means that they have no reason to be anywhere else, bar their caravan. Now I'm not saying old folk spend all their time in their home doing nothing. The story with their estranged son was pretty good, but what else have we had. Neville playing his bagpipe
  16. A couple more character profiles today, we're probably 3/4 of the way through them now.
  17. Thanks to RR, two more character profiles have been updated with what they've done this year, Alf and Irene.
  18. Angelo and Charlie have had Character Profiles updated, thanks to Red Ranger, and we've also added Extended Summaries for Episodes 93-95 as well.
  19. Just catching up on scene counts, since I'd fallen about 90 episodes behind. . Up to 127, basically Lynn's last episode as full time cast. Pippa - 544 Frank - 542 Tom - 528 Carly - 500 Bobby - 488 Lynn - 431 Steven - 406 Ailsa - 330 Roo - 314 Lance - 312 Alf - 301 Martin - 281 Floss - 279 Celia - 267 Neville - 255 Sally - 238 Fisher - 213 Whilst they were obviously reasons for her to leave the show, she wasn't as un-used as it actually might appear. Interesting to note that Lance has appeared in 30 more scenes than Martin, despite the fact they are almost like Siamese twi
  20. A couple of Austin character profiles uplaoded today.
  21. We'd have just seen Episode 381 and 382, so we'd be have just witnessed the end of Dodge's destruction, take an episode or two, but still another 70 episodes to go. Whilst, I guess this way in some ways can feel like it's certain events take a long time to reach (yet at the same time I never though that I'd ever have a whole collection of 1988 Episodes to watch), I did feel that when Five Life did there's certain things went by extremely quickly. It seemed to take ages to reach 35, full of episodes I'd seen, but then seemed to raced by after that. However 1 or 2 is better than 0.
  22. And goodbye to Brett Macklin for 17 years as well. Certainly feels like we're moving into a new era of the show again. Whilst you could probably give the first 100 episodes over as the building of the community and such, we had a higher tempo with brain aneurysms, two babies and Alf and Ailsa's marriage. Now that's over, we have the Samuels story and it gets Bobby/Frank heavy for a while here.
  23. After our summer break, we're back, and we've started updating the current character profiles. Special thanks should go to Red Ranger 1 for these updates. A few days ago I received a PM saying "where art thou Romeo character profile". Well now they need look no further, as he gets his own page.
  24. No, that's the last episode she's seen. I've said elsewhere, but I sometimes find it funny how a character plays such a massive role in the these first 200 episodes or so that have aired now and yet will not have been menitoned since or very rarely. Of course, she's still related to Colleen, so there's really as much reason for her to return as there was for her to appear in the first place.
  25. It's actually quite interesting to see how reality differs from what you read in summaries. I had envisaged, a house in the middle of thick bush, one story, probably three or four rooms, a log cabin. Oh, and cheerio Narelle.
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