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  1. Does anybody know what episode number Melody first appeared in? I have a sneaky suspicion it's 4598... but I need to be 100% sure. Thanks
  2. Ruslana - Dance With The Wolves
  3. Uniklubi - Rakkaudesta Hulluuteen
  4. Sasha Son - Pasiklydęs žmogus
  5. Waldo's People - Lose Control
  6. Another minor news update...
  7. Cal

    My MSN just cut me off and now you're gone! :(

  8. You can't delete your own posts, but you can hit the "report" button and explain that it's a double post so the mods can delete it
  9. I'd also like to thank the staff for the Jack feature. I wasn't a fan of him, but it was a good read and it brought me back to the days of the Holdens. News updated again. Nothing major, and most of you probably know about them already, but it's for those who don't.
  10. Cal

    Hello! Ok, I'm late returning the comment. And I apologize. But that MSN convo was seriously LOL. That pick-up line was... scary and I definitely want the word blacklisted for everybody's safety. :P

  11. I adore the TWIP icons, Sarah. I think my favorites are the Archie icons. The tones and cropping is really nice.
  12. J'adore! The colors are lovely and the cropping is great.
  13. That rocks! I'd love weather like that. I'm sick of our weather. One minute it's sunny, then it's snowing, then it's hot, then it rains, then it's cold, then it gets hot again. It messes people up Currently 6'C with some clouds.
  14. The problem I have with Xavier is that he helped Ruby go back in age. I don't mean physically, obviously. I mean mentally. She was quite mature for her age, but as soon as he comes to the bay, she starts acting like an idiot. Xavier is a great character, but I am not impressed with his actions Dope is over. It is no longer "cool". And his treatment of Hugo is rather rude. Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like an old man! I hope he gets his act together. He isn't doing much for me. And I have the feeling he was meant as a Lucas replacement... which is impossible because there can be no suc
  15. Cal

    KITTEN. How are you doing? Life over here sux so bad. Recession is my enemy for life.

  16. I didn't mean reschedule as in five weeks or anything, just a day or two. I know how important it is, especially now that she's entering her second trimester. I think it'll take time for Tony to start seeing the positive sides of anything. Lucas isn't even there to support him, and he's the closest thing to Jack Tony has. I know that, but she still did it. I don't believe Rachel was out to humiliate him at all, I just think she wasn't very considerate, especially at a time where everybody is still quite shaken about Jack's death and VJ's abduction.
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