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  1. "Dead Until Dark" by Charlaine Harris. The TV series True Blood is based on this book. Excellent show and super book!
  2. Uniklubi - Rakkaudesta Hulluuteen
  3. Uniklubi - Rakkaudesta Hulluuteen
  4. Very good movie! I loved the twist at the end.
  5. ^You're welcome I just added another article. It's not very enlightening because I don't have any information on dates or anything. :/ But enjoy the small amount of information that's there
  6. Another article was added to the site. Credit goes to Eli.
  7. One very small spoiler article has been added to the main site. Most of you probably know about it, but it's up there anyway
  8. 9ºC and cloudy. Seriously, I hate anything above 5º...
  9. A warm 10ºC. I hate anything above 5º.
  10. A song from iTunes, the H&A magazine [], and Dead Until Dark by Charlene Harris.
  11. Krassimir Avramov - Illusion
  12. There seems to be a lot of backlash at people who dislike Belle right now. It's not just in this thread, but it's across the forum. Just because she's got PTSD doesn't mean people have to like her. I think Jess is doing a very good job at it, but I'm disliking the character. That may not be a bad thing because I've always liked Belle. It would be good for me to dislike her for a time so I don't get bored of her.
  13. Alizée - J'ai pas vingt ans
  14. I have another question. Does anybody know (roughly) the months where Melody was off-screen? I think it was from July - September, but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help
  15. It was warm today. 8'C. I hate when it's warm!
  16. Quite warm for night... 7'C. Tomorrow is set to be around 5'C. Nice and normal
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