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  1. The Dresden Dolls - Half Jack
  2. Ari Koivunen - Tears Keep Falling
  3. Meh. It's just meh. We're going to have a stormy night tonight. Should be fun.
  4. Cal

    Just popping in to say hi. I feel ill. I think it was caused by thinking about that awful brown cheese you guys eat. :(

  5. Cobra Starship Ft. Leighton Meester- Good Girls Go Bad
  6. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  7. "Hey! Since we have left school and stuff, we all need to keep in touch. MSN address?"
  8. I love this one: Great stuff, Jen!
  9. I love all of them, Sarah. They're all really good, and the colors are great!
  10. Just finished Looking For Alaska by John Green. I really enjoyed it. It's very sad though.
  11. I really like these, Jen. The off-centre cropping works well.
  12. These are my favourites! Great stuff, Barbara.
  13. Cal

    OH. You see how awful I am at guessing games! :P

  14. Cal

    I only noticed you left a comment on my page TWO WEEKS ago. Sorry for not noticing! :o

    Three letter? M_n. Men? :P

  15. I uploaded a small article for those Aussie fans who like the theatre. Enjoy!
  16. Quentin Mosimann - Il y a Je t'aime et Je t'aime
  17. Did Natalie (Nicole's mother) turn up after the whole Elliot thing or before or during...? I'm a bit hopeless at remembering stuff like that. Thanks.
  18. Quentin Mosimann - C'est L'amour
  19. Quentin Mosimann - Il y a Je t'aime et Je t'aime
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