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  4. Great chapter so Jasmine might have hip dysphasia poor thing update again soon
  5. Great chapter Sam enters the bay and his mother too? Ben what are you doing? Update again soon
  6. Alf's episode count this week:Five! The circus around Dean continues.At least Mackenzie had a fairly good reason for suddenly ducking out of sight.But one or the other of them needs to come up with an answer for the journalists some time soon, because at the moment the story's being told entirely with Rick's slant on it.It's a shame that some more ethical journalists didn't see that punch, it would have exposed the lie of Rick's claim they're getting on if nothing else.(The guy playing his ally had a couple of roles last decade, most notably as a Man from the Department investigating Sally over claims of a relationship with a student.)At least Dean has all the locals on his side, even if Ryder's mouth does keep running away from him. Raffy's talk about everyone leaving did make her sudden dependence on Ryder seem rather more plausible.Alf gave a balanced view on things although Ryder's claim that the Salt staff are closer in age to him than Raffy seems unlikely given there's only about two and a half years between them.Maybe he just likes having grown-up friends?Anyway, they seemed to be back on track by the end and Raffy working at the juice bar will at least keep her busy even if she still doesn't see much of Ryder. And hooray, Ben Murray, making his first appearance of 2019! I was beginning to think he was gone for good so nice to see him again, even if he is probably only there because Colby's had his three episodes this week. Oh, and that he was arresting Ben out of nowhere.A chance for some mystery there (albeit without any actual clues) but then we get the answer in the promo.
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  8. Dean gave Mac the OK to expose Rick for the rat he is, but he didn't take into account it escalating the way it did, got a life of it's own now. Mac is still more obsessed with getting revenge on Rick more than anything. The hospital is very good about keeping the news from Karen, though I suppose even they can't guard against another patient or a relative of theirs accidentally spilling the beans to her. Well from just a few people knowing about Rick being Dean's dad and Mac being his half sister everyone does now and Ben and Maggie know where Dean got his money for the business from. Dean and we know what Rick said about it was a lie and even if it looks like his new future career is scuppered Rick would make a great politician, he lies so well. Ryder dropped a mini bombshell in Mac's lap when he told her he'd been to Rick's house with Dean. She's still insisting in calling them his 'new' family, getting tired of that now love. That was a very tender scene with Ziggy and Dean when he opened up about the good times he had with his mum and the all night, all day party and how she charmed the police when they turned up. If Dean does want to get his side out there he has to pick his journo carefully to ensure they don't twist his words. Rick so deserves that punch Dean gives him tonight! I've been tempted to a couple of times before now. Fair enough Ricky baby you say Dean may not be yours, easily solved DNA test - simples. Good to have a normal storyline with Raffy fretting she's not seeing enough of Ryder with him working at Salt. Mason is working, Justin's worked up over Tori so obviously doesn't want to bother him too much. Did she saw something about John & Maz visiting Jett so the house was sometimes empty? I guess it's like most relationships after the first flush of getting together when you can't bear to be apart, it settles down into a calmer phase, Ryder has something to occupy him but Raffy is at a loose end and just biding time until school restarts. He didn't look that impressed when he saw her behind the juice bar. I can't quite see her reasoning, yes, they'd be in the same building but they'd be working and maybe at different times. Not sure if your question was rhetorical Red, but no I don't think we have.
  9. Doubt it, his character long since been forgotten by the PTB.
  10. I...do not remember Dan and Leah renewing their vows but I could be wrong and probably am. Robbie and Tasha wasn't quite the same: They had an unofficial wedding and then a legal one. Jack and Martha got married twice of course but that's also not the same.
  11. Found out after hearing about it on the news apps, was very shocked to hear the bad news. Reminds me of Pua (Vinnie on Shortland street)'s death, also found out on news. Rather similar circumstances, sorry to Ben's family and friends for their sudden loss. Guessing they might kill off Jesse off screen, didn't like his final storyline with him in jail. Wish he came back and sorted things with Olivia. But good to hear he may be reunited with Chloe in heaven.
  12. Yes. She was also the only one who believed he wasn’t stalking Shauna in 1999
  13. I like how Maggie and Roo appeared to become friends from the first time they met. The scene where they first met was funny.
  14. Robbie and Tasha - same as Kane and Kirsty, first secret wedding then official wedding. Yeah I remember Dan and Leah renewing their vows.
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  16. I think 6 weeks was just the period until the next school holiday, after which she'd go back to boarding school, although she did end up being away for longer than that.I don't think they've explained it, I guess we're meant to assume she's spending school holidays elsewhere.
  17. Sally, Shannon and Selina, Liked when they cheered up Sally when she hated herself, then went on that raft before it broke.
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  20. Last week
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  22. And let his frineds be questioned Kyle/Matt/Hunter etc.
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  25. Holy crap... Sam and Jackie? Now things are really moving on! Dammit, Lucini. Two blondes not to enough to slip the Salami to?!
  26. Not only that, but also to sit back while Zac was charged with the murder
  27. Thanks @Kristen. Here is Chapter Seven. Chapter Seven On the day of the appointment the physiotherapist called them through. She did a few checks and advised them to keep doing the exercises. “Ok, please don't panic but I also wanted to discuss something else with you. Do either of you have any history of hip problems in your family?” “I lost my own parents at the age of fifteen. They never mentioned hip problems but I guess it's possible.” “I don't really talk to my biological parents anymore than I can help it. I'm not aware of any hip problems though in the family. Is there a problem with Jasmine's hips?” “When I tested Jasmine's hips at birth I could hear a click. I tested them again today and I could still hear a click. I'm going to book Jasmine in for a hip scan. Do I have your permission to do that?” They both nodded and Steven hugged Selina. “I'll support you and Jasmine through this.” “Thank you darling.” - - - - - - Selina was doing the washing up but kept staring out of the window. Steven came over and wrapped his arms around her. “Are you thinking again about Jasmine's appointment tomorrow?” “Yeah. I don't know what's going to happen. I mean I know the basics of hip dysplasia through my training as a nurse. But it's different going through it with our daughter.” “I will be there to support you and Jasmine through it all. We've given Jasmine her bath.” “Yes I remember from my training that if she goes in a pavlik harness you aren't meant to take it off during the day. So we would need to just use a sponge to bath her whilst she has the harness on.” To be continued... Here is the storyline mentioned at the beginning of this fanfic. Also the clue from the title of Part 2, 'Joining Our Lives Together'. I hope I can do this storyline justice.
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