Song Johnson

Jon-Claire Lee

Song Johnson (2010)
Jon-Claire Lee
Episodes: 50915107

Marital Status: Lijuan Johnson
Adoptive Children: Elijah Johnson

Song and his wife Lijuan came to Summer Bay in 2010 after learning of their son Elijah’s engagement to Leah. Song instantly confused everyone by claiming there was a family resemblance between him and Elijah, an old joke since Song was Asian and Elijah Maori: the Johnsons had adopted him when his father, an old family friend, had died. Staying with Leah, Elijah and VJ, Song entertained them over dinner with a story about Elijah fainting when the girl he had asked out came to the door. However, Leah worried about Song and Lijuan bickering and what it meant for her and Elijah. During the night, Leah was surprised to find Song in the kitchen and realised the snoring coming from the couple’s room was Lijuan. Song assured her that despite the bickering he and Lijuan had been happily married for thirty-five years.

Song was a mostly bemused participant as Lijuan insisted on taking a home-cooked meal to Leah and Elijah at the Diner, then moved out to a hotel for the night only to quickly return when they had a disagreement with the hotel staff. When Lijuan managed to annoy everyone again by inviting Charlie and Angelo over for dinner without asking anyone, Song defused the tension with a story about a man with no legs shining shoes and the moral to be happy with what you’ve got.

However, Leah and Lijuan continued to clash, with caused tension between Leah and Elijah, as did Lijuan setting a test involving placing a document on top of the fridge and seeing if they had good omens while it was there. Song consoled Elijah when he and Leah had a fight and advised Leah to forget about the test and omens and focus on what she truly believed. Soon after, he and Lijuan went away on holiday after giving the couple their blessing.