Dane Jordans

Dane Jordans (2007)
Miles Pollard
Episodes: 4470-4476, 4486, 4500-4510

Occupation: Lawyer

Dane was Jazz’s Lawyer and was representing her with regards to her divorce and her late mothers will. He was first seen in Noah’s meeting with Jazz. He asked if she had been able to talk to Drew about him being the sole inheritor of his grandmothers estate and he wondered why she was stalling on it. He told her that they needed to move on it so Jazz promised to tell Drew the truth.

After their meeting, Jazz asked Dane back to her place and he accepted the invitation, despite the fact that he was married. As they enjoyed a drink, the will fell out of Dane’s pocket. The next day Drew noticed the letter but Dane swiftly retrieved it. Dane then grilled Drew about his family over breakfast and when Jazz returned home she seemed uncomfortable with the two of them talking. Later Dane went over to Jazz’s and told her he wasn’t happy about keeping the will from Drew. She argued her case but Dane didn’t agree and he began to realise that sleeping with him the previous night was all part of the tactics.

Days later Dane returned to deal with Jazz’s divorce. He tried to make it up with her but she said she was seeing someone else. Dane seemed disappointed and pointed out that she said she didn’t want to get involved with anyone. He tried to hit on her again but she resisted and he left.

A couple of weeks later Dane sent a text message to Jazz to tell her there was a problem with the will. Dane met up with Jazz in Noah’s and he told her that there has been a clerical error and a letter telling Drew about the will has accidentally been sent to Dan’s house for Drew. She was not happy about the situation but Dane again tried to talk her into telling Drew the truth.

Jazz finally put her plan into action and told Drew that his grandmother has died months ago and she only just found out. Dane arrived to read the will and Jazz briefed him about what to say. Dane told her that what she had done was morally wrong but she insisted that she had done everything for the right reasons . He tried to get her to have dinner with him but she rejected him again. Later at Noah’s, Morag spotted Dane, who she knew from legal circles. He told her he was in town to read a will and that it involved a greedy relative who was trying to screw her son out if his inheritance. Morag immediately became curious.

Later at the will reading, Dane told Drew that he was the sole beneficiary of the money. Drew didn’t understand but Dane told him he would be back tomorrow with some paperwork to sign. The next day Drew said he wanted to share the money with Jazz and Dane said he would draft the paperwork for it. Later Morag saw Dane and asked him how the matter with the greedy client was going. Despite Morag’s best efforts, Dane managed to keep his cards close to his chest. Morag clearly knew he was hiding something and offered to represent Drew. When Dane found out that she had seen the documents, he looked worried and tried to get rid of her. Dane and Jazz squirmed as Morag revealed the truth to Drew. Afterwards, Jazz frantically tried to contact Drew but Dane was more worried that he wouldn’t have a career when Morag had finished with him.

Jazz decided to contest the will which meant they would have to go to court. However, as an alternative, Morag arranged a mediation and Dane agreed that it was the best course of action. During the mediation, Dane represented Jazz and organised a star witness, the nursing home manager. He told them that Jazz’s mother didn’t know what she was doing when she wrote the will. Jazz won the appeal but Morag found out that Jazz and Dane had made the whole thing up. Dane was not happy with Jazz for sleeping with the nursing home manager as he felt she went too far. Despite Jazz’s advances, Dane walked out of her life. Morag then pondered about whether to report him for professional misconduct but decided against it in the end.