Reuben Humpheries

Reuben Humpheries (2007)
Dan Ewing
Episodes: 4455-4465

Reuben was first seen in the Surf Club with some of his mates. He and Matilda got chatting and decided that all of them should hang out for a while. Ric started to get concerned as to why Matilda wanted to socialize with people she hardly knew. Cassie reassured him, by saying that his mum died recently to and that they had that connection.

Matilda and Cassie arranged a party at the Caravan Park house. When Ric found alcohol at the party, he told Reuben and his mates to take it back to the vans. Matilda was going through a ‘lost’ phase after Beth died and most recently, when Kit left to go to the city, so she wasn’t happy with Ric and the situation she was in.

Whilst out on the patio, Reuben and Matilda got chatting again which led to Reuben kissing Matilda. Ric had witnessed the whole thing, which resulted in him going off at Reuben. Reuben left the party and a confused Matilda.

A while before, Reuben had told Matilda that he and a couple of his mates were going on a road trip and that she was more than welcome to join them…which she did. After packing a rucksack and running away from home, Matilda, Reuben and his mates arrived at Sandy Bay.

Reuben didn’t take the news of Matilda not telling anyone where she was going, very well. Reuben explained that he was just overreacting and that everything was fine. Ric turned up to Sandy Bay to check on Matilda, and got the wrong impression when he saw them kissing.

Matilda explained to Reuben that she didn’t feel that way about him. He accepted that, and said that they would just hang out and be mates.

Ric was still desperate for Matilda to come home, so he headed back to Sandy Bay with Tony in tow. Once again Ric got the wrong impression and thought that they were together. Matilda assured them that she wanted to be there, and that she didn’t need rescuing.

After a few failed attempts from Ric, Cassie met up with Matilda to try and get her to talk about why she ran away with Reuben.

After finding out that Reuben’s mother died when he was little and that his dad had re-married since then, Matilda knew that she couldn’t trust him. She later returned to Summer Bay.