5 Coronation Street Spoilers for Next Week – 20th to 24th May

Next week on Coronation Street, Abi comes face to face with two past enemies, Bernie learns the truth about local copper Kit, and Roy faces danger as Griff returns.

If the recent return of Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper) wasn’t enough, three more enemies of Coronation Street’s residents are set to make unwelcome returns next week, with Abi (Sally Carman-Duttine) and Roy (David Neilson) set to suffer…

1) Abi is confronted by a face from the past


This week’s episodes saw Kevin (Michael Le Vell) make a disturbing discovery whilst browsing the Weatherfield County internet forums, and quickly closed the laptop so Abi wouldn’t see.

Next week, Abi turns on the TV and is shocked to find the presenter praising the footballing skills of one Corey Brent (Maximus Evans), the same Corey Brent that is currently serving time for the viscous attack that killed Abi’s son Seb (Harry Visinoni) in 2021.


Kevin had hoped that Abi wouldn’t have to see it, particularly since they’ve only just marked the third anniversary of Seb’s death two weeks earlier, but is forced to explain that Corey is featuring in a documentary covering his prison football team.

Abi is infuriated as the documentary paints Corey out to be some sort of hero.

Seb died after Corey launched a brutal gang attack on him and Nina. ITV

It feels like she’s been ambushed in her own house,” Sally Carman-Duttine explains. “Suddenly Corey’s literally in her kitchen, and not only is he in her kitchen, he’s in her kitchen having a great time, being bigged up and being celebrated. It’s just like a sucker punch in her stomach.



She thinks about Seb all the time, but she was starting to get to that point where she could think about him and feel happy remembering him,” Sally continues. “Obviously there are moments where that’s not the case, but this has totally turned all of it on its head and she feels like she’s back to the day he was kicked to death by Corey.

2) Abi tries to get the documentary canned

Teaming up with Seb’s former girlfriend Nina (Mollie Gallagher), the pair take it upon themselves to visit the production company’s office and have it out with the producer.



Abi’s got that real animal instinct, she’s kind of wild and I love that about her,” Sally adds. “This brings out that wildness, that sort of react before thinking, she’s very much I’d rather ask for forgiveness than permission.

Later in the week, Abi and Nina pleased when they reads the Gazette website and find people talking about the documentary. Many are on their side, and a petition has been set up to demand the documentary be canned.

3) Abi is targeted by deepfakes

Abi soon finds another undesirable re-enter her life however when former dealer Dean calls by the garage. Abi last encountered Dean when she reluctantly called on him to provide some benzos for the benefit of MND sufferer Paul (Peter Ash), who one day plans to end his own life.


Dean tells Abi that he’s fallen on hard times and could do with some help, but Abi tells him to jog on as Cassie (Claire Sweeney) watches.



Later in the garage office, Tyrone (Alan Halsall) opens an email and is horrified by what he sees insidean adult video featuring Abi!

After Tyrone breaks the news to Abi, she’s aghast to see that the video has also been uploaded to various other sites.

It’s something that doesn’t sink in instantly, it’s like, what is this?” Sally tells us. “She can’t quite get her head around it.

“There’s so much to compute because she has no memory of this video but she also knows that it’s possible because she’s had blackouts and there’s been opportunities for someone to take advantage of that. Her head does go to Dean because he seems the obvious perpetrator.

Kevin is concerned when Cassie reveals that she saw Abi arguing with Dean before the video was released, before she then arranged to meet him to hand over some cash.


When Kevin catches up with Abi, she’s got Dean cornered and is brandishing a wrench at him, furiously accusing him of making the tape!

Her emotions are all over the place,” Sally explains. “She’s doing so well and it’s that thing of you can forget who used to be and become a different person but clearly there’s a lot of hurt and damage there. The old protective, fight for your life mode comes out and she just cannot see reason. She’s in there and she’s ready to kill him.


Dean is eventually hauled in by the police for questioning, but as further videos subsequently make their way online, further scrutiny from Abi reveals that it’s not actually her, they’re deep fakes!

I think there’s a sense of relief, but I think mostly she’s confused and reeling, thinking who could be doing this and why are they doing this,” Sally adds. “These aren’t just things you can do in 10 minutes, it takes time and money to do such a detailed convincing deep fake.

It suddenly feels much deeper then when she thought it was Dean, he’s a scumbag and it felt horrendous, but this is someone else and they’re out to get me and why. She’s really confused and frustrated and scared.

Who could be behind the videos?

4) Bernie discovers the truth about Kit

Elsewhere on the cobbles, Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) continues to have further run-ins with local copper Kit (Jacob Roberts), unaware that he’s the son she gave up three decades ago.

Bernie had visited Kit’s home as she ran down a list of Christopher Greens in the area, knowing it to be the name that her son Zodiac (Zac) had been given following his adoption. Kit denied that he was her son, or that he was adopted, after he caught her rooting around in some drawers.

But after Bernie left he was seen to pull out a small jade elephant matching the one Bernie had talked about given Zac as a baby.



After finding that the last Christopher Green on her list had recently passed away, Bernie presumed all hope was lost and drowned her sorrows. When Kit later bumped into her, the pair had a few choice words and Kit revealed that he was in fact a police officer, promptly arresting her for being drunk and disorderly.

Kit had hoped it would give him the opportunity to look into Bernie’s history, but DS Swain (Vicky Myers) telling him to stop wasting valuable time by picking up local drunks soon put pay to that idea.

Next week, Bernie is particularly mournful as tells Dev that the day of Zodiac’s 31st birthday has come around. As she later prepares to head off to Weatherfield General for Paul’s feeding tube op, she’s frustrated to find her car being towed away. Seeing Kit once again nearby, she’s sure that he’s responsible and that he has a vendetta against her.


However, when Bernie heads to the police station to make a complaint, Craig (Colson Smith) and other colleagues emerge with a small cake for Kit—today is his 31st birthday.


Bernie is gobsmacked as she looks at Kit, realising that she’s finally face-to-face with her long lost son!


Later in the week, as Billy and Paul arrive back at the hospital, they’re about to reverse into a disabled parking bay when another car cheekily swoops in and takes the spot. Kit just happens to be nearby, and showing his badge, orders the driver to move his car.

When Bernie later hears about the kindly officer named Kit who came to their rescue, her hopes are bolstered. Returning to the station, she thanks Kit for what he did and begs him to let her explain her side of the story.

Will Kit give Bernie a chance?

5) Roy faces further danger

Meanwhile, over at Highfield Prison, Roy continues to isolate himself inside his cell, fearing retribution over the accusation that he killed Lauren (Cait Fitton). Nina confides in Stu, who himself was wrongly imprisoned for 27 years for murder, that she’s worried for Roy.


Roy’s fear is palpable when another inmate, Roscoe (Warren Donnelly), enters Roy’s cell and takes an interest in what he’s up to. As a terrified Roy leaps up from his chair, knocking his chess board flying in the process, Roscoe is baffled by the overreaction and figures Roy is best left to his own devices.


Roy later has something to look forward to when Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) suggests they start up a book club whilst he’s inside.

But it appears that danger is just around the corner when a prisoner is returned to Highfield… it’s none other than Griff (Michael Condron)!


It’s good to be back in Weatherfield,” Griff sinisterly tells one of the guards.

With Lauren’s dad Reece having been Griff’s right-hand man in the extremist group, could Griff be looking for vengeance on Roy?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Coronation Street episodes:

Monday 20th April (Episode 11270/71)

Abi goes to war over Corey’s documentary.

Bernie is the birthday surprise Kit never wanted as she learns the truth.

Rowan has his eye on Simon.

Maria confronts Gary over £10k missing from their bank account.

Steve begs Demi for another chance

Wednesday 21st May (Episode 11272/73)

Abi makes an enemy of Dean.

Tyrone opens an email and is horrified by its contents.

Kit’s kindness gives Bernie hope.

Nick and Toyah do their best to talk Simon out of leaving.

Roy is frightened by a fellow inmate.

Mary urges Bethany to make up with her family.

Friday 22nd May (Episode 11274/75)

Abi targets Dean.

Roy is shocked when he bumps into Griff.

A photo leaves Carla feeling seasick.

Daniel learns his ban has been lifted and he can return to work.

Aware Bethany’s having a hard time, Daisy calls at the flat with a bottle.