Neighbours Spoilers – Double trouble as Sheila Canning #2 arrives

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On next week’s Neighbours in Australia, Sheila is subject to a case of mistaken identity, as a second Shiela Canning arrives in Erinsborough. What does she want?

Next week sees Shareena Clanton join Neighbours in a guest role, playing Sheila Canning. But wait, don’t we already have a pretty well established Sheila Canning on Ramsay Street?!

For weeks now, the Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) that we know and love has been receiving mysterious packages, expensive things in the post which definitely weren’t meant for her, but were addressed to her by name.

Despite knowing all too well that she wasn’t the correct recipient of the pricey gifts, she kept them and made no effort to track down the real owner, nor let the delivery company know that they had the wrong person.

How will Sheila react when she comes face to face with Sheila?

With no use for many of the gifts, and perhaps as a way of spreading around the guilt, Sheila has been generously donating them to some of her friends – earrings gifted to Susan, and expensive hand cream to Chloe.

Now, the real owner of the packages has been revealed. Next week, in episodes airing in Australia from Monday 5th April, a new character arrives in town, who also happens to be called Sheila Canning. Double Sheila!

It looks like our real Sheila has been receiving gifts meant for the new Sheila, an odd mix-up by the postal service.

Shareena Clayton played Doreen Anderson in Wentworth, and joins Neighbours on a guest role

Sheila #2, upon arriving in Erinsborough for business with Paul Robinson, spots Susan’s earrings, which look suspiciously like a pair she’d ordered for herself but never received. When she spots Chloe’s hand cream, she has the same reaction. It seems like the residents of Erinsborough either have the exact same taste as her, or something weird is going on!

Sheila #1 gets spooked when the gifts keep coming, and asks Levi what would happen – purely hypothetically, of course – if someone kept goods which weren’t meant to them, but were delivered to them by mistake.

Now that Sheila #2 is in town, wanting to discuss investment opportunities at The Hive, it isn’t long before she bumps into her namesake, and realises that the Ramsay Street resident has been stealing her stuff.

Original Sheila, Old Sheila, Sheila #1, whatever we’re calling her, panics. She feels terrible, and slightly disappointed that she didn’t have a secret admirer lavishing her with extravagant gifts. She makes it her mission to get back all of the things she stole, and starts journeying around Erinsborough trying to convince her friends to give her back the presents she gave them.

Her biggest struggle comes when it’s time to approach Susan, who finds the whole thing hilarious when Sheila corners her and attempts to get her earrings back.

Paul never learns, and plans to con Sheila #2 into investing in The Hive with fake financials

Yet Sheila Canning #2, the newbie in town, has more important things to worry about than a few missing packages. She’s in Erinsborough to discuss business with Paul Robinson, who gives her a number of documents to convince her to invest in The Hive. However, in true Paul Robinson fashion, the documents have been doctored and don’t tell the whole truth about the co-working space’s financial situation.

Paul’s plan hits a major stumbling block when Sheila #2 is sent a copy of the real, un-doctored documents! Without Paul’s alterations, they show very clearly that The Hive isn’t as financially sound as Paul made out.

How did she get hold of the documents? Who leaked them? Paul immediately accuses Roxy and Sheila One (Shun?) of sabotaging his plan by leaking the documents to Sheila Two (Shoo?). But they’re adamant they had nothing to do with it.

So just who wants to see Paul Robinson suffer this time?


Shareena Clanton (2nd from left) as Doreen Anderson in Wentworth. Photo © Foxtel

The casting of the new Sheila Canning is a nod to two other Aussie television institutions – Prisoner (or Prisoner: Cell Block H, as it was styled for UK broadcasts) and Wentworth.

The original Sheila Canning has been played by Colette Mann since her arrival in May 2012, while the new Sheila is played by Shareena Clanton.

Prisoner, which aired from 1979 to 1986, featured a character called Doreen Burns (née Anderson), played by Colette Mann. Wentworth, which began in 2013 as a gritty, contemporary remake of Prisoner, reintroduced the character of Doreen “Dor” Anderson, this time played by Shareena Clanton. Same character, same name, different era and different actress.

It’s not the first time Neighbours has paid homage to Prisoner – Colette Mann and Jackie Woodburne were joined by their ex Prisoner cast members in 2019

Now, Neighbours pays homage to two of Australia’s biggest TV exports, with both Colette and Shareena playing Sheila Canning.

It’s not the first time that the show has paid homage to Prisoner – Colette Mann (Sheila) and Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) were joined by their ex-Prisoner cast members in 2019 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Prisoner’s TV debut.

The fun begins in Australia on Wednesday 7th April, and in the UK on a few weeks later on Tuesday 4th May.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 5th April (Episode 8592)

Roxy is becoming frustrated by Emmett’s constant attention and tells Aaron and David to sort it out.

Yashvi finds herself pre-occupied with worry in the wake of Shane and Dipi’s departure.

Aaron and David are furious when Brent turns up at home with no explanation after they’ve been searching for him all night.

Tuesday 6th April (Episode 8593)

Feeling that Curtis has disregarded her authority with Year 13 while she was away, Jane is desperate to get the program back on track and on her terms.

Chloe and Nicolette relish their honeymoon period.

Aaron and David realise their attempt at a firm hand with Brent isn’t working and pledge to do better by him.

Wednesday 7th April (Episode 8594)

A mysterious woman arrives in Erinsborough who questions Susan’s earrings and Chloe’s hand cream.

Susan refused to partake in Jane’s ultimatum and orders the two teachers to find a solution together.

Sheila asks Levi, hypothetically, about the legal ramifications of keeping goods that were shipped to the wrong person.

Thursday 8th April (Episode 8595)

More patients hear about the incident with Olivia from Vera and, as a result, refuse treatment from Karl.

Paul schmoozes the newly arrived Sheila Canning, providing her with inflated truths about The Hive and his properties at Power Road.

Mortified at being caught out for accepting the misdirected packages, a remorseful Sheila is deeply apologetic and desperately attempts to fix the situation with Sheila #2.

Friday 9th April (Episode 8596)

While trying to get rid of a huge spider, Mackenzie and Hendrix find themselves in an awkward moment on the couch.

Bea’s patience wears thin as Karl continues to overstep with the podcast.

Paul is furious when he discovers that Sheila #2 has received The Hive’s unedited financial data.

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