UK Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe discovers Pierce is cheating on her

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On next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Jane sets off a chain of events that leads to Dipi and Pierce’s affair becoming common knowledge. As Nicolette sets a trap to ensure Chloe discovers the truth, what’s next for Erinsborough’s two broken marriages?

This week, Lassiters’ Halloween party is in full swing, giving the residents of Erinsborough an excuse for their favourite pastime – fancy dress. Chloe is as an angel, with Pierce attending as The Phantom from Phantom of the Opera.

Shane, meanwhile, goes to the party in his favourite pirate costume, Captain Featherbeard.

The week starts off with a bang. Paul has a new ultimatum for Pierce – he demands that he and Hendrix leave Erinsborough for good, otherwise his secret’s out.

When Pierce spots Dipi wearing the necklace he gave her, which she’s trying in vain to keep hidden under a scarf, he knows it’s going to get harder and harder to keep their affair a secret. Reluctantly, he knows he needs to do what Paul wants.

When he proposes this to Chloe and Hendrix, they’re both in shock. They’ve both got pretty solid lives in Erinsborough, why on earth would they want to move away? Pierce explains he wants a fresh start to give them a solid chance at making their marriage work – but it’s come completely out of the blue for both of them!

He finally explains to Chloe that Paul’s constant gloating is getting to him. Since the hotel sale, he just hasn’t been able to escape. This excuse seems believable, but Chloe doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason to go.

Yet when he suggests Adelaide, to allow them to be close to Mark and Paige and the baby, it suddenly begins to make sense to Chloe – maybe they can make a go of it after all.

When Pierce and Dipi meet in a Lassiters hotel room to debrief, they discuss how Paul has left him with no choice but to leave.

He explains that he doesn’t want to leave, and it’s not because he actually wants a fresh start with Chloe. He doesn’t want to call things off with Dipi, but doesn’t want her to go through the pain of their secret coming out.

Knowing they’re running out of chances, they share another passionate kiss.

You’d think they would have learnt to be careful by now, and wouldn’t risk doing anything out in the open. However, as they both leave Lassiters via the day spa exit, they share a kiss goodbye just in front of the door.

At that moment, Jane walks past, searching everywhere as she takes part in the murder mystery hunt. She spots the pair, but from her angle only sees Dipi and a man dressed as The Phantom. Just presuming the man was Shane and that she’s interrupting a steamy moment, she makes herself scarce and and carries on with the hunt.

When she later tells Dipi how romantic she and Shane looked outside the spa, and how dapper Shane looked as the Phantom, Dipi is forced to go along with it. Yet at that moment, in walks Shane dressed as a pirate!

“He went home and got changed”, explains Dipi, but how much longer can she get away with the lie?

Jane eventually spills to Nicolette, unable to control her gossiping urges. Nothing bad, but she confesses that she bumped into Dipi and Shane kissing outside the Lassiters Spa, with Shane dressed up as the Phantom.

Ooh, a husband and wife kissing, scandalous! Nicolette laughs at the audacity of it all. But it’s a comment that’s set to expose the whole affair.

She later heads to Number 32, where she finds Chloe, David and Aaron going through all of the murder mystery photos… where of course she spots Pierce dressed as the Phantom! It was Pierce that Dipi was kissing, not Shane! The truth is out!

When she realises what’s going on, she realises she has no choice but to tell. Yet she has no proof.

Knowing she needs something concrete, Nicolette takes Chloe’s Lassiters pass, later sneaking into Pierce’s hotel room and hunting for any evidence of their affair. She discovers Chloe’s necklace, and realises it was the same one Dipi was wearing at the hunt.

As she’s in there, she hears a voice outside, and is forced to duck into the bathroom seconds before Pierce walks in. He’s soon closely by Dipi, and as she overhears them talking, her suspicions are confirmed.

They arrange to meet again that night, for one final night together before ending things for good. This time they seem serious, as of tomorrow they’re having a clean break and focussing on their own partners. Yet sadly for them, their time is up, with their scheduled rendezvous giving Nicolette the opportunity to prove things to Chloe.

Having pocketed the necklace, Nicolette sets it up for Chloe to discover at Harold’s, at the exact same time Pierce and Dipi are planning on being in the hotel room. Chloe can’t understand why it would possibly be there – she thought Pierce had taken it back – and Nicolette suggests that she go to his room to ask him why it was there.

Moments, later, as Chloe opens the door to the Lassiters hotel suite, she’s greeted with the sight of her husband in bed with another woman!

The following week will see the fallout from the affair begin, as Chloe comes to terms with what she’s seen, and Dipi is forced to confess all to Shane.

These scenes aired down under 3 weeks ago, and the below promo aired at the time, previewing what’s to come now that the affair is out in the open.

View the promo below and find out what’s in store over the coming weeks.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 23rd November (8485)

Chloe and Hendrix are shocked when Pierce brings up the idea of moving away.

Ned’s painting of Scarlett is returned and Yashvi wants to get rid of it.

Jane spots Dipi kissing a costumed man after emerging from the hotel, unaware that it’s Pierce and not Shane.

Tuesday 24th November (8486)

Bea takes the leap to ask Levi out, but he’s distracted and vague, forcing her to leave the ball in his court.

Ned is shocked to learn that Yashvi has destroyed the portrait of Scarlett, dividing the pair.

Kyle tracks down one of Levi’s assailants, thinking it’s exactly what his family needs to put the past behind them.

Wednesday 25th November (8487)

Levi finally decides to ask Bea out, but his timing is all wrong as Bea has met a handsome stranger, Nathan.

Richie and Mackenzie discuss taking the next physical step in their relationship.

Nicolette resists her enforced volunteering at the Buddy Club foundation while Audrey revels in it.

Thursday 26th November (8488)

Roxy counsels Mackenzie to tell Richie about her doubts about sleeping together for the first time.

Jane mentions to Nicolette that she saw Dipi kissing a man dressed as The Phantom of the Opera during the treasure hunt, and Nicolette realises Pierce was the only man wearing that costume.

Friday 27th November (8489)

Shane is excited to reveal the finished sunroom to Dipi, but she doesn’t come home after prioritising one last fling with Pierce.

Chloe shares her excitement for her romantic dinner with Pierce to Nicolette.

Nicolette realises that Chloe will need to see evidence of the affair for herself, so sets a plan in motion.

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