Home and Away Spoilers – Bella takes action to stop Colby and Taylor’s affair

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Bella takes matters into her own hands to stop Colby and Taylor’s affair from ruining everything.

Colby and Taylor have been taking more risks with their affair, kissing outside. Will someone spot them?

With Colby (Tim Franklin) seemingly unwilling to stop his risky affair with Detective Rosetta’s wife, both Bella (Courtney Miller) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) are concerned that his rash decision making is going to cost them everything.

Although Colby seems to think that he has a plan, Bella thinks that he’s going to end up slipping up and making Angelo even more determined to pin Ross’s murder on him.

She tells Willow “all this time I’ve been thinking that I’d be the one to send him to jail. He’s going to do that all by himself!

Dean’s anger at Colby meant he almost gave the game away

Colby isn’t the only one slipping up. Dean almost gave the game away last week, as, in his drunken state, he told Angelo that he should probably think about spending more time with Taylor (Annabelle Stephenson).

“You wouldn’t want her to get lonely!“, Dean tells him, a less than subtle warning about what his wife is getting up to behind his back.

Their affair almost came to an end after Dean’s move. At their latest rendezvous at Colby’s place, she called Colby out on what Dean did, stating that she had the feeling he was seconds away from telling Angelo (Luke Jacobz) about them.

Colby is forced to confess that Dean knows about the affair – and that Willow and Bella have figured it out as well.

Taylor is stunned. Yet somehow Colby convinced her that his friends can be trusted, and won’t breathe a word to anyone. When he tells Taylor that he’s never felt this way, she believes him. And when he asks her if she really wants to lose what they have, she can’t bear to let him go and decides to carry on their affair.

Annabelle Stephenson stars as Taylor Rosetta

Taylor does feel remorse,” Annabelle recently told TV Week while speaking about the latest developments.

However, when she sees Angelo isn’t focused on repairing their marriage and that Colby appreciates her, she’s finally feeling the way a woman in love should, and embraces it.

Is Colby actually falling for Taylor, or is this all still part of his plan?

Meanwhile, Bella was stunned last week when she learnt that Dean and Ziggy have broken up, and that it’s all down to Colby’s actions. Her brother’s recklessness forced Dean to confess the horrible truth about his involvement in Ross’s death, and Bella knows that their secret is getting closer and closer to coming out.

Colby, it is killing us. Why can’t you see that?

This week, with Colby seemingly determined to continue with the fling, Bella decides to take matters into her own hands. He’s unwilling to listen to any of his friends, so she knows something drastic needs to happen.

This isn’t the first time Bella takes matters into her own hands

The pair are getting more reckless, and seemingly starting to take their affair into the open air. As such, it’s not hard for her to put her plan into action.

She follows the lovers to the beach, armed with her trusty camera. As she sees them kissing, she fires the shutter, capturing clear-cut evidence of what’s going on.

Not planning to incriminate her brother just yet, her first move is to confront Taylor. She shows her the photos she’s taken, and warns her to back off, or their affair may just come to light.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time Bella has taken extreme action to get what she wants.

Will Taylor listen? Or, knowing that her marriage is close to over, does she even care?

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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