UK Neighbours Spoilers – Brent hits Aaron as tempers flare!

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Family issues are abound as Sheila attempts to keep her family together, Shane battles to keep his addiction a secret from his wife and daughter, and the battle over Emmett turns sour in these Neighbours spoilers set to air in the UK from Monday 17th August.

The Ties That Bind

All Sheila wants is for her family to be back together, but that doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen any time soon.

It’s no secret that Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) has had a rough few months. What with the death of her son Gary (Damien Richardson), the subsequent devotion towards a pigeon she thought to be a Gary incarnate and then the arrival of her grandson Levi (Richie Morris).

Whilst the latter should’ve been a joyous occasion for the Canning matriarch, it brought up memories that she had fought so long to bury out of regret.

Soon after Levi’s arrival, it came out that he had epilepsy. When Sheila revealed that not only was it the result of a severe bashing Levi received during his childhood, but it was meant for his cousin Kyle (Chris Milligan), the family was torn in two.

To Levi, it was all the proof he needed that Kyle was the favourite grandchild. Swiftly he moved out of No. 26, but found himself with nowhere to go.

Despite Sheila’s best attempts to get Levi back in her good books, all her pleas fell on deaf ears. However, homeless, Levi was forced to move back into No. 26, which is now causing tension between the two cousins and their grandmother.

Levi still blames his grandmother for what happened to him, and in her attempts to be understanding, Sheila is creating a more and more awkward home situation.

Will Levi ever be able to forgive his grandmother?

Something to Hide

Shane’s got a dirty little secret, but he’s determined to resolve it before anyone has to find out.

For the last few weeks, it has become evident around the traps of Erinsborough that there is a drug ring, targeting those most vulnerable – the youth of the town. However, this week, Roxy (Zima Anderson), after making the discovery that Shane (Nicholas Coughlan) was one of the victims of the drug ring, is forced to make some tough decisions.

While cleaning out the bathroom, Roxy came across a baggie, with the signature star insignia that the residents of Ramsay Street know too well. When she went to hand it over to the police, namely Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer), Shane ripped it from her hand and opened up about his amphetamine addiction.

Although completely honest with Roxy, Shane begged her not to tell his wife Dipi (Sharon Johal) and true to her word, she has kept the secret… on one proviso. He gets clean.

With this at the back of his mind, and after a close call with Dipi and the drugs, Shane books himself into a hotel room and decides to go cold turkey. It’s agonising and painful, and it takes a toll. He’s unable to sleep, he’s emotional and he’s uncomfortable, but deep-down Shane knows he’s doing what’s best for both him, and his marriage.

But there’s just one small question – when will Shane open up about his secret addiction?

Falling From Grace

Brent’s causing all sorts of pain at No. 32.

Emmett Donaldson (Ezra Justin) has been living with Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) for a matter of weeks now, and after a few teething issues, they finally had all the kinks worked out… that is until Emmett’s older brother Brent (Texas Watterson) arrived on the scene.

Despite his genuine intentions, or so they appeared on the surface, Brent has proved nothing but a problem for the family unit. This week, after convincing Emmett to get up on the roof of No. 32 with him, there’s hell to pay when Emmett falls off the roof and is forced to wear a spinal collar.

Brent has lived a life of moving from foster home to foster home, being rejected and told he’s a handful,” Texas told TV Week, at the time.

After tensions reach bubbling point, David and Aaron make a decision about Brent’s future in their house… and it’s not the outcome any of them had hoped for.

They’re [David and Aaron] pushed to their limits with Brent’s behaviour and decide it’s best he move out.

What follows is a shocking violent tirade, resulting in Aaron copping an elbow to the face. While all three take a moment to process what had just happened, it appears that Brent is truly off the rails.

However, nothing can prepare the foursome for when Jenna (Anna Lise Phillips), the mother of Brent and Emmett arrives on Ramsay Street.

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in the UK:

Monday 17th August (Episode 8415)

Finally coming out of her office after her panic attack, Susan is glad to see that Jane has everything under control.

Yashvi is glad the drug investigation has come to an end, unaware of Shane’s huge secret.

Roxy suggests a grand gesture to help Sheila get Levi back home.

Tuesday 18th August (Episode 8416)

With Levi home, Sheila is paranoid about making things worse, leaving Levi feeling guilty.

Paul gets Harlow to shadow him at work to show why he can’t justify the cost of her environmental policies.

Cleaning the men’s bathroom at The Waterhole, Roxy finds an empty bag matching the one found at the school, forcing Shane to confess it’s his.

Wednesday 19th August (Episode 8417)

After some begging, Roxy agrees to help Shane get clean without Dipi finding out.

Returning from Adelaide, Chloe reveals to Pierce that she wants Fay to move in with them to give her family a much-needed break.

When Brent threatens Harlow, it’s the tipping point for David and Aaron.

Thursday 20th August (Episode 8418)

With Susan giving Jane more and more work to help her out, Jane soon feels like she’s being used.

Harlow is frustrated by Paul’s token gesture, especially when she sees that The Waterhole hasn’t implemented any eco-friendly strategies.

Just when Aaron and David are rid of Brent, another of Emmett’s family members shows up.

Friday 21st August (Episode 8419)

Brent’s mum Jenna shows up drunk, revealing that Paul paid her to stay away from Emmett.

Mackenzie suggests they stage a protest to get Lassiters onboard with their environmental project, but a spooked Susan shuts it down.

Nicolette tells Chloe that the family would probably benefit from a live-in nurse, casually suggesting herself from the job.

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