Kat Chapman dies as tragedy strikes in the Home and Away Season Finale

This week in the UK, we say a teary goodbye to a Summer Bay favourite, as Kat and Robbo’s tumultuous story takes yet another major twist. By the end of the week, we’ll be saying goodbye to Kat Chapman forever.

After taking Tori hostage, then releasing her with a note detailing his location, Robbo goes off to hide in the house he’d been preparing for him and Kat. Yet things don’t go as smoothly as he would have hoped, and we’ve got an action packed couple of days ahead as we head towards the Australian 2017 season finale.

Armed with the note Robbo / Beckett gave her with the address of his hiding place, Tori goes to the station ready to hand it to the police. Yet when she overhears the detectives from the city talking about how they want to take Robbo down and finish things for good, she reconsiders, and keeps the note to herself.

Seeing how upset Kat is, and remembering how scared and innocent Robbo seemed in the car, she’s torn, and confesses to Justin that she knows where Robbo’s hiding out – but still doesn’t give Kat the note.

The Morgans, Kat and Ash sit in the Morgan garden trying to come to terms with everything that’s happened. When Kat is briefly left alone, Robbo turns up out of the bushes. He tells her he’s not there to hurt anyone, but begs her for a chance to talk. He assures her he has no memory of his past, hates the idea of it and doesn’t want to be that man. By the time Ash comes back out to the garden to check up on her, the pair are both gone!

While she’s convinced he’s not the crazed psycho Ash and most of Summer Bay think he his, by the time Justin and John stumble upon Kat and Robbo on the beach, they’ve already decided that Robbo is going to hand himself in. He’s ready to face up to the consequences and do time.

Robbo’s handed himself in and is ready to face time – but Kat wants to know why he didn’t just run

Yet the story doesn’t end there. Obviously. When in custody, Kat asks him why he didn’t just run. He tells her it’s because of her – he wants her to see that he cared about her and really had wanted them to have a a future together. He’d even planned out their future house. But now he wants her to move on.

On Friday, in what was final part of a 3-part finale which aired down under in December, Kat and Robbo go on the run. In her heart, Kat still trusts him – she believes that he doesn’t remember anything about his life as Beckett Reed and believes the new Robbo doesn’t want anything to do with his past. She believes that he wants them and the baby to spend the rest of their lives together, and after finally hearing he’s prepared a house for them, her mind is made up.

Just as Kat and Robbo are ready to escape, they run into Ash…

Kat’s suspended from the force, but she goes to the police station and pretends that her conviction doesn’t stand – with Robbo behind bars, there’s no need for her to be suspended any more. When Kat fakes a call coming through reporting an accident, Yabbie Creek’s finest bumbling officers are happy to leave her alone in the station, giving her the perfect opportunity to release Robbo from his cell.

A confused Robbo has no idea what she’s doing, and is shocked when she suggests the two of them escape and go on the run!

He’s not keen, ready to face time, but Kat assures him she’s sticking with him. She wants the two of them to make a new life together and raise Kat’s child. Robbo eventually agrees and the two of them prepare to make their escape… just as Ash enters the station!

…who quickly finds himself the one behind bars!

Poor Ash – before he has time to process what’s happening, he’s knocked out cold and wakes up to find himself locked in the holding cell, by which time Kat and Robbo are already speeding away!

Kat dies in a freak car crash when trying to escape with Robbo

However, caught up in emotion and the thrill of the escape, Kat loses concentration on the road. Not looking as she approaches a junction, she doesn’t see the car coming the other way, and it smashes into them.

Does Kat die in the Home and Away season finale?

Unusual for an Aussie season finale, there was no cliffhanger and 6 week wait to find out the fate of Kat and Robbo.

As Robbo and Kat wait for the ambulance, Kat convinces Robbo to leave and go to the house, scared what’ll happen if the paramedics discover him there with her.

Yet shortly after getting to the hospital, Kat passes away, leaving Tori to give Ash the devistating news. Not only has his ex-girlfriend died, but he’s lost his unborn baby as well.

Hunter’s failed proposal to Olivia is quickly converted into a wake, and the residents gather around to say goodbye to their favourite officer.

Unlike in Australia, there’s no month-long wait for the new season to start, and the first episode of the 2018 season airs in the UK next Monday 12th March.

Ash carries the coffin of his unborn baby to the alter.

Ash struggles to take in what’s happening.

Over the next few weeks, as Summer Bay comes to terms with Kat’s death, Ash sets out to find the man responsible for the loss of his child. He enlists the help of the Mangrove River’s favourite gang, the River Boys, which surely can’t end well.

The River Boys are back! Ash meets Dean and the River Boys and enlists their help to find Robbo.

Meanwhile, Injured from the smash and with nowhere else to go, Robbo eventually turns up in the Morgans’ back yard. Tori, whose oath as a doctor and good heart meaning she’s not prepared to let an injured man die, takes him in.

But with so many people, including Ash, the River Boys and Yabbie Creek’s finest, all searching for Robbo, how long will she be able to keep him hidden? And how will Ash react if he does eventually get his hands on the man responsible for the death of Kat and his baby?

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