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Jealousy, Jealousy


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Story Title: Jealousy,Jealousy
Type of story:  Medium Fic
Main Characters: Ziggy Astoni,Brody Morgan and Dean Thompson
BTTB rating: T
Genre:  Drama
Does story include spoilers: No
Any warnings: Violence and Post Natal Depression 
Summary: Brody returns to the Bay as he and Simone are facing some challenges and upon his return he and Ziggy become close again which leads to Dean getting jealous of their relationship



Chapter 1

Ziggy and Dean are walking into Salt when she spots a familiar figure on the balcony. 

"Hey just give me a minute". Ziggy tells Dean. 

"Ok sure". Dean responds so Ziggy heads out to the balcony. 

"Hey Brody". Ziggy says walking out and towards her ex husband whilst he is looking at the beach. 

"Hey Zig". Brody greets her and smiles. 

"Justin know you're here?" Ziggy asks him. 

"Yeah he does he's watching Mason for me". Brody explains. 

"I heard you're a Dad now congratulations and Mason would off loved to know his Nephew was named after him".  Ziggy says to him. 

"He would be chuffed I am sure and thank you". Brody replies.

"So is Simone here?" Ziggy asks wanting to be prepared if she has to encounter her. 

"No she isn't". Brody replies vaguely and this makes Zig think something is up. 

"Phew". Ziggy says and Brody chuckles and Dean walks out. 

"What are you doing here?" Dean questions Brody. 

"I do have family in the bay". Brody tells him pissed. 

"And you have every right to see them you don't have to answer to him". Ziggy responds. 

"Fine whatever". Dean says walking away.  


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Chapter 2

"I just don't get why you wanted to talk the guy ". Dean yells as he and Ziggy walk into the Garage later that day. 

"It's in the past Dean". Ziggy yells back as Justin walks over to the pair. 

"It may be in the past but he's in the bay". Dean yells back.

"He has family here his is allowed to come back and see them". Ziggy exclaims. 

"Well if we had some notice maybe we could off gone and visited Jai". Dean says. 

"You're the only one who has a problem with him being here because I don't". Ziggy says as Dean walks away. 


"That was about my Brother wasn't it?" Justin asks his mate.

"It was". Ziggy responds. 

"If I had known he was coming I would off warned you". Justin tells her. 

"It's ok I don't mind him being here I am just surprised that Simone isn't here either not that I am complaining". Ziggy tells him. 

"Yeah I get that. Hey did he say much to you about her?". Justin asks as they continue to work on a car. 

"No besides that she's not here. You?". ZIggy replies and asks. 

"Nope". Justin responds. 

"Do you mind if I take an early mark I think Brody and I should talk". Ziggy asks her boss.

"Of course go". Justin replies so Ziggy walks out. 


"Hey I thought I would find you here". Ziggy says greeting her ex who is sitting by the pier. 

"Hey Zig". Brody greets her as his phone beeps. 

"Everything ok?". Ziggy asks concerned as Brody looks sad and begins rocking Mason. 

"That was Simone telling me not to come home". Brody replies. 

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2 minutes ago, christine king said:

Dean is very angry about Brody’s return. But really he should just let it go.

Simone told Brody not to come back. Ohh what’s going on?

Yes he really should let it go Ziggy has so why can't he

She has and all will be revealed in the next chapter

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Chapter 3

"Hold up what do you mean she told you not to come home?" Ziggy asks him confused as they standup and he allows her to push Mason in the pram while they walk along the beach. 

"That's what she said she signed all Mason's parenting rights over to me". Brody informs her but she is still confused. 

"What why would she do that?". Ziggy questions him still really confused. 

"Since Masons being born Simone has struggled to bond with him and he won't stop crying unless I am holding him". Brody explains to her. 

"You saying Post Natal Depression?" Ziggy asks him. 

"I think so". Brody replies sadly. 

"Being a new Mum would be hard and these things take time". Ziggy tells him. 

"I know that and you know that but Simone doesn't think so she thinks because it's being three months and theres still no development she thinks she a useless mother". Brody informs her. 

"I'm sure she's not she will come around Brods". Ziggy tells him trying to reassure him. 

"I am not so sure". Brody replies. 

"I get it signing Mason's parenting rights over is concerning. What are you going to do in the meantime?" Ziggy tells and asks her ex. 

"Respect her wishes and not go home for a while. Is it ok with you if I stay in the bay if it's too hard on you and Dean I get it? Brody tells and also asks her. 

"Look Dean's the one with the problem not me". Ziggy tells him. 

"It's ok I can go somewhere else". Brody replies. 

"No you are staying right here and besides you didn't lie to me our whole relationship". Ziggy informs him and he places her arm around her and she does the same around him little do they know Dean is watching on.

"I did during some of it though". Brody reminds her.  

"That was about an affair not about witnessing a murder". Ziggy informs him and they hug as Dean is still watching on.

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