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Jealousy, Jealousy


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23 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I do like the idea of Brody and Ziggy as amicable exes, things seemed to slot into place for him there at Salt!

yeah majority of my tv ships that are broken up and amicable and i wanted that for these two

things certainly did fall into place for him at salt

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Chapter 6 

"Ok so here is his baby bag it has the essentials meaning nappies, baby wipes and a couple of sets of clothes". Brody says to Ziggy handing her the baby bag at the Morgan House where they had just met up. 

"Thanks and please don't worry we will be fine". Ziggy reassures Brody. 

"I know and hey Zig thank you for this". Brody tells her as they walk out. 

"No problem". Ziggy replies. 


After Brody left to head up to Salt Ziggy decided to take Mason for a walk

"Hey Zig". Dean says as he comes out of the apartment. 

"Hey". Ziggy greets him pushing the stroller trying to settle Mason. 

"I was hoping we could have the arvo together but it doesn't look like that is going to happen". Dean says bluntly. 

"No I am looking after Mason for Brody sorry". Ziggy tells him. 

"Ok Zig let me ask you something why is it we can't spend anytime together and the one time you're not with him you are looking after his baby I mean why can't he let alone Justin or Leah do it?" Dean says getting frustrated. 

"You need to calm down and not yell in front of him and his Dad is helping out at Salt with Mac and Leah and Justin are both working". Ziggy informs him. 

"What he got a job? With my Sister". Dean questions.

"He noticed how much she was struggling this morning when we had breakfast and offered to help and she accepted". Ziggy explains. 

"You had breakfast with him?" Dean asks. 

"Yeah we needed to talk". Ziggy informs him. 

"Right". Dean replies angrily and walks away. 


"G'day love". Alf says as he walks past Ziggy pushing Mason on their walk. 

"Hey Alf". Ziggy greets him with a smile. 

"Did you and young Dean have a baby and not tell us?". Alf questions and Ziggy chuckles.

"Actually no this is Mason Brody's son". Ziggy informs him and lifts the hood for Alf to see the baby. 

"Stun the Flamin Crows he's so much like his Father". Alf tells her.

"He really is. He's actually moved back here". Ziggy says and informs him. 

"Are you ok with it?" Alf asks her.

"Yeah gave him my blessing besides Simone isn't here". Ziggy tells him. 

"Lucky your Dad isn't here I am sure he would punch the guy if he ever saw him again". Alf comments. 

"I'm sure he would too" Ziggy comments. 

"I know he would he is so protective of you and loves you". Alf replies.

"As I him". Ziggy tells him.

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On 19/03/2022 at 01:53, christine king said:

I get why Ziggy is now friends with Brody but I also get why Dean is mad about it.

Yeah Ben would totally punch Brody if he saw him again! Although technically Ben and Ziggy have both done that before lol.

Yeah I get that

Oh he would - that line was actually an easter egg for something coming and yes you're right Ben and Ziggy have both done that before

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