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Jealousy, Jealousy


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4 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

I'm glad Ziggy and Brody seem to be dealing with this reasonably but she's being a bit harsh on Dean?

They sure are dealing with it well and as for Dean she is just being Ziggy

Thank you for reading I appreciate it

4 hours ago, christine king said:

Simone has post natal depression. She needs professional help!

Brody didn’t lie? Ziggy he lied for weeks/months about the affair and that is the reason I hated him in the show!

Yes she does but you will find out more in the next chapter

Brody said he did and Ziggy agreed but there is a big difference between a crime and an affair

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4 hours ago, beachside said:

They sure are dealing with it well and as for Dean she is just being Ziggy

Thank you for reading I appreciate it

Yes she does but you will find out more in the next chapter

Brody said he did and Ziggy agreed but there is a big difference between a crime and an affair

I hated Dean lying to Ziggy about the crime but he was right if he told her earlier she still would of dumped him! It was a no win situation. I’m just glad they are back together in the show now they just need to stay that way.

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Chapter 4

"Hey Guys thanks for meeting us". Brody says to Leah and Justin as he walks in the Diner as Ziggy comes in behind him pushing Mason. 

"No worries bro you said you wanted to talk". Justin says to his Brother once they are all seated. 

"Yeah I am going to be staying in the bay with Mason for awhile". Brody tells them. 

"Are you ok with that Zig". Justin asks concerned. 

"I gave him my blessing and besides Mason doesn't need any more upheaval". Ziggy explains as Dean walks over. 

"Zig there you are can we talk?" Dean asks barging over in the middle of the conversation. 

"We are actually in the middle of something". Brody informs him. 

"Well this is important Zig". Dean says. 

"And this is about my son". Brody exclaims angrily and storms out. 

"Should I go and check on him?" Justin asks Ziggy. 

"Nah give him a few minutes". Ziggy tells him. 

"Why are you even with him Zig?" Dean pipes in. 

"That's none of your business go home and I will be up in a few minutes". Ziggy informs him. 

"Fine". Dean says and walks away. 

"I've never seen Brody that bad besides". Justin says and stops mid sentence. 

"When he was on Ice". Ziggy finishes it for him. 

"So what's going on?" Leah asks concerned.

"Brody just found out about half an hour ago Simone signed over her Parental Rights of Mason to him and told him not to come home". Ziggy explains to the pair. 

"Right I think I need to go talk to Brother". Justin says getting up and walking out. 

"I better go and deal with Dean I guess". Ziggy tells Leah. 


"Right I am here now what was so important?" Ziggy asks as she comes into the Apartment. 

"My Mum has set a date and it's in two weeks". Dean tells her. 

"That's not something that you need to say when I am mid through a conversation". Ziggy tells him. 

"Since you brought it up why is it that ever since you saw your idiot ex husband yesterday every time I see you you're with him". Dean yells. 

"Because he is going through some heavy stuff right now and I want to be there for him. After all he was there for me when Mum was sick". Ziggy explains. 

"I get that but can't his family be there for him". Dean asks.

"Because they don't know well they didn't at that point he was about to tell them when you barged over". Ziggy yells. 

"Well I'm sorry". Dean says.

"You should be". Ziggy tells him angrily. 

"Do the family know now". Dean asks.

"Yes". Ziggy responds.

"Well they can there for him now". Dean tells her. 

"I am still going to be there for him Dean we have agreed to be friends". Ziggy informs him.

"See I don't get that". Dean responds. 


"Hey I figured you would be here". Justin says as he walks over to his Brother who is on the balcony at Salt. 

"Hey. Where's Mason?" Brody greets his Brother and asks after his Son. 

"Leah's looking after him". Justin explains. 

"Zig fill you in?" Brody asks him.

"She just said Simone signed Parental Rights to you and told you not to come home". Justin informs his Brother of the information he had being told. 

"Ok". Brody replies taking a sip of his beer. 

"What I don't get is why". Justin tells him. 

"Every since Mason was born Simone has struggled to bond with him and he only stops crying when I hold him and because there's being no development for the past three months Simone thinks she is a useless Mother but I just think it's Post Natal Depression". Brody informs him. 



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Chapter 5

"Hey sorry I'm late". Ziggy says walking into Salt and seeing Brody at a table.

"Hey that's cool I've ordered you a coffee and eggs and bacon". Brody tells his ex wife. 

"Thank you". Ziggy replies.

"Thank you for meeting me". Brody tells her.

"It's not a problem at all". Ziggy tells him. 

"Well I appreciate your support". Brody says and they touch hands. 

"Of course. Did you get through to Simone last night?" Ziggy asks him knowing he was going to try to from some texts they had exchanged. 

"I did and she said this is what she wants and I can't change her mind". Brody explains. 

"Wow ok". Ziggy says stunned. 

"I was meant to say earlier thanks for yesterday I mean telling Justin and Leah". Brody says.

"All good I'm sorry Dean barged in". Ziggy replies. 

"Not your fault". Brody informs her.

"I was meaning to ask has Simone talked to a professional?" Ziggy asks as the thought had being on her mind. 

"She tried but didn't end well". Brody explains as Mackenzie walks over. 

"Guessing Egg and Bacon is yours Zig". Mac says placing it on the table. 

"Yeah thanks Mac. Actually this is Brody he was the owner here before you and he's also my ex husband". Ziggy says informing her friend. 

"Hi Brody Morgan" Brody says introducing himself and shaking Mac's hand after she puts his food on the table. 

"Mackenzie Booth but you can call me Mac". Mackenzie says. 

"Some things don't change it was always busy of a morning". Brody says and Zig and Mac chuckle. 

"Yeah and I have had two staff leave this week". Mac tells him.

"Oh I know what that is like. I can help out I am going to be sticking around the bay awhile if that's something you need". Brody tells Mac.

"Um yes". Mac says. 

"I will come back for the lunch rush". Brody tells her

"Thank you" Mac says and leaves the pair to it. 

"Will be nice to see you in your element again". Ziggy says to him.

"It will be nice to be back here". Brody replies.

"Would you like me to watch Mason this arvo for you?" Ziggy asks. 

"Yes please". Brody replies. 

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