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Celebrating The Bay


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Story Title: Celebrating The Bay
Type of story: Long Fic 
Main Characters: Alf Stewart,Leah Patterson, Irene Roberts and Marilyn Chambers + more
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama
Does story include spoilers: No

No Warnings

Summary: It's Summer Bay's 170th Birthday and Alf and Leah have organised some celebrations for this milestone. Past and Present residents come together to celebrate the bay. Which Former Residents will stay for good and which Former Couples and Friends will reconnect? 


Chapter 1 


"So Alf is everything all ready to go for the celebrations in the next few weeks?". Leah asks her friend. 

"It sure is some of the guests are going to start arriving from this point on so we must get the Caravan Park in order". Alf tells her. 

"Yeah we must it's going to be so exciting". Leah tells him as Ziggy walks into the Diner with her father and sister. 

"Nice to see somethings don't change". Ben says wanting to surprise Alf.

"Stun The Flamign Crows Ben Astoni". Alf says walking over and giving his friend as man hug. 

"Hey Alf good to see you". Ben says as Coco hugs Leah. 

"So are you two in town for the celebrations?". Leah asks the pair and Ben kisses her on the cheek. 

"Well I didn't know about them until Zig told us". Ben tells the pair. 

"Yeah Dad didn't really want to visit Gran with Mum so he came to surprise me and Coco just happened to be here too". Ziggy explains to the pair. 

"But I am planning on staying for a few weeks now as I want to be here to celebrate". Ben tells Leah. 

"It's going to be loads of fun lots of former residents are coming back to the bay for it". Leah replies. 

"Did I hear the words former residents". A woman's voice speaks from a distance and everyone turns around.

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15 minutes ago, Helena said:

I really enjoyed this chapter of the story I loved seeing alf and Leah being reunited with Ben and ziggy and coco looking forward to seeing who said that at the end looking forward to reading more keep up the great work.

Thank you for reading!! You will have to wait and see!!

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Chapter 2

"Did I hear the words former residents". A woman's voice speaks from a distance and everyone turns around.

"You did". Leah says turning around. 


"Oh my God Sal". Leah says seeing her best friend stand there alongside her best friends Foster Daughter and Daughter. 

"Hi". Sally says greeting everyone as Leah runs and hugs her and Alf hugs Cassie and kisses Pippa on the head. 

"Oh I'm sorry Sally Fletcher this is Ben Astoni and his daughters Ziggy and Coco". Leah says realising Ben and the girls are still there. 

"Nice to meet you". Sally says shaking Ben's hand. 

"Nice to meet you too Alf has mentioned you a few times". Ben tells Sally as Ziggy and Cassie look at each other. 

"Oh sorry I'm Cassie Turner". Cassie says introducing herself to Ziggy. 

"Hi Ziggy Astoni". Ziggy says returning the greeting. 

"So I take it you guys are in town for the celebrations". Ben tells the pair. 

"Yes we are". Pippa replies. 

"It will be fun". Ziggy replies. 

"Yeah it will be I'm Pippa". Pippa responds. 

"So do you guys live here?". Sally questions. 

"I do but Dad and Coco are just visiting". Ziggy replies. 

"Yeah we used to live here. I didn't even know about the celebrations until Zig told me once I got here". Ben responds. 

"You guys have had a long flight would you like a coffee"?. Leah asks her friends. 

"Yes please". Cassie replies eagerly.

"Ben, Ziggy, Coco you want one"? . Leah asks the three Astoni's.

"Please". Ben replies.


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