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Perfect Chemistry


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Story Title:   Perfect Chemistry
Type of story: Short /Medium Fic
Main Characters: Tori, Christian, Cash, Leah, Justin , Jasmine
BTTB rating: 
Genre: Romance, Drama.
Does story include spoilers: Idk
Any warnings: Sexual content, V/D.
Summary:  After Justin arrest Tori still hurting from her breakup with Christian and the arrest leans on Cash for support. The pair becoming close and when Christian begins to see then together he is jealous. Can he win Tori back

Chapter 1

It was just after Justin had been arrested when Tori was sitting on the pier with her head down. She couldn't believe how messy her life had become in just a few short weeks. She hears footsteps but doesn't look up "Tori?" Tori looks up to see Cash "Is Justin ok?" Cash nods his head as he sits beside Tori "He hates it but he did assault a man but right now I'm more worried about you" Tori smiles at the cop it was nice to have someone that cared "It good having someone that cares about how i feel" Cash smiles he can see Tori been through allot "Rough few weeks?" Tori nods "Try months" Cash gets that "I get it. Part of the reason I moved here was for a change" Tori smiles "This town isn't as sleepy as it might seen" Cash looks at Tori "I'm willing to risk it besides at least i met someone amazing so far" This leads Tori to have a real smile for the first time in weeks "Thank you from the ten minutes we spent together I can tell your a good person too" Cash smiles "Because I kept your brother in lockup for you" Tori laughs "And your down to earth that much I can see. Now how about a coffee my shout?" Tori smiles "Sounds great" Tori and Cash both get up as they walk towards the diner

Meanwhile Christian was sitting in his hotel room he had hated that Tori called the wedding off but he still loved her but also right now he knew that he needed to do his job and look after his patients to put then first like he told Tori he was after all that why she broke it off in the first place as much as he wished she didn't as he still loves her. He picks up the engagement ring out of the draw and just looks at him. As much as he is putting his patients first he is also heartbroken as he lost the love of his life.

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Great chapter 

1 hour ago, christine king said:

Tori and Cash have chemistry would of loved to have seen Tori make Christian jealous in the show :lol:

I agree 100% and I stopped actually watching the show 

update again soon :)


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Chapter 2

It is the next day when Tori is working and spots Cash in the distance and walks over "You ok?" Cash looks at the doctor "I should be asking you that how are you?" Tori looks at him "Honestly i wish i could catch a break for once" Cash smiles "For what it worth I don't think Justin killed Susie" Tori nods "A pity all cops weren't as good as you." Cash looks at Tori as Tori speaks again "You are one of the good guys Cash" Cash leans forward and hugs Tori which she returns happily. She was so grateful for Cash support it was nice that she had someone for a change

Christian was walking to Emergency when he sees Tori hugging some cop and straight away he feels jealous. He stands still wondering what would happen next. He couldn't believe Tori had moved on already he thought she loved him as much as he did her. Christian hears footsteps then hears a voice "You good?" It belonged to Jasmine "No not really Tori moving on" Christian points to Tori and the guys hugging as Christian adds "Any idea who he is?" Jasmine shakes her head "Never seen him before" The pair are both confused on who this guy was and his connection to Tori

Soon Tori and Cash pull away from the hug "Time for a coffee my shout" Tori smiles "Is that allowed?" Cash nods "My partner can get the statement if the patient wakes up let's go" Tori smiles as the pair begin to walk away.

They now have their coffees and are sitting outside the hospital "Had much of a chance to look around the bay?" Cash shakes his head "Not really" Tori gets an idea "I can show you around if you like. We could both do with the company" Cash nods this to him sounds perfect "Great sounds good and I really don't have anyone here apart from you" Tori smiles "Whenever you need me I'm here. I can show you around tomorrow" Cash smiles "It's a date" Tori smiles back "Awesome let meet at the beach at 7" Cash nods as he hugs Tori "Sounds perfect"

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Chapter 3 

The next morning Tori is waiting for Cash on the beach when she spots Jasmine who have been running "Hey" Jasmine smiles "You been out this early is a surprise" Tori can understand where the nurse is coming from "I'm showing someone around town" Jasmine is puzzled "Who?" Tori looks at her friend "Cash he had been so supportive of me since Justin arrest" Jasmine shocked "When was he arrested?" Tori didn't need the questions which is why she hadn't told Jasmine to begin with "A few days ago for Susie murder" Jasmine nods "He isn't" Tori smiles "I know" Jasmine then is curious "Was he at the hospital yesterday?" Tori shocked at the question then nods "Why do you ask" Jasmine can see the doctor surprise at her knowing that "Christian and I saw you guys" Tori was shocked but thankfully saw Cash in the distance and walked away.

Tori walked over to Cash "Everything ok?" Tori looks at the cop "Can we just go?" He nods as he looks worried he could see something had happened between Tori and that girl but wasn't going to ask her about it after all it wasn't his place" Cash looks at Tori "You ready for a big day" Tori nods "Yep I need it" With that the pair head off 

Jasmine spots Christian in the diner and walks over. Christian can see something bugging her "What is it?" Jasmine takes a breath "Justin been arrested for Susie murder it happened a few days ago Tori just told me" Christian was surprised "Why wait that long? She needs support from us" Jasmine knows this bit will hurt Christian "The guy from the hospital been supporting her Cash he a cop" Christian nods "Are  they together?" Jasmine can see the doctor hurting "Honestly I have no idea but it clear she cares about him" Christian looks heartbroken as Jasmine wishes she knew how to fix this

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Chapter 4

It is later that day when Christian is on his break and he sees Tori with Cash again this time they are swimming and been playfully with each other which for Christian was a huge kick in the guts. He was hurting like hell and he knew unless he did something soon he would lose Tori for good

Tori and Cash get out of the water shortly after as they wrap towels around each other "Thank you for today I loved it" Tori smiles at the cop "Yeah i did too. I really needed it" The pair smile again at each other "You can come for dinner. Leah and I could use the company" Cash smiles "I don't want to impose" Tori shakes her head "You wouldn't be" Cash smiles "Sure sounds good to me" Tori smiles happily relieved that he agreed to dinner. Truth was for the first time since her and Christian broke up she was truly happy

Elsewhere Christian walks in the diner and sees Leah "Got a sec" Leah nods as she walks towards the doctor "What happening?" Christian looks at her "I wanted to see how you were Jas told me about Justin" Leah smiles grateful for him checking in "It gotten to me but I will be fine" Christian looks at her "If you need to talk I'm here you know that" Leah smiles "I do I'm lucky to have you and so is Tori even if you are rocky at the moment" Christian nods "Yeah well she doesn't think that now like she moved on" Leah shakes her head "What are you talking about?" Christian can see she is confused "The cop" Leah looks at Christian and realizes who he means "Cash and Tori aren't together" Christian looks at Leah "It didn't seen that way earlier" Leah looks at Christian "She loves you" Christian nods before walking out he can't shake this feeling he got about Tori and Cash

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