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Which Diner has been your favourite


Which Diner has been your favourite  

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I like the most the one from 2000-2008, and then The Pier Diner/The Den, basically because those two sets were big enough to host town meetings and so on. And the Pier Diner/The Den had room for the kids, I think that was a really good idea. And The Den had the kitchen with a door, so the workers could chat there... It was a great place to learn troubled kids work ethics. And the Diners before 2000 were also good ones. 

The worst one: The fancy one from 2010, it doesn't suit a small beach town on the country beach side which Summer Bay is meant to be. And it's too flashy and too small to host town meetings and so on. And it has no room for the kids. I think that the writers saw that and that's the reason why we got the Angelo's/Salt. The set is bigger, more storylines have taken place there than in the Diner. It feels like the Resturant has taken The Diner's place in the show. And it is a shame! 

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