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  1. She could teach a TAFE Art Class for adults and older teens. It would be a great way of fleshing her out and would allow some other recurring characters.
  2. I'd love to see a prequel series detailing everything that happened in summer bay pre 1988. They could even go back to First Nations people and the effects of colonisation. It depends. I'd love to at least see them explore a bit before 1988, there could be lots of drama.
  3. Yes. I remember seeing the episodes on 7TWO with Selina's Jeans and her wanting to rip them as they were the 'in' thing and Irene telling her no and her doing it anyway and Irene cutting crook at her. I also remember, or is this 1994, the debate thing, where two of the school girls had to debate, and they had to support the side that they actually oppose.
  4. Yes, I'm loving the second half, hopefully it gets a season 2.
  5. I voted for Maggie as favourite and Ben as least favourite, but if I'm honest I only did that because I had to put a least favourite.
  6. The Heights has tonight premiered on the ABC, it is a 30-minute episode Soap Opera/Serial Drama set in a Public Housing Tower. It has Drama, but not in the exact same way as Summer Bay or Ramsay Street. The Heights is going to go for 30 episodes at the moment but could be extended for further episodes and seasons. It is on Fridays at 8:30 and there are 2 episodes a night. It is one of the few new Soaps in an era where Reality is the focus. On Seven, they are showing a movie or sport, on 10 they are showing an Encore of Changing Rooms, and then Graham Norton Show, and Nine, they have RBT and a movie. ABC is giving a new soap opera a chance in a Prime Time slot. This thread is for discussion of the show, please use spoiler tags, as some may not want to know spoilers, just know a little bit about the show.
  7. Is there a way to contact Home and Away? I have tried searching online but haven't found anything.
  8. I thought Bobby moved in straight away to the house.
  9. This has probably been asked before, but who took what room, and how many rooms were there in Summer Bay House Originally in the original season with all kids including Bobby, Lynn, etc.
  10. Are some states in Australia behind others? If so, either Seven should move AFL on Thursday nights to Mate or TWO, or, set up a sports channel, or, Move Home and Away to 7TWO.
  11. Time to bring back the Jukebox! Who else agrees? Maybe we can also have the credits start with a character/characters in the diner putting a coin in the jukebox and choosing a song, the characters always choose 'Home and Away' and the theme plays, unless there are special credits.
  12. It is so good, I think they should get her as part of the Checkout as a regular actor
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