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Willow Harris - Sarah Roberts


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I really like Willow.  She's fiercely loyal, protective of her friends, maybe a too protective and I love that bond she has with Dean and Colby, she also has a tight bond with Bella, which is really nice.  I do think Willow does need to take a step back at times because D/Z are big boys and can look after themselves.

Willow needs to have some fun of her own and also have her own life to lead to because Dean has Ziggy now,  Colby is soon to be getting it on with a new character (who is soon to be arriving on screen here in the UK) and I've read that a love interest is coming for Willow, which I am happy about as she does deserve some happiness.

I do also like Willow's friendship with Ziggy.  I much prefer it to the one she has with Jasmine.  Jasmine feels so isolated as a character, give her some friends.

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8 hours ago, homeandawayroxsomuch. said:

Not sure if this is accurate, but is Willow leaving this year?  Could we see a brief reintroduction of Dr Alex Neilson (Zoe Ventoura) and have Willow and Alex have a happy ending together like Shannon and Mandy?


I think someone mentioned a recent article where Sarah confirms she had left. Theres been a lot of speculation as she hasn't been seen for a quite a few months. Willow had also been demoted to the guest cast for a few episodes before being put back in with the regulars. Looks very likely she'll be leaving soon ish. She has mainly just been involved with wrapping her storyline from last since she's been back and hasn't done a whole lot new. Now that she seems to be making amends with Bella, she'll probably be leaving sooner rather than later.


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