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Say We'll Make It


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Story Title: Say We'll Make It. 
Type Of Story: Long Fic
Main Characters: Justin, Heath, Leah, Bianca - The list goes on, there will be a whole bunch of people in this. 
BTTB Rating: T/A
Genre: Drama/Family/Romance/General
Does story include spoilers: If from UK then yes.
Any warnings: Violence: Mild if any at all. Sexual content: Mild to moderate.
Summary: In Summerbay every couple seemed perfect, every family complete but behind closed doors every couple had secrets and every family was troubled. 

Chapter One 

Justin dropped his belongings onto the table and bag on the floor, the house was dark and silent not that it wasn't to be expected. It was nearly 2am and it was the first time he had been home in weeks, working in the city had it's disadvantages and he wished that he could be home more yet it was what his job entailed, the case he was working on was high profiled and completely confidential not allowing him the time he liked to be able to get away. 
He blinked when the light to the living room flicked on unexpectedly, trying to readjust he turned his head to face his wife. "Hey, what are you doing awake?" 

"That is the first thing you can say, you haven't been home in three weeks. You didn't call and I heard a noise..."

He walked across the floor and took her into his arms, sighing in contentment when she hugged him back tightly. "I'm sorry, I wasn't sure if I was coming home. I left at midnight" 

"It's alright. You're home, that is all that matters. How long..." 

"Just til Wednesday, I have a meeting" He interrupted her, it was Sunday, it was a little more time then they usually got to spend together and he hoped that it would make up for the time he had been away. "You should go to bed, I'm just going to grab a quick shower" He released his grip on her, tilting her head and capturing her lips in a quick kiss. 

"Don't even think about it, I haven't seen you in three weeks" 


"I've missed you" 

He felt his heart sink a little, his job kept him away to often. Being away was not something he enjoyed but having them living in the city wasn't an option, Summerbay was safer especially while he was working as Jack Lee, part of a drug syndicate. He didn't want his girls involved in that. "I have missed you too, Phoebe" He kissed her forehead pulling her back into his arms, he breathed in her scent. 


"Hmm" He hummed as he rubbed her lower back. "What is it?" 

"We have something important we need to discuss" She hated that she was bringing it up at 2am while they stood in the living room physically touching for the first time in three weeks but it needed to be spoken about. 

"You're home" 

Phoebe pulled away from him at the sound of the voice, what she needed to talk to him about would have to wait, this moment was just as important. A smile fell over her lips when she saw him grinning at their girl, she standing at the bottom of the stairs in her white nightgown, blonde hair hanging over her right shoulder.

Justin felt his heart sink a little more, silently wondering if it was possible for her to have grown up more in the last three weeks. "Hey Sparrow" He opened his arms. 

Raffy moved across the floor quickly, throwing her arms around his waist. "I missed you, you didn't call" 

"I know, kid, I've missed you too" He kissed the top of her head, one arm around her shoulder as he moved to wrap his arm around Phoebe bringing her back into the hug. 

"I'm so glad you are home" 

"Me too kid" He closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. This was the moment he cherished, the moment he was able to just hold his girls and forget that in a few days he would need to leave them again. 


Leah Patterson sat on the bathroom floor listening the hustle and bustle of the early morning, the kids getting ready for school, her husband ready for work, the same routine every morning and just like yesterday she found herself sitting on the cool tiles wishing the world would just stop for a few moments. Her heart felt like it was slowly breaking and she was in no way prepared to keep doing this. Her head rolled to the left and she blinked back the tears that started to swell in her eyes, immediately she wrapped her arms around herself wishing that Zac was able to comfort her but she couldn't tell him, not again. He thought they'd stopped trying a year ago after the last melt down, she couldn't bring herself to tell him the truth. 
Leah closed her eyes and took a deep breath, perhaps this was just how it was meant to be, she couldn't help but think to herself. 

"Mum, are you coming out? Evie is nagging for the shower but I have to brush my teeth first" 

Her hands shook with nerves as she tried to gather her emotions, slowly pulling herself to her feet. "Ju...Just a minute" She grabbed the stick of the bench, shoving it into her pocket, knowing putting it in the trashcan in the bathroom would only lead to someone else finding it. Staring at her reflection in the mirror was almost enough to make her cry, she felt like she was a shell of the person she had once been. The cheery expression she once wore vanished, now replaced by a saddened look that was masked with a fake smile whenever around people. 


 Leah grabbed the door handle and pulled it open, her son raised his eyebrow. "There, hurry, you know how long Evie takes in the shower" 

VJ frowned, he tried not to pester to much but he could see the worn look in his mothers eyes. "Are you alright?" 

"I'm fine" She promised giving him a quick smile before walking down the hallway and into her room, she grabbed the stick from her pocket and through it in her handbag that was sitting on the chair by the window, breathing deeply she tried to gather herself. Once again trying to remind herself that it didn't matter now, she'd dump the stick in the trash later and try to forget that she ever felt the need to take it. It was for the best. 


Bianca sighed to herself as she came into the lounge room noticing Sam and Brody passed out on the couch, she adjusted Harley on her hip and leaned in to kiss him on the head. "You my sweet boy are not going to be a Riverboy" She walked into the kitchen and saw Heath standing at the bench eating an apple. "What are Sam and Brody still doing here?" She passed Harley to him as the one year old reached for his father. She loved Heath, their love was intoxicating and intense, but powerful. And all along she had known what she was ultimately getting to when she married him, and while it could be a reason to smile some days, it could also be a reason to cringe and sigh. 

"They passed out last night after the game" He leaned in and kissed her cheek. 

Bianca rolled her eyes, football season. "They could have used the guest room, they are the reason we brought a bigger house" She opened the fridge and grabbed herself the juice. "I need you to take Harley to...Heath, what are French and Wiggy doing here?" She looked out into the backyard at the boys who were entering through the back gate. 

Heath swallowed at her narrowed eyes. "Uh, we were going surfing. Where do you come up with these ridiculous names?" 

"Well there is so many of them I can't remember there actual names" She retorted, pouring herself a glass. "You need to take Harley to Connie's, she is going to watch him today" 

"Alright, I'll drop him off" He mumbled seeing her tense look, she had been extra moody the last few weeks. "You alright babe?" 

Bianca shrugged his hand off her shoulder. "I'm fine, just tired. Girls, come on, I'll get you something to eat at the diner" 


Bianca shook her head. "Not now, just drop Harley off and go to work, for once just forget the surf" She placed the juice back in the fridge. "Girls" 

"Right here" April muttered at Bianca's shout, seeing at once again she was not in a good mood. "Can't we have breakfast at home, as a family for once?" She questioned, every morning for the past two weeks Bianca had rushed them out the door once they were ready. 

Bianca glanced at them both. "I need to leave. We'll have dinner tonight. Say good-bye to your father. I'll meet you in the car" She grabbed her bag off the counter, almost bumping into Sam as she went to leave the kitchen. 

"G'day Mrs Braxton. How are ya?" 

"Sam" Bianca greeted stiffly, Sam was one of the few she remembered the name of. "Make sure you clean up after yourselves" She walked though the living room glancing at the pizza boxes and beer bottles from last night, again all she could do is sigh and wonder when she became the latest Cheryl, she opened the door and glanced backwards taking the moment just to stare. She knew that eventually the feeling would pass and she would realise that life would be uneventful if it was different but in the present she couldn't help but wonder for a brief second what it would be like if there were no Riverboys in her house. 

"Whoa, hold up, don't close the door" 

Bianca breathed deeply trying to maintain her cool as she spun around to see Ash walking up the porch steps. "Ash" 

"Hey Bianca" He kissed her cheek in greeting, stepping back when he noticed the tense look on her face. "Everything alright?" 

"It's fine. Make sure Heath gets to work today" She tried to ignore the fact that he kissed her cheek, it was Ash, the same way he greeted her every time he saw her, he was Heath's best mate. Yet it was the way he did it, it just make her feel more and more like Cheryl. 

"Hi Uncle Ash" 

"Girls. Have a good day" He slipped passed them into the house. "Boys! Heath has got to work today, so scram!" 

Bianca closed her eyes at the sound of his shouts. "Let's go" She whispered to the girls. 


Alright, that is the first chapter done and dusted!
Just have one question for you all - Charlie and Brax or Brax and Ricky? You decide! 
What did you think of this? 

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Oooh! Absolutely loved this! What a great start! :wub: Love all the couples in this and the fact that you're mixing old and new characters. Very interesting. Really looking forward to seeing you take this.

I think I'd probably put Brax with Ricky too (or someone else entirely?:huh:)

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Thank-you for all the replies, it is super nice to hear what you all think! Here is another update, not sure how frequent they will be but I'll try to update as often as possible for you all. 
CaptainTed84: Sam is just a Riverboy name. 

Chapter Two

"You didn't think to call me?" 

Phoebe breathed deeply, her grip tightening on the coffee mug. "I called Justin, several times. Your receptionist told me you would call me back when you were available" 

He rubbed his hand over his head. "How long has she been here?" 

"A week and a half" Phoebe could tell him the exact amount of hours and minutes if he wanted to know, because it all counted as probably the hardest moment in her life. "She's shaken up, I didn't...Justin" She could see the tears in his eyes, the expression on his face said it all. "She's okay, I'm going to make this work" 

He covered his face with his hands, unsure of what to say or do, this hadn't been what he expected to happen when he returned home. "I cannot ask you to do this, it isn't fair on you, on her or on Raffy" 

"Hey now" Phoebe reached for his hand, pulling it away from his face she squeezed gently. "She's family Justin, we'll make this work. This isn't a surprise to me, I knew about her, I knew she was out there" 

"That is different then having her under our roof especially when I am not home most of the time" 

Phoebe swallowed, that was true. At times she felt like a single parent to Raffy, because even though she was married Justin wasn't around as often as normal husbands were. "Baby..." She stood up and walked towards him, nudging her way to sit on is lap, taking his face within her hands. "Hey, now, you do the best you can for Raffy and I, you know you do" 

Justin looked into her eyes, seeing the faith she had in him. How he managed to capture her love he was unsure, and then to marry her was another win fall but this, he was scared to ask this of her. How much could this woman take from him before she had to walk away. When they married he wasn't a federal cop working undercover, he was just man raising his half-sister, everything changed in a matter of months. He moved her from the city to the bay, took a job and left for weeks at a time. "Phoebe..."

"Raff and I love you Justin, Ava is a part of you" 

He buried his face in her neck. "I can't ask this of you. First Raffy, now Ava..." 

"Hey" She mumbled to him. "They aren't just your girls, they are ours. Regardless of the fact that Ava has only just come to us, we'll do right by her" She kissed his head. "She'll stay, it's us or her grandmother and Ava deserves her father" 

"I'm never here" 

"We made it work with Raffy, we'll same" She stood up from his lap, tilting his head and giving him a quick kiss. "I thought you would want this..."

Justin raised his eyebrow, confused by her slight accusation. "Of course I do. She's my nine year old daughter, I don't want her to live with anyone else. But Phoebe this is a lot to take on, we don't know when I going to be home, you'd be doing the primary raising...Ava is my daughter, so I want her here but my want needs to be aligned with what you can handle" 

"She stays" The way Phoebe worded it left no room for argument. "From three to four" She caught his slight smile.

"And one day more" He stood up and took her into his arms. "You never cease to amaze me" 

Phoebe placed her hand against his chest. "Well I am quiet an amazing person. How about we go out for breakfast?" She took his hand in hers. "We can talk about this later, let's just enjoy today"

Justin stared into her eyes, seeing the emotion, she had missed him. "I will wake Ava, I need..."

Phoebe nodded. "To see her, I know, go..."


"Brax!" Ricky grabbed his arm as he walked briskly down the hallway trying to escape her, tears were welling in her eyes. "Stop! You don't get to do this, don't walk away!" 

Darryl Braxton spun around to face his girlfriend, his facial expression held nothing but anger. "You slept with him! I have every right to walk away. My best-friend, the father of your child, Ricky!" 

"You're never here" Ricky shouted weakly, tears were running down her cheeks. Everything was a mess, never had she thought that she was capable of doing something like this but when you are faced with loneliness sometimes things you never expected creep up. "Just...you are always gone..."

"You think that makes it right?!"

"It was a mistake. A stupid mistake. Please Brax, if you leave we won't get through this" 

He stared at her his eyebrow raised. "You think we can get through this?" He tried to mask the hurt he was feeling with the anger that was coursing through his body, six years together and this was what he came home to, his best-friend, ex-best-friend, in best with his girlfriend. To make it worse, it was the father of her child. "You slept with him, in our house, in our bed, on my favourite sheets!" 

Ricky tried to wipe away the tears streaming down her cheeks, she hated herself, seeing the hurt in his eyes but it was a mistake, a lapse in judgement. "You are never home, I missed you, I was lonely" 

"LONELY! GET OUT!" He screamed slamming his fist against the wall. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"


Ricky froze, covering her face with her hands, she couldn't bare to turn around and face her daughter. Not now. "Brax" The name came out in a strangled whisper. "I'm sorry" The words fell from her lips as the tears trailed silently down her cheeks, she was sorry for sleeping with Roman. Mess up, it was all messed up and all because she had been missing Brax. 

"Dad. Mum...What is going on?" 

Brax stared at his girlfriend, anger written all over his features. He could barely stare at her without feeling the need to walk out the door and find Roman, he wanted nothing more then to punch his so called best-friend. "Nicole, go to bed" 

Nicole stared between her mother and the man she had come to call her step-father. "What happened?" 

"Go to bed" His words were stern and he watched the uncertainty flick in the thirteen year olds eyes before she retreated to her room. 

"Brax, I'm...don't go" Ricky tried to wipe the tears from her eyes, just so she could look at him without blurred vision. 

Brax turned away from her. "Don't think for one second that I forgive you for this" He grabbed his jacket. "I'm going to Heath's, I need a few days. You...don't call me" 

Ricky sobbed, slowly sliding down the floor onto her knees, her hands covering her face. She couldn't help but wonder silently to herself if this would have happened if he had been home more instead of working, if they had stayed in Summerbay instead of moving up the coast. 


Bianca poured herself another glass of wine, lifting it to her lips and taking a long sip. it was peaceful and quiet not at all like home, there was no teenagers nagging, no toddler crying and no Riverboys acting like misbehaving brats. "When did a glass of wine suddenly become a need at the end of the day instead of a want?" She questioned. 

Kat glanced away from the stove to look her best-friend, she was meant to be meeting up with Ash to go out for dinner but Bianca had came to her needing someone to talk to. "The last year has been hectic Bianca, give yourself a break" 

Bianca swallowed the wine that was sitting in her mouth. "You know what April asked me this morning? She asked if we could have breakfast as a family and I said we could have dinner" She sighed, covering her face with her hands. "I'm not home, Kat, I just don't want to be" She blinked back the tears that threatened to spill. "God, I'm drinking, I'm Cheryl..."

Kat rolled her eyes. "Oh yeah because a couple of glasses of wine tonight compare to her almost dying of alcohol poisoning" She placed the spoon on the sink. "Talk to me Bee, what is bothering you, really?" 

Bianca took a deep breath looking at her friend. "I'm lost. Who am I Kat, where has Bianca gone?" 

"You're right here, just the married version" 

"See, that's just it. I'm a mother, a wife, a friend, a principle, I'm freaking Mrs Braxton to the Riverboys but I just don't have the time to be Bianca anymore. You know what I thought to myself, I thought that I was the new Cheryl"

Kat snorted with laughter, an eyebrow raised. "What are you about to start cooking meth? Come on, Bianca, you are nothing like Cheryl" She grabbed the bottle of wine and refilled her friends glass. "You are Bianca Scott-Braxton. You are a mother to four beautiful children" She included Rocco because he too was Bianca's child even if he was not here in a physical sense. "A wife to an amazing though sometimes stupid man and yes the Riverboys do call you Mrs Braxton but you and Heath are their constant. The cop in me hates gangs but that group would gladly take a bullet for you and you need to remember that" 

Bianca sighed, picking up her wine glass again. "Your fiance is apart of the Riverboys, so you need to say nice things about them"

Kat was about to retort when the front door slammed shut and Billie came storming through the house. "Billie..." She listened as Billie slammed her bedroom door shut with force. "Give me that wine" She grabbed the bottle and poured herself the glass. "Heres to living with teenagers" 

Bianca rolled her eyes. "And Riverboys" 

"And amazing but stupid partners"

They clinked their glasses before taking a long sip each, sighing in contentment that they at least had each other. 

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Interesting plotlines again!And downright weird in places, is that Nicole Nicole, especially since Roman's in the fic, or another girl with the same name..?

Not singling out this story by any means because it's not the only place where I've seen it lately, but if a story contains spoilers for UK pace viewers, you are meant to include than in the form at the start and not just put "Spoilers:No".Just thought I'd point this out because Ava hasn't been seen or mentioned at UK pace.

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