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Say We'll Make It


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Thanks for all the comments guys!
Just a small chapter to let you know that I am back from my short break!
Lots of love. 

Chapter Five

Phoebe dumped the dishes into the soapy water listening to them clang against the side of the sink, grabbing the scrubbing brush off the side of the bench she put all her effort into making the pan coated with grease clean. The first few days of Justin being away were always the hardest, Raffy would barely speak a word and the house was unusually silent. She should have been used to it, after all she had been doing this for years. Each time he left she tried to convince him that it was getting easier but in reality each time he left it got harder. Faced with the fear that he might never return, a teenager who would not speak because of anger that the person who was like a father to her was gone again and now there was a game changer. A child who had just started living with them. 
Phoebe dumped the dish onto the dish rack, she wanted to say that she was okay, wanted to admit that everything she had told Justin was true but she couldn't. Phoebe was terrifed that taking on Ava was going to push her over the edge. Alone to raise two girls was never where she pictured herself being. 


Phoebe turned to find Ava standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "Hi kiddo, everything okay?" 

"The music" 

Phoebe frowned, taking a moment she heard the music blaring from Raffy's room. She hadn't noticed to caught up in her thoughts. "It is just Raffy, she's being a bit loud huh?" 

Ava nodded. "Very. It is hurting my ears" 

Phoebe placed down her dish cloth. "I;ll go talk to her. Why don't you get some fruit out of the fridge and well make a fruit salad for dessert tonight" She guided her a hand over Ava's head before heading upstairs to Raffy's room. In the pit of her stomach she already knew this wasn't going to go now well, she loved Raffy and deep down she knew that Raffy loved her but with Justin gone the teenager was angry and Phoebe knew the anger would be released onto her. "Raffy" She raised her hand and knocked on the door. "Raffy, turn the music down kiddo, it is to loud" 

"Go away!" 

"Honey, I know your going through some stuff but you have to turn the music down" She sighed when she received no response, twisting the door handle she opened the door to find Raffy lying on her bed with her laptop. "I said you need to turn the music down" Phoebe walked over and turned the ipod dock down. "It doesn't need to be up that high" 

Raffy glared at her. "Get out of my room! Get out Phoebe!" 

Phoebe sighed, turning around she left the room taking a deep breath. A few days, all she had to do was let Raffy have a few days and then the teenager would calm down and all could go back to normal. 


Brax didn't know what to do, he could not get the thought of Ricky and Roman out of his mind. The two of them in his house, in his bed. It disgusted him, made him sick to his stomach. God he had loved Ricky, she was the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with but he wasn't sure how he moved past the hurt that was suddenly invading his mind. Heath's words wound over and over in his head, if his relationship with Ricky really was amazing then why did they continue to hurt each other? 
Was her cheating a revenge tactic on is affair with Charlie? He cringed as the woman popped into his mind. Perhaps he deserved what Ricky had done, a small taste fo his own medicine, after all, everyone thought that he had only slept with Charlie once, Ricky had knew it had been a longer affair, three months to be exact what she wasn't aware of was that his relationship with Charlie ran deeper then anyone was truly aware. 

"Brax! What the hell are you doing? Have you bothered to move from that couch today?" 

Brax looked up as he felt Heath rip the beer bottle out of his hands. "Give it back Heath!" 

"No" Heath shook his head, grabbing Brax's phone he chucked it in his older brothers lap. "All you have done since you arrived is mope around and drink. Call Ricky and sort your **** out. You have a daughter at home waiting on you" 

"Step-daughter. Probably doesn't even notice I'm gone" 

Heath couldn't help himself he gave Brax a solid punch to the arm. "Don't you dare! You have raised Nicole like a daughter from the moment she entered your life. Don't you try and claim that you don't care. Call Ricky and get your **** together. You can't **** on my couch and drink yourself to death. Call her Brax" Heath looked up as the front door slammed open, his face flashed with concern when he saw April, she had clearly been crying. "Hey kid, you okay?" 

April glanced at him, the tears beginning to pour down her cheeks again as she dropped her school bag on the floor. "I hate school. I am never going back" She stormed out of the lounge room towards her room. 

Heath groaned sending a death glare Brax's way when his older brother chuckled. "Shut up! Call Ricky" He went and picked April's bag up before making his way to the teenagers room. "April, I'm coming in" He knocked on the door one before opening it, he saw her sitting in her window seat hugging her knees to her chest. "What's going on?"

"I hate school" 

He placed her back on her desk chair. "We both know that ain't true. What's going on? I need to beat some kid up?"

April shook her head. "You'll just make this worse" 

"What happened?" He sat down on the bench seat. "You want to talk to me or should I get Bianca?" 

"Some kids made fun of me for the whole Dex break-up. Apparently I'm easy..."

Heath frowned. "Easy...what are you...oh" It was like it clicked in his brain. "April..."

"I don't want to go back" She leaned her head on her knees. "I hate Dex" 

"I ain't to fond of the kid either" He reached forward and using his fingers he tugged her chin upwards. "You thought Dex was the one, but let me tell you there is another bloke out there a million times better for you" 


"I'm serious, you deserve a hell of a lot better then Dexter Walker" He used his thumb to wipe her tears away. "You want to tell Bianca what happened. She's the principle, suspending kids is her specialty" 

April shook her head. "I don't think it'll help" 

"I could beat them up" 

April scrunched her nose up, giggling a little. "You'll just get in trouble" 

Heath grinned. "Anything for you" He let go of her chin. "Don't let them get you down A, you're smart and you'll find the right guy one day. I'll be here to scare them silly if they think they can mess with you" 

April smiled softly. "Thanks Heath" 

He shrugged. "I think it's in my job description of dad of the house to make sure you're okay" He stood up. "You better get your homework done. Bianca will kill me if I don't encourage school work" 

April rolled her eyes. "Or you could shout me a milkshake?" 

Heath held out his hand. "Alright, a milkshake, then homework" 

April took his hand in hers, she wasn't exactly sure what having a dad was like since hers was never around but she was thankful she had Heath, he did the job pretty well.


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Loved this chapter! Feel sorry for Phoebe. She really doesn't have it easy with Raffy, and taking on another child that isn't hers is a very big ask. Justin being away for long periods of time would be very hard. Absolutely loved Heath in this chapter, especially his straight talking with Brax. The voice of reason! Also love his relationship with April in this (as a father figure). It was very sweet. Really enjoying this! x

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