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Marry Me?


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Title- Marry me? 

Type of story- Long

Main Characters- Kyle, Phoebe, Brax, Ricky, Heath, Bianca, Casey, Denny and my made up Characters of Caleb and Haley Davies. Jake Lyon, Issac Jamison, Carter Manes, Clark Reeves and Billy Dawes

Genre- family, love, and bullying 

Rating- T-A

Summary- Kyle proposes to Phoebe. What will she say? 

No spoilers. 

Warnings- Mentions of bullying and attempted suicide. 

Chapter 1 

Kyle Braxton wakes up on a hot summer morning and quietly pushes himself out of bed, he always woke up before Phoebe, she always needed at least 12 hours sleep and they didn't get to sleep until late last night so he wasn't expecting her up for a while, him, on the other hand, he grew up from the age of 7 in a foster home and therefore never got to sleep in or he would a) be woken up by the energetic little kids who jumped on his bed till he got up b) woken you by the yelling of the twins in the next room over something stupid  c) being sat on by his best mate Caleb Lucas and his sister Haley or d) having too many thoughts in his head

"Kylie," Heath yells sneaking up behind him and pinning him to the floor. 

"Geez Heath, are you trying to give me a heart attack." Kyle laughs. 

"You're too easy mate." Heath laughs pulling Kyle up and ruffling his hair. 

"Where's everyone else?" Kyle asks. 

"Work, I've got the day off." Heath grins. 

"So do I, so you're helping me with something." Kyle grins. 

"Oh, yeah and what am I helping you with baby bro?" Heath asks slapping Kyle in the stomach. 

"Help me get a ring to propose to Phoebe." Kyle grins. 

Heath's eyes pop open. 

"Huh?" He questions. 


Sorry, it's short the other chapters will be longer. What do you think about Kyle telling Heath first, I've always liked Heath and Kyle scenes and thought that the shopping trip with these boys would be funny. 

What do you think? 

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Great start to this and a really nice way to set the scene!

I liked the bit of backstory about Kyle's time in foster care and never getting to sleep in late. I'll be interested to see how that influences the story. 

I've always loved Kyle and Heath, and it'd be cute to see them bonding as brothers over something like this.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub ~JarlieFanEver~ and Janet.D for your comments they are greatly appreciated. 

Chapter 2

"You wanna get married, may I remind you, you are only 23." Heath sighs. 

"I don't need a reminder Heath. I know how old I am." Kyle laughs. 

Heath slaps him on the back of the head. 

"Watch the cheek little bro." Heath laughs. 

"But seriously, can you help me?' Kyle asks. 

"Sure Kylie, no worries." Heath grins.  

"Well, we've better get going then." Kyle smiles.

"Ky, one you're not dressed and two I'm going to eat something." Heath laughs. 

"Please, can you not worry about your guts just this once." Kyle groans.

Heath gives Kyle a look saying 'i'm your older brother and you will do as I say got it junior.' 

Kyle raises his hands in defence. 

"I just want to get engaged." Kyle groans. 

Heath grabs him by his neck.

"Okay! you can eat." Kyle mutters cringing from the pain in his neck. 

"Good boy.' Heath laughs slapping Kyle on the head.

Kyle rolls his eyes, being a younger brother to Heath meant that if Heath said something you listened at least Brax was reasonable. But no Heath wouldn't be told. 

He walks off to his room to get changed. Phoebe was still asleep with her brown hair all over her face. Kyle smiles to himself, he loves her so much, he couldn't imagine life without her. 

He walks out to the lounge again where Heath was eating his breakfast. 

"Can you hurry up?" Kyle sighs. 

"Do you want to wear it?" Heath grunts. 

"No." Kyle sighs, knowing that Heath would throw his breakfast at him if he annoyed him too much.

"Then shut up Kylie." Heath laughs. 

Kyle sits on the couch and starts texting his best mate Caleb Davies. 

'Hey Big fella' Kyle texts

"Hey, Junior.' Caleb replies 

Kyle grinned to himself he was younger than Caleb by over a year so he was always called Junior.  

'What you up to?' Kyle texts 

'Hanging out with Champ.' Caleb replies. 

Champ also known as Mason Dyke was Kyle's other best mate, he was the only one out of the three of them that actually played a sport. 

"Oi Kylie we are going now.' Heath grins

'Nice I might have some news for you later on, but I've got to go.' Kyle replies and shoves his phone in his pockets. 

"Yea coming." He replies to Heath. 

"So, where are we going?" Heath asks. 

"Mall in Yabbie Creek." Kyle shrugs 

"Sure let's take the Ute, and no you can't drive." Heath sighs. 

"What! Why not?" Kyle asks groaning. 

"Cause you'll probably look in the mirror to make sure your hair looks alright." Heath laughs. 

Kyle opens his mouth in protest.

"And don't you even say I don't do that, cause you probably would, ya girl." Heath laughs slapping Kyle on the back. 

"That's so not true and I'm not a girl." Kyle grunts. 

"Keep telling that to yourself, sis." Heath laughs pulling Kyle by his shoulder to the car. 

Kyle jumps in the passenger's seat. 

"Now before I go Mate, you're sure you want to do this?" Heath asks, he didn't want his brother getting hurt and him going at this so fast might cause that to happen.

"Heath, I've never been surer of something in my whole life." Kyle smiles. 

Heath reaches over and ruffles Kyle's hair. 

"Then let's get going." Heath grins. 

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 3 

Heath and Kyle arrive at the mall. 

"So Casanova, what's the plan?" Heath asks.

"Just follow me."Kyle smiles. 

Heath slowly follows Kyle. He was nervous for his brother him and Phebs had never talked about marriage and Kyle loved Phoebe so much that it would break his heart, if she said no, Heath can just imagine the heartbreak Kyle would feel. 

"Dude, are you sure, it'll break your heart if she says no." Heath sighs.

"You think she'll say no.' Kyle mumbles.

"Did I say that you knucklehead?." Heath sighs.

"No, I guess not." Kyle mumbles. 

Heath could see that his brother was getting nervous. 

"She loves you, more than I've seen another women love a man.' Heath smiles. 

"You were tempted to say boy then weren't you.' Kyle laughs. 

"Yea.' Heath laughs. 

"Seriously Kyle, you two are like perfect for each other she deals with you and you listen to her, match made in heaven.' Heath laughs pulling Kyle close by his shoulder.

"Thanks, Heath it really means a lot." Kyle grins. 

"Anytime Junior." Heath chuckles. 

They walk to a jewellery. 

"Hello, I'm looking for a ring.' Kyle smiles. 

"What sort of ring?" The man asks. 

"Engagement." Kyle grins. 

"Bit young aren't you?" The guy asks. 

"It's none of your business how old my brother is.' Heath sighs. 

"I'm just saying he only looks like 20." The guy shrugs. 

"He's 23" Heath sighs. 

"Heath it's fine.' Kyle laughs.

"No, it's not, I'm the only one that's allowed to comment on you looking young." Heath grins. 

"Here are the rings, sorry I didn't mean to offend you.' The guy sighs. 

"You idiot, he's just asking." Kyle grunts.

"So which one do you like noodles." Heath chuckles. 

Kyle's eyes land on a ring. He's lost for words. 

Heath waves his hand in front of Kyle's face. 

"That one." He smiles pointing to a beautiful diamond ring.

"It'll probably cost you a kidney." Heath laughs. 

"I've got money." Kyle laughs. 

"Yea you have $5000." Heath laughs. 

"Yea cause I worked, you should try it sometime." Kyle laughs. 

"Shut up Junior, not all of us can be perfect like you." Heath teases. 

"Well, it takes a lot of hard work." Kyle laughs. 

Heath punches him lightly.

"So that one's the one you want, it pretty, suits you perfectly." Heath teases. 

"Shut up." Kyle laughs. 

Heath ruffles his hair. 

"Stop, stop." Kyle laughs. 

A girl comes behind him.

"Hey, are you busy tonight? I'm going to the pub and need some company," She flirts 

Heath pisses himself laughing.

"Hey, sorry sweetie he is busy." Heath laughs. 

"Dude." Kyle hisses.

"Sorry, I've got a girlfriend." Kyle smiles lightly. 

"Pity." She grins.  

Heath ruffles his hair again. 

Kyle fixes his hair and turns to Heath deciding he needs to come up with something to annoy Heath.

"So how come girls never come up to you, I thought you were irresistible." Kyle laughs.

"Keep talking mate, I'll be the one laughing when boys flirt with you, pretty boy." Heath laughs.

"Shut up." Kyle laughs. 

"So are you gonna pay for it or not Kylie?" Heath asks.

Kyle nods his head and turns to the guy again. 

"Hey mate, can I please get this one?" Kyle asks. 

"Sure thing, wish you all the best." The guy smiles. 

Kyle pays for the ring and turns to Heath.

"Cheers mate, you coming with me, it means a lot." Kyle grins.

Heath once again ruffles Kyle's hair.

"Anytime Junior." He grins. 


The shopping trip will continue next chapter.  


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