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Marry Me?


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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 4 

Heath drags Kyle to the food court. 

"You're eating again." Kyle moans. 

Heath glares at him, Kyle just sighs and slumps into a seat. 

Heath goes off to get food. 

Kyle pulls out his phone and calls his mate Caleb. 

"Junior, what's happening my brother from another mother." 

"Hey Cal, not much just doing a bit of shopping." 

"Oh, yeah, what you shopping for?" 


"Oh, yeah whats with all the secrecy Kylie?"

"Nothing look all I'm going to say is that it's awesome." 

"How're your brothers?" 

"Yea they're all right, how's Haley?" 

"Pretty good, you know Haley boys all over her I need your help to hold them back." 

"Yea like I was any help before." 

"Oh come on you distracted them and I deal with them."

"No last time I was your distraction, I got a black eye, split lip and bruised ribs."

"fine fine but we do need to catch up." 

"Well, we might very soon, you can see where I live." 

"Oh yeah, sounds great, so why?" 

"Dude I'm not going to tell you, anyway I've got to go."

'See ya mate."

"So Kylie who was that?" Heath asks coming back with his food, handing Kyle a burger and chips.

"Na I'm not hungry, it was a mate ." Kyle sighs.

"You need to eat you didn't have breakfast." Heath mumbles.

Kyle picks at his chips. 

"Having second thoughts?" Heath asks. 

"No, but you know." Kyle shrugs. 

"Dude she loves you don't ask me why but she does." Heath grins. 

"She could still say no." Kyle mumbles. 

"Blanca said no to me to start with." Heath shrugs. 

"Thanks, Heath that makes me feel so much better." Kyle grunts. 

"Dude, she loves you so much even I can see that and you know how blind I can be with love." Heath laughs. 

Kyle looks up and Heath and sighs.

"You sure, cause I don't know what I would do without her, she's....." Kyle begins. 

"She's what?" Heath asks.

"Doesn't matter." Kyle smiles. 

"What?" Heath asks.

"You'll just laugh at me." Kyle sighs.

"I always laugh at you, you're my baby bro." Heath laughs. 

"Younger bro." Kyle hisses quietly. He hated being called a baby brother it always made him blush. 

"7 years Kylie, I'm pretty sure you're my baby bro." Heath laughs. 

Kyle just shakes his head in disbelief.

"She's the love of my life." Kyle sighs. 

"Ohhhh little Kylie loooooves Phoebe." Heath laughs emphasising loves a little bit too much.

Kyle stares at Heath with bulged eyes. 

"I'm just kidding junior, come on lighten up son." Heath laughs. 

"Can you please be serious for once," Kyle asks.

"Look, Kyle, we all know that Phoebe is the love of your life, only an idiot wouldn't." Heath smiles. 

"Really." Kyle blushes. 

"Oh please, you two kiss so much it's gross and so obvious you love each other." Heath laughs ruffling up Kyle's hair. 

"We don't kiss that much." Kyle blushes. 

"Oh please Kyle, you kiss so much I'm pretty sure Harley will know how to do it by now." Heath laughs.

Kyle eventually laughs along with Heath. 

"Anyway, time to get you a haircut." Heath laughs.

"No way It's taken me months to get it this perfect." Kyle moans.

"Too bad it's too long." Heath laughs ruffling it again. 

Kyle just smiled he loved how supportive Heath was being. He was a great big brother. 

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Thank you, Kristen, Ludub and ~JarlieFanEver~ for your comments

Chapter 5

Heath pulls Kyle into the barber. 

"Hey, my little bro here needs a haircut." Heath smiles. 

"Sure what sort?" The guy asks. 

"Just make it shorter." Kyle shrugs. 

"Just make it less girlie." Heath laughs. 

Kyle punches him in the arm. 

"Geez older brothers are a pain aren't they, I've got two." The guy laughs and leads him to the chair. 

"Same 30 and 32." Kyle smiles. 

"How old are you?" The guy asks. 

"23, you?" Kyle asks. 

"I'm 28, my brothers are 34 and 36." The guy smiles as he starts to shorten Kyle's hair. 

"You the baby?" The guy grins. 

"Na, I have a younger brother." Kyle grins. 

"He looks like it, though, he's the one with a pretty boy face." Heath laughs. 

"Is he like that a lot?" The guy asks. 

"Every day." Kyle laughs. 

"There you go, shorter, and less girlie." The guy laughs.

"Cheers, what do I owe ya." Kyle grins. 

"$10." The guy replies. 

"Cheers mate, what's your name so we can request you next time?" Heath grins as he hands the guy a ten dollar note. 

"You sure Heath?" Kyle asks. 

"Yeah mate." Heath grins.

"Beau." He grins. 

"Well I'm Heath and this is Kylie." Heath grins. 

"Kyle." Kyle corrects him. 

"I think Kylie suits you." Beau grins. 

Heath burst out laughing. 

"Sorry kid, but your brothers right, you do have quite a pretty boy face." Beau laughs. 

Kyle blushes with embarrassment. 

"Let's get you home aye before you change your mind." Heath grins pulling Kyle by the shoulder. 

"Getting close now." Kyle grins nervously. 

"Seriously Ky relax." Heath laughs. 

"She's the love of my life, I can't ruin it." Kyle sighs. 

"And you won't Kylie." Heath laughs. 

"But what do I do if she says no, Heath it will ruin me." Kyle mumbles. 

Heath ruffles Kyle's hair. 

"Cheer up mate, and your hairs still long enough to mess up which is good we'll keep Beau on." Heath laughs. 

"Can you please be serious for 1 minute." Kyle grunts.

"Ky, can you please stop wimping out." Heath laughs. 

"I'm not wimping out, but I'm hungry can we please get food first?" Kyle asks. 

"Ohhhh so now you're hungry, to procrastinate proposing." Heath laughs. 

"No, I'm just hungry." Kyle sighs. 

"You weren't 40 minutes ago." Heath laughs. 

"I'm growing I get hungry at different times it comes out of nowhere." Kyle sighs. 

"Kyle, you need to step up and be the man I know you can be." Heath smiles. 

"You call me a girl like every day twice mostly sometimes even more than twice." Kyle points out. 

"Yeah I know I tease ya, but come on I can't help it, bro, you are seriously the prettiest pretty boy I've ever seen." Heath laughs. 

"Oh, Heath does someone have a crush." Kyle teases. 

Heath grabs Kyle by the pressure point in his neck.

"Sorry... Sorry." Kyle sighs.

"Fine let's get food and then we can go home." Heath grins jumping on Kyle's back causing him to stumble forward.

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I was beginning to wonder if Heath might have a crush too! Lol :wink: Love their relationship, even if Heath is a lot to put up with. Kyle's very young and sweet, and you really feel the age difference between him and Heath in this. Love these two :) Hope she doesn't break his heart :unsure:

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