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Do you like composed Bobby or temperamental Bobby?

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Have to agree I also like both, she was amazing in the 88-91 period her and Alan Fisher were great on screen together and her and Flathead scenes were great when she was at school but on the other hand I love her and her little family with Sam and Greg and part owning the diner it was nice to see her evolve from teenage tearaway to grown women.

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I Have to agree with Natasha- Both versions of Bobby have been very unique and very well evolved (full credit must go to Nicole's great acting and the terrific writing of the early years which was amazing!)

It was never a sudden change it came gradually and the viewers accepted it as well!!

There is little doubt why Bobby became a fan favourite (Its a pity they couldn't find better Love interests for her!!!)

When She is Killed off in the next few months the show will have lost something very special

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I thought that both of them were terrific and the way Bobby evolved from a troubled teenager into a responsible and mature woman was fascinating and great to watch.

I loved Bobby's feistiness which never really disappeared even when she became a composed person in the later years of her stint. I did feel like Bobby went a little stale around 1990 during her pregnancy but her character was rejuvenated in 1991 with some great storylines and the writers focused on the character-driven aspects of her character.

I think Bobby was fantastic in 1988-1989, then went through a small stale period around 1990 and then was transformed and rejuvenated around 1991 until her death in 1993.

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