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Secret Santa 2013 Presents

Guest Barbara

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Hi everyone,

This is the thread where you can post your Secret Santa presents.

When posting your gifts please remember:

- to state who your presents are for.
- to post icons/avatars individually.
- that videos are to be posted as links only.
- that fanfictions are to be posted in the Fanfiction section of the forum, with a completed catalogue form in the first post. Then post a link to your story in this thread.

If you haven’t finished making your presents yet, don’t worry. This thread will remain open until January at least.

Thank you to everyone who signed up this year! :)

Happy holidays !!!

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My presents are for Sarah aka ~JarlieFanEver~

So sorry I was unable to fulfill your request for a video, as the computer with my proper editing software is now getting repaired. :(

So instead I made you extra icons and I made my first attempt at a wallpaper.... so I hope you like it! :)

Part 1:


Apex2_zps951397b5.png Apex1_zpsf7a3b52e.png Apex_zps6dd735b5.png Alf_zps7fd3f2fa.png AlfMaz_zps126ca589.png

Bricky_zps60d617ed.png April1_zpsf902989e.png April_zpsa6aa8604.png Bianca_zps70a1eb3f.png BiancaHeath2_zps868894a3.png

HeathBianca_zps260b6df6.png Dex_zpse9afe8eb.png dex1_zps54f7df6f.png Casey_zps086e0a0d.png HarveyRoo1_zpsbcbbc2f4.png

RooHarvey_zpsd1f7637d.png Roo_zpsba5efce0.png Indi1_zps04738ccc.png Romigo_zps79da14bd.png

For some reason BTTB is now not letting me post the following icons so what I have done is made a separate album on my photobucket account so you can save them. :)

Part 2:

You can find them here.

Just a note: For some reason the posts have gone huge and blurry when you are viewing them as a guest, but just click on the picture you want to save and it will show up 120x120.

Merry Christmas! I Hope you like them.

EDIT: I get it now! The forum must have some sort of "smart post" thing. Part 2 was originally meant to be a separate post from part 1.

But since no other member posted between part 1 & 2 they connected the posts together.... I thought I would write this up just in case someone encounters the same problem. :)

Very strange, I've never had this happen to me before.

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