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  1. Beautiful icons Jen. Love your last couple of updates too, especially the Apex ones. Saving some will credit when use. Lore
  2. Those Casey icons are amazing, Jen!! <333 Lore
  3. Absolutely stunning icons, Jen. Especially the Samara Weaving ones. <333 Lore
  4. Absolutely beautiful icons Jen. Your colouring is so perfect as are your cuts, how do you do it?? Saving these, will credit. Lore
  5. Beautiful icons, love the colouring and cuts. Lore
  6. Amazing icons Jen. :wub: Teach me your ways, your colouring and cuts are flawless!!! <333 Lore
  7. Amazing icons Bec, the colouring is so soft and pretty. <333 Lore
  8. Amazing, beautiful, stunning icons Jen. I especially love the Samara Weaving and Charles Cottier ones. <3333 Saving these will credit when I use. ;) Lore
  9. Those icons are beautiful Bec, especially the ruby/romeo ones. Saving these will credit when I use. Lore
  10. Absolutely perfect icons Jen. <33 And Ruby/Romeo is in there too, saving these will credit when use. You are wonderful. Lore
  11. Beautiful christmas icons Jen. Saving these they are just perfect. <3333 Lore
  12. In love with those Dex icons Jen. I could stare at them all day, they are lovely. <333 Lore
  13. Amazing icons Jen and bonus ruby/romeo icons, and apex. Stunning work. Lore
  14. Flawless icons as per usual Jen. <33 I don't know how you do it but each icon is unique and just perfect. And yay Ruby/Romeo saving these will credit. Lore
  15. Stunning icons Jen, how do you do it? Saving these will credit when I use. <33 Lore
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