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To Love Again

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Thanks for the comments. Uhm, Sarah, Charlie and Brax don't have a date... :unsure:


Charlie walked up the stairs to the restaurant. She found Brax opening a box of new glasses, putting them into the crate so they could go through the dishwasher before being used. “Why we need all these new glasses?” Charlie questioned as she pointed to the box.

“Sean,” Brax sighed as he shook his head. “Knocked over a full crate of glasses the other night. Every one of them smashed.

“Ugh.” Charlie sighed.

“He also double booked three tables,” Brax sighed. “He had to call me in to help sort out the mess.”

“And he wonders why I didn’t make him the manager,” Charlie rolled her eyes. “But thanks for coming in on your night off.” Charlie said.

“No worries,” Brax gave her a smile, little dimples beginning to show. “Wasn’t doing anything else eh, so...” Brax trailed off as he picked out a few more glasses, putting them into spaces in the dishwasher crate.

“I eh....I’ll make sure you get paid for the extra hours you did.” Charlie told him as she sat up on the bar stool, leaning her hands against the accounts book she was bringing back as the box for the dockets was next to her. Brax gave her a little smile before looking to the book.

“That this week’s accounts all done?” Brax questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie answered. “Angelo’s parents are here,” Charlie told him. “They are on their way to Sydney for some restaurant convention meeting thing...” Charlie screwed her face up. “Anyways, they have Grace out for the afternoon so I had some time of my hands.”

“And you’ve come to spend it with me?” Brax smiled feeling flattered.

“Well I meant that it gave me time to do the accounts uninterrupted, actually.” Charlie told him and Brax looked a little embarrassed.

“Oh,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Grace still see Angelo’s parents a lot then?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “They’ve got a couple of restaurants in Melbourne so are always really busy with them. Workaholic types,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “So they don’t see Grace much but she loves it when they do come. Spoil her rotten.” Charlie gave a little laugh.

“That’s what grandparents are for,” Brax said. “Ruby will be closer to them now though eh?” Brax questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie gave a little smile. “I think she’s already been around for dinner a couple of times,” Charlie told him. “I’m glad she has someone there other than Xav to keep an eye out for her.”

“Ahh I’m sure she’ll be getting on fine,” Brax answered. “First few weeks of uni are party central. She’ll be making heaps of new friends and having a blast.”

“Just doesn’t really sound like that when we talk, you know,” Charlie sighed. “I’m not sure she’s getting on to well with her class and...” Charlie bit her lip. “I’m just worried.”

“Well it’s early days,” Brax said. “But I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“Yeah.” Charlie let out a large sigh.

“You want a drink or anything?” Brax questioned as he poured himself a glass of coke.

“Eh, yeah, sure.” Charlie answered.

“Usual?” Brax questioned and Charlie gave a nod as he started to prepare a lime and soda for her. “So, I’m actually glad you came in today,” Brax gave a smile as he put her drink down in front of her. “I wanted to talk to you about cocktails.”

“Cocktails?” Charlie screwed her face up wondering if she’d heard right.

“Yes that’s right, cocktails.” Brax gave a nod. “We had a table of young ladies in last night and they were asking for cocktails,” Brax told her. “I know we don’t have a cocktail menu, but, I....well I made some up for them,” Brax said. “I wondered maybe if it was okay with you of course we could make up a cocktail menu.” Brax paused and tried to read her face.

“Uhm,” Charlie gave a little shrug. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt to try if you think they’ll sell.”

“Oh yeah,” Brax nodded. “It’s not the first time I’ve had a request for the cocktail menu,” Brax told her. “We don’t have to go totally overboard, just a basic menu with 5 or 6 cocktails,” Brax said. “And we’ll need to buy a couple of cocktail shakers but they won’t break the bank.” Brax laughed.

“Okay, we’ll give it a go,” Charlie said before taking a drink of her lime and soda. “I trust you’ll pick the most popular ones.” Charlie pursed her lips together.

“We could do a taste test,” Brax told her. “I can make a whole bunch and you can try them and see what you think is nice and would like to have on the menu?”

“Ehm,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “Sure, let’s do that then.”

“Great,” Brax smiled. “Do you want to do it now?” Brax wondered. “We’re not opening for another couple of hours so there’s time.”

Charlie shook her head. “No I don’t really have time right now,” Charlie told him. “A besides, you need to get the cocktail shakers first. I want to do this properly.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Okay well if I order them today they should be here by Monday so, how about then?”

“Yeah, sure, Monday is fine for me.” Charlie answered.

“Great. It’s a date,” Brax grinned. “Well I mean, not a date date, I just,” Brax’s voice was all panicky as he rubbed the back of his head. “You know it’s an expression like -”

“I know,” Charlie answered before finishing her drink. “Anyways, I said I’d meet Carla, Roberto and Grace at the swings once I’d finished the accounts so, I best go.” Charlie stood up from the bar stool. “I’ll see you around.” Charlie said.

“Yeah bye.” Brax smiled as he watched her walking away, not able to get Monday out of his head. Yes, okay, he knew it wasn’t a date, but, he was looking forward to spending some time with Charlie and hopefully, one day, he would be having a date date with her.


Ruby walked into her apartment, throwing her bag down before slumping onto the couch. “Tough day?” Xavier asked.

Ruby groaned as he wrapped an arm around her. “We had to get into pairs in one class to compose this piece of music and there was an odd number and I had to work with the teacher,” Ruby sighed. “Some mid 50’s, fat, balding guy with big red glasses and a hideous body odour,” Ruby screwed her face up. “Xav, why won’t anyone in class talk to me?” Ruby sounded like she wanted to cry. “It’s uni, were all adults, it’s not like its kindergarten.”

“It’s only been a couple of weeks, Rubes,” Xavier rubbed her arm. “Give it time.”

“Everyone else seemed to have made friends already,” Ruby answered. “I mean I’m not a horrible person, right?” Ruby questioned. “I’m nice?”

“The nicest girl I know,” Xavier spoke softly. “And if they don’t want to be friends with you then it’s there loss because you’d be such an awesome one.”

“I’m not asking the whole class to love me,” Ruby sniffed back. “Just two or three people so I had people to talk to and pair up with for assignments and don’t have to sit on my own at lunch time.”

“Aww babe,” Xavier rubbed her arm again. “Remember when April first moved to town? You didn’t get on, did you?”

“That’s because we were 8 and she had the baby doll that really drank its milk and did pee’s in its nappy that I so desperately wanted,” Ruby sighed. Xavier gave a little laugh at the reasons young kids had at not to be friends with someone. “And she wouldn’t let me play with it.” Ruby mumbled.

“Well anyways, look at you and April now,” Xavier said. “The best of friend and eventually you’re going to get along with people from your class. You’re too awesome for them not to realise it.” Xavier placed a kiss on Ruby’s temple.

Ruby sighed as she turned her head up to look at him. “Anyways, how was your day?”

“Eh, yeah alright,” Xavier answered. “I eh...well I kinda dyed some of your clothes pink but....”

“What?” Ruby eyes widened. “Xav what are you on about?”

“Well I was bored,” Xavier sighed. “I didn’t have the academy today so I....the laundry pile was getting big so....I put a load in the machine and all was good until I took the clothes out and...some of them got a little pink.”

“So you mixed whites and colours?” Ruby asked.

“No, I made sure I separated them, but....” Xavier trailed off as he sighed. “I guess I didn’t notice that my new red socks were hiding in amongst the pile.”

“So, what did you dye?” Ruby asked. “I hope it was nothing good.”

“Just a couple pair of panties and one of your bra’s....oh and that white singlet you had isn’t so white anymore.” Xavier scratched the back of his head.

“Xav that was brand new.” Ruby raised her voice.

“Sorry, I was only trying to help,” Xavier told her. “You’ve always done it.”

“And now we see why,” Ruby mumbled as she raised her eyebrows. “From now on no more washing, okay?”

“Okay,” Xavier sighed. “How about I take you out for dinner tonight to apologise?”

“You don’t need to do that,” Ruby laughed. “It’s not really that big a deal.”

“I know, but, I want too,” Xavier said. “How about we go to that little Thai place we think looks nice?” Xavier moved her hair from in front of her face as he spoke. “Then we could go to the pub for a few drinks, what do you think?”

“Sounds good,” Ruby smiled before placing a kiss on Xavier’s lips. “I’m going to go get ready.”

“Okay,” Xavier smiled. “And hey, you could wear your new sexy pink undies,” Xavier gave a little laugh. “And least now you have a new matching set.” Ruby laughed as she hit his chest before jumping up from the couch, going to get a shower so she could go out with Xavier.

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Thanks for the comments. Okay, Spotd1 and beebee, I’ll get that plot written in..... :P


Charlie, Carla, Roberto and Grace walked up the stairs to the restaurant. “Hey, Charlie.” Brax smiled as he greeted them at the door.

“Hi,” Charlie returned the smile. “Sorry we don’t have a reservation but Angelo’s parents really wanted to come here and eat tonight,” Charlie said, hoping they would be able to get a seat. “Any chance of squeezing us in?” She was sure it would be doable. It was only just 6 O’clock so it was reasonably early still.

Brax pursed his lips together as he looked around the room. Most tables were booked for the night. He ran his hand over his chin before looking back to Charlie. “I can give you the table by the balcony doors,” Brax told her. “As long as you are out by 8 as it’s reserved for then.”

“Considering monkey here goes to bed at 7.30 I am sure we will be,” Charlie had her hand on Grace’s hair as she spoke. “Thanks.” Charlie said as Brax picked up some menus and led them over to the table.

“Well we have the one with the best view,” Carla smiled as she took a seat, looking out the doors to the ocean. “Thanks.” She smiled up at Brax as he gave her a menu.

“Can I get you started off with some drinks?” Brax questioned.

“Peroni.” Roberto answered.

“And for you?” Brax smiled as he looked to Carla.

“I’ll have a glass of your best red,” Carla answered. “Unless you want wine and we can get a bottle.” Carla said as she looked across the table to Charlie.

“Sure,” Charlie nodded. “Although I may just have a glass because I’ve got Grace to look after.” Charlie said.

“Oh that’s fine, I won’t let the rest go to waste.” Carla gave a little laugh.

“And what about Grace?” Brax took down to her and saw she was staring up at him, her big blue eyes all wide. She blinked a little quicker as she continued to stare at him, not saying a word. “You like orange, right?” Grace blinked a few more times before looking down, hiding her face in her hands.

“That’s right.” Charlie answered as she ran her hand through her daughter’s hair.

“Okay, coming up.” Brax smiled as he walked away and Carla noticed Charlie stare at him as he left.

“You know, Charlotte, you shouldn’t let her be so shy,” Roberto said. He’d never called her Charlie, as far as she could remember, it had always been Charlotte. “It’s not good socially.”

“She’s only two,” Charlie answered. “I’m sure it won’t damage her just yet.”

“Of course not,” Carla answered as she hit her husband’s arm. “And Angelo was just like that at her age anyways,” Carla said as she glared at her husband. “But by the time he was in kindergarten he was the loudest boy in the class and telling anyone who would listen about his day,” Carla said. “Grace will be fine.”

Charlie smiled a little upon hearing her daughter had something from her father. Granted shyness wasn’t exactly the best quality to take, at least it was something. “I know that.” Charlie said as she smiled down at her daughter.

“Here’s one orange juice.” Brax smiled as he put the cup down in front of Grace. She smiled before picking the cup up and taking a drink.

“Say thank you, sweetie.” Charlie said and Grace looked up to her mother before looking to Brax.

“Thank you sweetie.” Grace repeated and everyone gave a little laugh causing Grace hide her head against Charlie.

“You’re very welcome,” Brax smiled down at her. “One Peroni for you sir,” Brax put the drink down in front of Roberto. “And a bottle of wine,” Brax lifted the bottle from the tray and put it on the table. He lay the try down on the table before pulling the corkscrew from his pocket and opening the bottle, offering Carla a taste.

“Very good,” Carla nodded before he filled up her glass then Charlie’s. “And we haven’t actually looked at the menu yet so we’ll need more time before we order.” Carla told him.

“That’s fine,” Brax answered as he put the corkscrew back into his pocket and picked up the tray. “I’ll give you 5 minutes.” Brax said before walking away and letting them look over the menu. He looked to Charlie and smiled as he watched her looking down at the menu.


Ruby and Xavier walked into the bar after their meal at the restaurant. “You grab that table and I’ll go get the drinks in,” Xavier said as he walked over to the bar. Ruby sighed as she walked across the pub and sat down at the table. She looked around the bar, pretty sure that a group of people from her class were there, drinking and laughing together. “Hey babe what you looking at?” Xavier questioned as he put the drinks down at the table before taking a seat. “Babe...babe....Rubes.” Xavier spoke louder causing Ruby to jump a little.

“Sorry, what?” Ruby said as he looked up to him.

“What you looking at?” Xavier questioned again.

“Oh they are a bunch of people from my class.” Ruby said as she pointed to the table of people who looked like they were having a great time together.

“You should go say hey,” Xavier suggested. “See if you can mix in with them.”

Ruby shook her head. “Won’t happen.”

“Don’t know that if you don’t try,” Xavier said. “And I’ll come with you,” Xavier offered support. “So you know.....you won’t feel as alone.”

“Then they’ll probably just talk to you and think your great and not bother with me,” Ruby sighed as she rubbed her hands over her face. “They’re just....different than me I guess,” Ruby gave a shrug. “I’m not going to fit in with this class and I know it.”

“Well you’re all studying music so you must have that in common,” Xavier said. “Can’t be that different, can they?”

“Well I guess,” Ruby gave a little shrug. “But....I’ve been trying you know, they just, don’t seem to want to bother with me.”

“C’mon,” Xavier stood up and took Ruby’s hand, pulling her to her feet. “If anything the fact everyone’s been drinking will help break the ice.” Xavier said as they picked up their drinks before heading over to the group.


Roberto was outside, smoking his nightly cigar. Carla had put Grace to bed tonight, loving doing the bath, story and kisses routine. She hardly saw her granddaughter so relished every minute with her when she did get to see her. Carla placed a kiss on her granddaughter before walking out of the room and down the hall into the living room where Charlie was waiting on her return. “She’s such a little sweetheart,” Carla exhaled as she joined Charlie on the couch. “You’re doing a brilliant job raising her.”

Charlie gave a weak smile wishing she wasn’t raising her alone. “I just wish Angelo was able to see her grow up.” Charlie and Carla both glanced to the wedding picture that sat on the shelf.

“Oh I know we all do,” Carla exhaled, saddened. “But anyways,” Carla was keen to change the subject. It hurt too much to talk about her son. “Rob and I have had a lovely day with you and Grace, it’s just a shame Ruby couldn’t be here with us.”

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled. “I miss her like crazy,” Charlie told her mother-in-law. “She really helped keep me.....well she’s my rock.”

“She’s had dinner with us a couple of times,” Carla smiled. “And her boyfriend. Very nice polite young man.” Carla smiled fondly as she thought of Xavier.

“Yeah he’s a good kid,” Charlie answered. “Has Rubes talked to you about uni or anything?”

“She mentioned the people in her class don’t seem too friendly,” Carla said. “But she’s a lovely, bubbly girl. I’m sure she’ll settle in in no time.”

“Yeah, guess it’ll just take time. It’s only a few weeks into the first term after all.” Charlie said.

“Exactly,” Carla exhaled. “So, the man you’ve hired at the restaurant seems like a great addition,” Carla gave her daughter-in-law a smile. “Very attentive host, polite, he’s a good choice for manager,” Carla said. “Not to mention he is rather dishy.” Carla raised her eyebrows as she nudged Charlie’s arm.

“Brax?” Charlie screwed her face up. “Can’t really say I’ve noticed.” Charlie began to play with her wedding rings and Carla noticed this. She exhaled lightly as she put her hand onto Charlie’s arm.

“You know it’s okay to look.” Carla spoke softly.

“I don’t want to look.” Charlie bowed her head down sadly.

“Charlie,” Carla bit her lip. “I love how you want to stay loyal to Angelo, but,” Carla spoke tentatively. “It’s okay to move on. He’d want you to be happy and if that meant you finding a new love then....” Carla pursed her lips together. “He’d be okay with that,” Carla gave her a little smile. “If you want to move on Charlie, that’s okay. Angelo would want this. He’d want you to find someone to share your life with. You deserve a bit of happiness and if you do ever feel like you want to, then, I wouldn’t be the bitchy mother-in-law making it a problem for you. I want you to be happy. I want you to find love again and smile and laugh and just....be happy and enjoy life again.”

“I appreciate that,” Charlie gave her a weak smile. “It means a lot that you’d support any choices that I’d make, but, right now, Grace and Rubes are my priority.” Charlie told her.

“You do like him though,” Carla said. “I saw the way you smiled at him.”

“I was just being friendly.” Charlie defended herself.

Carla sighed and could see that Charlie wasn’t ready to face her feelings just yet. Dealing with the fact you like someone else after the death of your spouse must be hard and she knew Charlie would probably be feeling guilty for it. “Well like I said,” Carla moved her hand up her arm to her shoulder, giving it a lightly squeeze. “Just remember its okay for you to move on.” Carla said before once again giving her shoulder a squeeze.

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Thanks so much for the comments. :wub:


Ruby walked into the apartment, banging the door shut loudly. “Baby I’m home.” Ruby shouted as she skipped down the hall and into the bedroom. Xavier rubbed his eyes as Ruby turned the light on.

“Do you have any idea what time it is?” Xavier questioned. Ruby had started talking to people from her class and after a few hours Xavier went home to go to bed, leaving Ruby with her new friends.

“Sexy time.” Ruby sang as she pulled her dress off her body, leaving her in only her pink dyed underwear. She leaned down and placed a kiss on Xavier’s lips, Xavier smelling the alcohol from her.

“How much have you had to drink?” Xavier pulled himself away.

“Too much, probably,” Ruby slurred before she gave a little giggle. “Let’s watch some cartoons.” Ruby said as she jumped off the bed and ran from the bedroom and into the living room where she put the TV, turning the volume up to full.

“Ruby.” Xavier walked quickly into the room and took the remote from her, turning the volume down. He stared at the TV, surprised she’d found cartoons on at almost 4am.

“Dude that rabbit is seriously freaky,” Ruby said. “It’s so bright and like....it’s so going to get me,” Ruby took a few steps back from the couch. “Ahh Xav, help.” Ruby squealed as she jumped onto the couch and brought her knees up to her chest, hiding her head against them. Xavier switched the TV off before rubbing his forehead.

“Ruby are you high on something?” Xavier questioned, knowing Ruby wasn’t herself and she seemed to be more than just drunk.

“No,” Ruby looked back up to Xavier as she widened her eyes before she started laughing. “Okay....shhh,” Ruby put her index finger onto her mouth. “Maybe I had some joints.” Ruby giggled.

“What the hell,” Xavier gasped, seeing Ruby must have had a fair few joints or it was rather strong stuff. She was way out of it. “What you do that for?”

“Oh live a little Xav,” Ruby said before she shivered. “I’m cold. Get me a blanket.” Xavier looked at Ruby who was shaking a little on the couch in just her underwear. Her eyes were blood shot and she looked like she didn’t have a clue where she was. He looked disgusted at her. He shook his head before he walked down the hall and into their bedroom, slamming the door shut. Ruby jumped up in fright at the noise before walking through to the bathroom. She lay down on the floor, pulling the bathmat over her chest before closing her eyes to sleep.


“You know you tell me you are a police officer but I’ve never seen you in that uniform,” Charlie looked up at she heard Brax’s voice. “You sure that’s what you do?”

“Yes,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “But the uniform is hardly the next fashion statement of the year so you know if I’m not at work it’s in my wardrobe.”

Brax gave a little laugh as he looked to Grace who was burying her mother’s feet in the sand. “Hello,” Brax gave her a smile. “How are you today?” Grace looked up at Brax and stared at him for a moment before going back to burying her mother’s feet. Brax raised his eyebrows as he sat down next to Charlie on the sand.

“Does she talk to anyone but you?” Brax questioned.

Charlie gave a little laugh. “She talks to most people,” Charlie told him. “She’s shy around strangers and you know she’s two so....” Charlie shrugged a little. “But I think,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “It’s mostly other men she won’t talk to,” Charlie said. “She talks to Angelo’s dad and she’ll talk all day with Xavier if she could, but, I think she sees him more like a big brother,” Charlie exhaled. “She doesn’t talk much to Heath though.”

“Good girl,” Brax looked to Grace and gave her a smile. “Heath’s an idiot.”

Grace gave a little giggle and she looked to Brax. “I think she senses we don’t get on so she’s chosen not to get on with him too.”

“She’s going to be smart then,” Brax smiled. “But just guys though, that’s weird.”

“Well she doesn’t really have a prominent male figure in her life,” Charlie sounded sad as she spoke. “You know, she’s being raised by me and Ruby. She’s not around guys so much.”

“Well I guess that’s one way to look at it,” Brax said. “So you and Heath aren’t close then?”

Charlie snorted. “No, we don’t have weekly sleepovers where we braid each other’s hair and do each other’s nails.”

Brax laughed a little. “Must be tough,” Brax exhaled. “You know with him being married to your best friend.”

“I try to get on with him for her sake,” Charlie said. “But would I rather she didn’t end up with him?” Charlie bit her lip. She didn’t like that she thought that of her best friend’s marriage, but she couldn’t help how she felt.

Brax raised his eyebrows a little shocked at what Charlie had said. “So, I take it Bianca is under the impression that Heath was the broken hearted one and I stole his fiancée?”

“Yeah, that what Heath told her.” Charlie replied as she looked down to Grace who had started to hum a little tune as she continued to throw sand over Charlie’s feet.

“Well maybe it was time that she was told the truth.” Brax murmured.

“She’ll be really mad,” Charlie said. “Her first fiancé cheated on her so she won’t take the fact that a) He lied to her and b) He’s a cheat to, lightly.”

“But wouldn’t you like the fact her marriage might hit a rocky patch?” Brax questioned. “After all you do hate her husband.”

“I don’t hate him,” Charlie sighed. “I just....he’s.....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Besides, I wouldn’t want to see Bianca hurt.”

“Well all I am saying is I think she has a right to know about the man she is married too,” Brax said. “Don’t you think so?”

“Well I guess, but,” Charlie sucked in her bottom lip. “Must have been a long time ago. Can’t you just let it go?” Charlie answered. “I mean Heath and Bianca have been together 6 years.”

“Yeah it was,” Brax nodded. “But I still think she has a right to know what kind of man she married.”

“Well I can’t stop you saying anything,” Charlie gave a little shrug. “So you don’t need to go looking for my permission to say anything.”

“Nah, I know.” Brax answered as he gave a little sigh as he looked out to the ocean. Since being in the Bay, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous that Heath had settled down with someone and had a child, while he was still single, the chance he had for a wife and eventual family having been taken from him by his own brother and thought that maybe, just maybe, he had a chance at getting him back for that, as lying to his wife for all this time, sure would be likely to cause a little damage. He didn’t plan on this when he first applied for the job at the restaurant, he just wanted to get back to his roots, but, sometimes, the way things worked out was just a bit of luck.


Ruby groaned as she sat down at the kitchen table. “Can I have some toast?” Ruby said as she held her head up with her hands. Xavier stared at Ruby for a moment before going back to eating his cereal. “So you’re not going to talk to me?”

“You remember what you did last night?” Xavier questioned.

“Oh my God,” Ruby rubbed her face with her hands. “Yes, I smoked some weed.” Ruby told him.

“I can’t believe you,” Xavier almost seethed. “How could you be so stupid?”

“Ah jeeze babe it was just some pot,” Ruby rolled her eyes. “Not like I was shooting heroin or sniffing cocaine.”

“Yeah well it has to start someone doesn’t it?” Xavier sounded mad at his girlfriend.

“I’m not going to turn into a crack head,” Ruby exhaled. “I was only doing what you wanted.”

“What I wanted?” Xavier screwed his face up. “Why the hell would I want you to do drugs?”

“Talking to people from my class,” Ruby answered. “You wanted me to stay and talk with them more and that’s what I was doing,” Ruby said. “I was trying to fit in.”

“You don’t smoke weed to fit in,” Xavier sighed as he stood up from the table. “Rubes you shouldn’t feel like you have to do that to make friends. People aren’t your friends if they pressure you into doing that.”

“They didn’t pressure me,” Ruby raised her voice, but she had a banging head ache so it was a mistake. She winced as she rubbed the side of her head. “I’m 18; I’m a big girl and can make m own choices.”

“Well it was a bloody stupid choice,” Xavier spat and Ruby bowed her head down as she started to cry. “Ahh don’t start with the water works.” Xavier’s voice got a little softer as he walked over to where she was sitting.

“Well I already feel like s*** today and you’re yelling at me and I hate it when you are mad with me and I was just wanting so badly to make some friends in my class and I...” Ruby trailed off as her tears became heavier.

“Rubes,” Xavier bent down beside her and rubbed her back. “It’s was just a stupid thing to do and I was really shocked, that’s all. I never expected you to ever do that.”

“You won’t tell my mum will you?” Ruby looked back up to him as she wiped tears from her face.

“Promise you won’t do it again?” Xavier said and Ruby gave a little nod. “Then no. And I guess, you know, weed isn’t really that bad compared to other things out there,” Xavier exhaled. “I just can’t see you as my squeaky clean girlfriend anymore, can I?” Xavier questioned with a little smirk.

“Well I thought guys like it when their girl had a little naughty streak anyways.” Ruby gave a little grin before placing a kiss on Xavier’s lips.

“I love you.” Xavier said as he pulled back, rubbing her cheek with his thumb.

“Love you too,” Ruby answered. Now, where’s this toast I ordered?” Xavier gave a little laugh before he stood and placed a soft kiss on her forehead before going to make her her breakfast.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie walked along the path between the diner and the surf club. She had a box in her hand that contained some chocolate cake from the diner, a little treat for Grace before bedtime. She’d just finished work and was on her way to Marilyn’s to collect her when she heard the commotion. She looked up to see Bianca trying to split up Heath and Brax, who were talking punches at each other. “Hey, hey,” Charlie shouted as she ran forward, putting the cake on the ground before pulling on Brax. “Stop it now,” Charlie said. She was ignored as they both threw a few more punches. “Stop it or I’ll take you both down to the station,” This caused them to pull apart from each other, Brax rubbing his eye that had gotten a few punches as Heath rubbed his nose as a little blood dripped down to his shirt. “Now what is going on?” Charlie questioned. Both of the men looked to each other before looking back to Charlie.

“He told Bianca some lies eh.” Heath spat on the ground as some blood fell with it from his cut lip.

“So the thing to do was pounce on him?” Charlie questioned. “Why Heath, why do you always try to use your fists instead of just talking?”

“Don’t just blame Heath,” Bianca raised her voice. “He’s the one who started this.” Bianca said as she pointed to Brax who was still rubbing at his sore eye, Charlie noticing a cut on his eyebrow.

“It doesn’t matter who started it,” Charlie sighed. “You are both grown men,” Charlie said. “Now what is this about?” Charlie was pretty sure Brax would have told Bianca what happened with Tegan as he’d mentioned he was going to the day before on the beach, but, she wanted to make sure before saying anything.

“None of your business eh, sarg,” Heath said as he once again spat from his mouth. “Why don’t you just trot off back home.”

Charlie sighed before looking up to Brax. “Like I told you yesterday I just thought Bianca needed to know the truth about the kind of man she married.” Brax said.

“Well I don’t believe you,” Bianca exhaled. “You wouldn’t lie to me about that. You just wouldn’t.” Bianca looked to Heath questioningly. “Right?”

Heath exhaled as she looked into his eyes. He knew by the look on his face Bianca would be able to work out he was in fact lying so needed to be truthful now. He exhaled before taking a step closer to her. “I wanted you to give me a chance,” Heath started. “I eh, I knew if you knew what I’d done to Brax that you wouldn’t. I knew how much Vitorrio hurt you.”

“Oh,” Bianca put her hand onto her chest as she took a step back. “So, you have lied to me our whole relationship. Our marriage is a lie...our...”

“Just a little fib,” Heath sighed. “And really at the end of the day, it doesn’t change who I am or what we are.”

“Of course it does,” Bianca raised her voice. “You’ve lied our entire relationship. You’re not who I thought you were. You’re a cheat,” Bianca exhaled. “You’re own brothers fiancée, how could you, Heath?” Bianca questioned. Heath exhaled as he looked down. She looked really mad with him.

“Babe I’m sorry,” Heath said. “I just wanted you to give me a chance and I knew you never would if you knew what I’d done,” Heath stepped forward and tried to take her hand but Bianca shrugged away and started walking away. “Bianca, baby....” Heath gave Brax an annoyed glance before he chased after his wife.

“Well at least I’ve seen you in your uniform now eh.” Brax gave a little laugh before raising his eyebrows.

Charlie glanced up at him, unimpressed. “You should go get your cut cleaned up,” Brax put his hand up to his brow and rubbed over it, smearing the blood across his face and getting some on his hands. “There’s a first aid kit in the surf club, c’mon.” Charlie picked up the cake before Brax followed her into the surf club. He took a seat at the table as she put the cake box down before she walked over to the counter and exchanged a few words with Alf before he handed her the first aid kit. She walked across to Brax and banged the box down.

“What you so mad for?” Brax questioned, feeling a little confused as Charlie opened the box and put on some gloves before picking up a sterilized wipe opening the packing, pulling it out. She wiped it against Brax’s cut and he winced as he moved his head back a little.

“Don’t be such a baby.” Charlie put her other hand on the back on his head pushing him back into the wipe.

“She had a right to know, Charlie.” Brax said, defending himself.

“Well you went the wrong way about it,” Charlie exhaled, taking a second wipe from the pack and continuing to wipe his brow. “I didn’t think you’d be like that.”

“Be like what?” Brax questioned.

“You’re brother,” Charlie told him. “You seemed different....nice,” Charlie said. “Not someone who’ll use their fists every chance they get.”

Brax exhaled. “I’m sorry. I....I really thought Tegan was the one and he.....it devastated me when they betrayed me like that,” Brax pursed his lips together as Charlie put the wipe on the table before sitting down next to Brax as she pulled the gloves off. “Seeing him out and about all happy with his wife and kid...I just....he took that chance from me.” Brax sighed.

“So you’re going to get him back by potentially ruining his marriage?” Charlie questioned.

“She had a right to what the man she married is really like.” Brax said, standing by his beliefs.

Charlie sighed seeing Brax wasn’t going to back down. “Well for what it’s worth Tegan sounds like a complete idiot for cheating on you,” Charlie sighed. “A massive idiot for cheating on you with Heath,” Charlie screwed her face up and Brax gave a little laugh. “But, be glad she did because you deserve better than her,” Charlie gave him a smile as she leaned her hand across the table and lay it down on top of his. “You’re a sweet guy, Brax and you’ll make someone very happy one day,” Brax gave her a weak smile, wishing so much Charlie would let it be her that he could make so very happy. “Anyways,” Charlie pulled her hand away. “I better go pick up Grace.” Charlie said as she stood up from the table.

“Yeah, you get to your daughter,” Brax said as he also stood up. “I’ll clear this away.” Brax closed the first aid kit and gathered up the rubbish. Charlie gave him a smile before picking up the cake box and walking out of the surf club to go and get Grace as she felt a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach.


Ruby drank the last of the beer before throwing the bottle down the grass banking. “Litter lout.” The man laughed as he sat down next to her.

“And no one else here is, right enough.” Ruby took the offer of the beer from him and took a swig as she pointed to the dozens of other bottles already thrown across the banking.

“I didn’t say that,” He laughed. “You’re Ruby, right?” He questioned and Ruby gave a nod.

“Don’t tell me,” Ruby looked up at him. “Andrew?”

“Close enough,” Andy laughed. “It’s André, my mum’s French,” Andy told her. “Call me Andy,” Andy smiled down at her before taking a swig of his beer. “You spoke to us the other night at the pub, right?”

“Yeah.” Ruby nodded.

“So, Martin invite you here today?” They were at a barbeque in the gardens of uni accommodation.

“He did,” Ruby nodded. “He seems nice.”

“He’s a right prick,” Andy said, surprising Ruby a little. As far as she was aware Martin and Andy were good friends. “No-one really likes him much but he’s the one who supplies the goods, eh.” Andy raised his eyebrows and Ruby nodded knowing what he meant.

“So does everyone do it then?” Ruby questioned before taking another drink.

“Not everyone,” Andy shook his head. “Just us cool kids,” Andy smirked. “Speaking of....” Andy trailed off before reaching into his pocket and lighting up a joint. He took a few draws before handing it out, offering it to Ruby.

“No thanks.” Ruby refused. She didn’t like how it made her feel and was going to keep her promise to Xavier not to do it again.

“It’s not as strong as the stuff the other night,” Andy told her. “I don’t know where Martin got that from but it was pretty mean stuff,” Andy said. “Made me as sick as a dog.”

Ruby pursed her lips together as she looked around. She was finally starting to make friends in her class and didn’t want to lose this group. She bit her lip before taking the joint in her hand and taking a draw. “Martins going out later to get some....pills,” Andy raised his eyebrows. “If you give him the cash he’ll get some for you.”

“Eh,” Ruby shook her head before taking a swig of her beer. “Nah, I’m good.” Ruby took another draw of the joint before she handed it back to Andy.

“Well if you change your mind just let me know,” Andy smiled. “Can always give you one of mines later too,” Andy puffed on the joint some more. “So, where you originally from?”

“Eh, close to Sydney,” Ruby answered. “You?”

“Well, I was born in France,” Andy answered. “But my dad’s Australian and we moved here when I was 3,” Andy told her. “Lived in Melbourne for all that time.”

“It’s a nice city.” Ruby told him.

“Ah it’s not bad,” Andy handed her the joint. “Any brothers or sisters?”

“One sister,” Ruby answered. “She was heartbroken when I moved out here for uni.” Ruby sighed.

“Close then?” Andy questioned.

“Well, she’s 2 so you know.” Ruby said before taking a puff of the joint.

“Cute.” Andy said.

“What about you?” Ruby wondered. “You got any siblings?”

“An older brother, a twin brother and two younger sisters.” Andy told her before taking a swig of his beer.

“Big family then,” Ruby answered. “Bet it’s nice.”

“Nah it’s a bitch,” Andy exhaled as he took the joint from Ruby. “I wish I was an only child.”

“No you don’t,” Ruby shook her head. “I was an only child for 16 years before my sister came along. Trust me, being an old child sucks.”

Andy gave a little laugh. “Bet you would have been totally spoiled though.”

“Well, there was that, I guess,” Ruby laughed. “But I was still desperate for a sibling.”

“Your parents took their time in giving you one then,” Andy laughed before taking a draw of the joint. “So you staying in halls?” Andy asked. “Don’t remember ever seeing you around.”

“Nah, I live with my boyfriend.” Ruby answered.

“Ah that blond dude that was with you in the pub?” Andy asked.

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded. “Nearly 3 years we’ve been together.”

“S*** that’s a long time for being so young still.” Andy handed her the joint again. She managed one more puff before it was finished and she put it out on the grass.

“I guess.” Ruby answered.

“Shame you have a boyfriend though,” Andy sighed. “You’re hot.”

Ruby felt herself blushing as she looked up into Andy’s dark brown eyes, his dark hair falling in front of his face a little. He flipped his head to the side, moving his hair from his face. “Thanks, eh....you’re really uhm...” Ruby cleared her throat as she couldn’t get the idea of kissing Andy from her mind. She bit her lip as she felt him getting closer to her, knowing he too felt the spark between them.

“Andy,” Ruby and Andy looked up to Martin standing before them. “I’m heading out,” Martin widened his eyes a little. Andy reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet before giving him a note. “You asked?” Martin gestured to Ruby.

“Yeah, not this time.” Andy said and Martin gave a curt nod.

“Well I won’t be long.” Martin said before he walked away leaving Ruby and Andy sitting there, both of them taking a swing of their beers, if only to distract them from what was going to happen if Martin hadn’t shown up when he did.

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Thank you Sarah, beebee, Freakie42, Spotd1 and RoRo90 for the wonderful comments. :wub:


Charlie and Grace were sitting enjoying their chocolate cake before Grace’s bath and bedtime. “We some Uby?” Grace questioned.

“No we don’t need to leave any for Ruby,” Charlie answered. “She’s not going to be home for a while yet. Think it’ll get pretty bad if we left it.” Charlie screwed her face up at the thought of the chocolate cake going off.

“What we do?” Grace held her hands out to the side, looking most concerned.

Charlie put her fork into the cake for another piece. “We’re just going to have to eat it all ourselves,” Charlie told her and Grace grinned, showing some chocolate stains on her teeth before digging her little plastic orange fork in for another bit. Charlie exhaled as she heard the doorbell ringing. She stood up from the table and wiped her hand across her face, just in case she had any chocolate cake crumbs before walking over to the door. She opened it to find Bianca standing there, Lucy standing by her side. “Come in.” Charlie gestured for them to come into the house. Bianca stepped forward and Lucy ran over to the table, climbing up onto the chair where Charlie was previously sitting and helped herself to some of the cake.

“Lucy you wait until you are offered.” Bianca gasped.

“She’s fine,” Charlie said as she noticed Bianca putting a bag down behind the couch. “Everything okay with you?”

“I just can’t believe he lied for all this time,” Bianca sounded mad as she sat down on the couch. “Everything Charlie, everything has been a lie.”

Charlie exhaled as he sat down next to Bianca. If she was going to be honest it didn’t surprise her that Heath had deceived Bianca for so long. “I’m sorry.” Charlie said after a long pause.

“I’m so angry with him,” Bianca flung the cushion from the couch across the room. “I just....” She ran her hand across her forehead a few times. “Can Lucy and I stay here?”

“You’re actually leaving him over this?” Charlie widened her eyes. “Look, I get he’s hurt you but is it really worth throwing away all you have?” Charlie questioned and Bianca looked to her in utter astonishment. “And yes, this is coming from me, the girl who can’t stand your husband.”

Bianca clicked her tongue. “I don’t know,” Bianca shook her head. “I just don’t want to be around him right now. I’m really hurt that he could lie to me so easily and if he’s lied about that then what else has he lied about?”

“With Heath nothing would surprise me.” Charlie mumbled.

“Charlie.” Bianca sighed.

“Look,” Charlie exhaled. “You and Lucy can stay here for tonight,” Charlie said as she rubbed her friends arm. “But then tomorrow, you’ll talk to Heath, right?”

“I dunno,” Bianca shrugged. “Might make him suffer a bit longer.”

“Don’t go making things worse,” Charlie warned her friend. “You love him and you have a great life together. Just think about that before you make any decisions, okay?”

“Mmm, well I’ll think about it anyways,” Bianca murmured. “Now, let’s not let these girls eat all that cake. I’m in need for some.” Bianca stood up from the couch and walked over to the table and broke a piece of the cake off with her fingers before bringing it to her mouth, wondering what she should do about Heath.


Ruby flung her bag on the table. “Morning.” Ruby smiled at Xavier as she watched him eating his breakfast.

“Hey,” Xavier returned the smile. “You’re going to be late for class are you not?” Xavier questioned. It was almost 9 and the uni was a good 20 minute walk away.

“First class isn’t on today so I don’t need to be there till 10.” Ruby said as she sat at the table, grabbing a banana from the fruit bowl. “You have academy all day?”

“Yeah, won’t be home till 5.30.” Xavier answered.

“Didn’t think so,” Ruby exhaled. “I’ve been asked at Andy’s after class,” Ruby said. “Got an assignment and me, Andy, Dave and Nina are a group so we’re going to be there to work on stuff,” Ruby told him. “So I might not be home when you get back.”

“Oh okay,” Xavier said. “This the same friends who you got high with?”

“Some of them,” Ruby answered. “But babe, I promise, it was just the one time, I’m not going to do pot again.” Ruby failed to tell him about her pot smoking at the party the previous night, she would only make him mad so thought it best not too.

Xavier stared at her for a moment and looked into her eyes. “Okay,” Xavier gave her a smile. “Sorry, I should trust you.”

“Yes, you should,” Ruby said as she swallowed her mouthful of banana. “And it’s not like I’m the only girl to ever do pot a uni.”

“Don’t suppose you will be,” Xavier answered before reaching for his drink. “You’re not going to be all night doing this assignment, are you?” Xavier questioned. “Just there’s a movie on tonight I thought would be good.”

“Well what time is it on?” Ruby questioned.

“Uhm...” Xavier scratched the back of his head. “7.30.”

“Okay,” Ruby stood up from the table and threw her banana skin in the bin before walking back over to Xavier. “I’ll see you at the movie theatre.” Ruby placed a kiss on his cheek.

“Cool,” Xavier smiled. “I thought you said you didn’t need to be in uni till 10?” Xavier questioned as she made her way over to the door to leave.

“I don’t,” Ruby shook her head. “I’m meeting Nina for a coffee.”

“Well have a nice day then.” Xavier smiled. He was happy she was making friends now; he just hoped she wasn’t going to get pressured into more pot smoking or anything worse.

“You too,” Ruby shouted back. “Love you.” Ruby felt a little guilty uttering those words after her almost kiss with Andy the night before, but she told herself it was just the drink – and maybe the pot, she wasn’t sure – and it didn’t mean anything.

“Love you too.” Ruby heard Xavier’s voice as she closed the apartment door and set off to meet Nina for coffee before class started.


“Why we sleep here?” Lucy asked over breakfast.

“Mummy thought it would be fun to have a sleepover with Aunty Charlie and Grace,” Bianca told her daughter. “Didn’t you have fun?”

Lucy nodded her head. “But where daddy n Apil?” Lucy questioned.

“They stayed at home.” Bianca told her.

“Why?” Lucy questioned.

“Well because.....” Bianca trailed off.

“Eath is idiot.” Grace said as she dipped her solider of toast into her egg.

“Excuse me?” Bianca looked down, shocked at what Grace said. “Charlie can you please watch what you say about my husband in front of your daughter?”

“I’ve said many things about Heath, but, I swear I’ve not said that,” Charlie shook her head, wondering where Grace had gotten it from. “Grace where did you hear that?”

“Where did you hear that?” Bianca repeated. “Never mind where did you hear that, what about telling her it’s wrong to say things like that?”

“But it’s true,” Charlie muttered, but luckily Bianca didn’t hear her. “Grace we don’t say things like that about people. It’s not nice.”

“Oh,” Grace scratched the side of her head. “He did.”

“He did?” Charlie screwed her face up. “Who’s he, sweetie?”

“Lollipop man.” Grace answered. “He give them me.”

“Ah Brax, she’s means Brax,” Charlie said. As Brax was the one to have given her lollipop’s the last few times she was at the restaurant. “I remember him saying it now.”

“Yes,” Grace gave a curt nod. “Bax did.”

“Ah Brax,” Bianca rolled her eyes. “Well it’s not nice to say thing like that and he’s not an idiot.” Bianca said, although right now, she did actually think he was something more than an idiot.

“Yet you’ve spent the night apart from him.” Charlie mumbled.

“Yes well I was mad and like I said, I’m not letting him get away with this easily.” Bianca said as she glared at Charlie.

“Well like I said, don’t leave it too long. Don’t go screwing things up.” Charlie said as she stood up from the table and walked over to the fridge, taking out the orange juice and pouring herself another glass.

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Thanks beebee, Sarah, Spotd1 and Freakie42 for the comments. :wub:


Charlie walked into the restaurant, giving Brax a smile as he noticed her. She was wearing a red sundress and her hair was left down, flowing passed her shoulders. “Hey,” Brax smiled. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” Charlie answered. “You?” Charlie questioned as she sat up on the bar stool.

“I’m also good,” Brax gave her another smile. Charlie noticed a little scab from where he was hurt during his fight with Heath. “How’s Grace today?”

Charlie smiled as she noticed he always asked about Grace. “She’s very good,” Charlie told him. “Marilyn is taking her and Lucy to the soft play area in Yabbie Creek today,” Charlie said. “Brave woman taking the two of them herself, but...” Charlie gave a little shrug.

“Sure they’ll have a blast eh.” Brax smiled.

“Yeah,” Charlie agreed. “So, you’ll never guess who came to stay with me last night.”

Brax raised his eyebrows, figuring she meant Bianca. “I didn’t mean to split them up,” Brax looked bad. “I just wanted her to know the truth.”

“Hmm,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I think she’s just making him sweat a little, you know,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “She’s loves him too much to leave him.”

“Yeah?” Brax questioned and Charlie gave a little nod. “Anyways,” Brax leaned down so he was out of Charlie’s sight for a moment before standing back up, putting the cocktail shaker on the bar top. “You ready for some cocktails?”

“I sure am,” Charlie answered. “What’s up first?”

“Sex on the Beach.” Brax told her.

“Mmm, I’ve had that before.” Charlie answered.

“Oh telling me about your sex life already,” Brax raised his eyebrows. “Really are comfortable around me huh?”

“Oh shut up,” Charlie leaned over the bar and hit his chest. “I was talking about the cocktail.”

“Sure you were,” Brax gave a cheeky grin. “So, I guess you won’t want to taste that, shall we put it on the menu?”

“Mmm yeah,” Charlie nodded. “And a Cosmopolitan,” Charlie said. “They’re really nice too. Do you know how to make them?”

Brax looked up at Charlie, slightly offended. “I used to own a club,” Brax told her. “Of course I can make a Cosmopolitan.”

“Ooooh alright,” Charlie sang. “What else can you do then, big shot?”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Well I make a pretty mean Tequila Sunrise.”

“Oh, I’ve never had one of them,” Charlie answered. “What’s in it?”

Brax stared at her unsure if it was a serious question or not. “Tequila, funnily enough.”

“No s***,” Charlie raised her eyebrows. “I meant anything else?”

“No, just tequila, orange juice and grenadine.” Brax said as he started pouring things into the cocktail shaker, Charlie watching in amazement as he flipped it around in the air and did a few moves with it.

“Nice cocktail making skills.” Charlie said.

“Again, I used to own a club.” Brax said as he poured the cocktail into a glass and handed it to her.

“No umbrella?” Charlie screwed her face up as she pointed to the cocktail.

“What?” Brax questioned as he rubbed the back of his head, slightly confused.

“You know the umbrella’s you always get in cocktails. Cocktail sticks with coloured paper on the top, it’s like a little sun umbrella,” Charlie said. “I thought you used to own a club?” Charlie gave him a cheeky grin before taking a drink of the cocktail.

“Oh,” Brax gave a little laugh. “I’ll order them.”

“Good,” Charlie said as she put the glass back down. “That’s really nice. Like, yeah,” Charlie picked up the glass and took another drink. “I love it,” Charlie jumped down from the stool and walked around behind the bar. “What else you going to make me try?”

“Uhm...” Brax scratched the back of his head. “I think a Daiquiri or a Mojito,” Brax said. “Rum based considering we’ve got some vodka and tequila ones.

“Mmm, I drank way to many Daiquiri’s on my honeymoon,” Charlie shook her head. “If I so much as see one I’ll be sick.”

“Oh yeah,” Brax gave a little smile. “You go somewhere nice and exotic?”

“Cuba.” Charlie told him.

“Nice,” Brax answered. “One week?”

“Two,” Charlie told him. “I don’t think Ruby has ever fully forgiven me for not taking her with us.” Charlie gave a little laugh. Normally she didn’t find it as easy to talk about her life with Angelo, but there was just something about Brax. He was easy to talk to.

“Ah but surely she’d understand it was your honeymoon?” Brax questioned.

“Well she was only 13,” Charlie exhaled. “I think she just saw it as mum and dad get a holiday and I don’t.”

“Guess I can see her point,” Brax answered. “So, I take it you and Angelo were together for a while before getting married?” Brax questioned tentatively, unsure on how much Charlie actually wanted to talk about Angelo and her life with him.

“Uhm, 3 years,” Charlie scrunched her face up as she spoke. “Why do you ask?”

“Well Ruby is -” Brax started, but Charlie spoke over him.

“Oh, Angelo’s not her father,” Charlie said, seeing what Brax was getting at. “Well, no, he was her father in every way and they had a really close bond, but, biologically....” Charlie trailed off as she shook her head.

“Ah I see,” Brax gave one nod of his head. “I still can’t believe you have a daughter who is 18,” Brax said. “You don’t look that much over 30. How old are you?”

“I was young when Ruby was born,” Charlie looked down as she pursed her lips together. “I eh....I’m 32 though, what about you?”

“I’m 30.” Brax answered and Charlie looked back up to him to see he’d figured out she was only 14 when Ruby was born as he had a look of shock on his face.

“Anyways,” Charlie hit her hand again the bar. “No Daiquiri’s. I’ve heard of a Mojito but never actually tasted it so let’s try that.” Charlie said as she bent down and picked up the other cocktail shaker.

“What you doing?” Brax questioned as she poured some vodka, peach schnapps, tequila and some rum into the shaker.

“I’m making up a cocktail.” Charlie told him as she reached for the grenadine and poured some in.

“You sure are making one up,” Brax rolled his eyes as he started making the Mojito and he noticed Charlie adding more tequila. “You really going to drink that?”

“Nope,” Charlie put some soda water into the shaker before adding some fresh orange. “You are.” Charlie added a splash of lime cordial and a dash of coke before she put the lid on and shook it violently for a moment before pouring it into a glass.

Brax screwed his face up and he looked down to the drink. “Well it looks like a nice colour...sort of...” Brax said as he stared at the dark orangey liquid with the slightest brown tint.

“I think it looks like Grace’s puke.” Charlie screwed her face up.

“Aww thanks for that,” Brax curled his nose up. “You really going to make me drink it now?”

“Yup,” Charlie picked up the glass and handed it to him. “You’re making me taste yours.”

“They are proper cocktails.” Brax voice got higher as her spoke.

“So....they’d have to be made up at one point, right?” Charlie questioned. “For all we know this could be the next big hit.”

“Sure,” Brax muttered. “So, does it have a name?”

“Uhm.....Sexilicious,” Charlie said and Brax raised his eyebrows before looking down to the glass. “Drink it.”

Brax took a deep breath before he brought the glass up to his mouth and took a drink. “Eugh,” Brax gagged. “That is awful,” Charlie laughed as she saw the look on his face. “Try it,” Brax said as he handed the glass out for her to take. “I dare ya.”

“Nah I’ll pass.” Charlie rejected the offer, putting the glass down on the bar top.

“Uh-uh,” Brax shook his head. “You made me taste it. Taste it,” Brax lifted it back up and tried to make Charlie drink. She pursued her lips tightly together and she took a few steps back. “C’mon.” Brax laughed a little as he put his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

“No,” Charlie gave a girly squeal. Brax laughed as he looked down at her and their eyes met, his arm still wrapped around her waist. They stared silently at each other for a moment before Brax leaned down. Just as he was about to place a kiss on her lips Charlie pulled herself away. “So,” Charlie cleared her throat. “The Mojito.” Brax sighed lightly as he put the cocktail Charlie made down and went to finish making her the cocktail.

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Thanks for the comments.


“So,” Charlie exhaled as she looked to Bianca from across the table. “You staying here another night then?” Bianca and Lucy were eating dinner with Charlie and Grace, but Charlie wondered if they were going to be staying the whole night again.

Bianca moved her food around her plate with her fork. “If it’s okay,” Bianca answered. “I still can’t believe what he’s done to me,” Bianca sounded angry and Grace and Lucy looked up to her as they widened their eyes. “How could he, Charlie?” Bianca questioned but before she had the chance to answer, Bianca spoke again. “I tell you, it’s a good job I’m not pregnant. I wouldn’t want to bring another child into this mess.”

Charlie rolled her eyes. “It’s hardly a mess.”

“He lied,” Bianca raised her voice. The girls looked to each other and both covered their mouths, deciding to keep quiet. “He’s not the person I thought he was, he -”

“He’s still the very same person,” Charlie sighed. “He just made a mistake.”

“Look at you sticking up for Heath all of a sudden.” Bianca sounded shocked her friend seemed to be disagreeing with her over this.

“I am in no way sticking up for Heath. Never do I ever see myself sticking up for Heath,” Charlie said as she tucked her hair behind her ear. “Believe it or not, I’m trying to get you to not make the biggest mistake of your life,” Charlie looked down to the girls who were sitting eating their dinner quietly before looking back to Bianca.” Look, he told a little white lie. He was trying to get with you and obviously knew what happened with Vitorrio and thought he wouldn’t have a chance if he’d been honest with you about his past with Tegan and Brax,” Charlie paused as she once again glanced at Lucy. “Okay, so he shouldn’t have lied to you about it but look at what you have because of that lie.” Charlie said softly and Bianca exhaled as she looked down to her daughter. She gave a little smile before looking back to Charlie.

“I know, but,” Bianca pursed her lips together. “I still feel like my whole marriage has been a lie,” Bianca sighed. “I just don’t know if I -”

“Oh for goodness sake Bianca,” Charlie raised her voice as she stood up from the table. “You still have the chance to be with your husband, don’t throw that away.” Charlie yelled before she ran from the room, Bianca jumping in fright as the sounds of Charlie’s bedroom door could be heard slamming shut.


Ruby was at Andy’s place. They’d finished their assignment a while ago, but, for some reason she was still sitting in his flat and she had a bottle of beer in her hand. Dave, who was one of Andy’s flatmates, and Nina, had moved to Dave’s room. They weren’t exactly a couple yet, but, they did some very couple related things together. “So, Rubes,” Andy exhaled. “It’s alright if I call you that, right?”

“Sure.” Ruby nodded before taking a swig of her beer before looking down to her watch. It was 6.45 and she knew she’d need to make a move soon to meet Xavier at the movies.

“Cool,” Andy smiled. “So, what you want to do with this music degree of yours?” Andy questioned.

“We’re only a few weeks into term 1 of first year,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “Getting a bit ahead of yourself, no? I need to get through the first year first.”

“Okay,” Andy rolled his head. “Providing you pass.”

“Eh, I’m going to do teaching then be a music teacher,” Ruby told him. “Hopefully,” Ruby added. “How about you?”

“I want to be a composer,” Andy said. “Like compose music for movies and stuff.”

“You mean the stuff that makes scary movies scary?” Ruby questioned. “It’s the music that freaks you out because you know something is about to happen.”

“Exactly,” Andy laughed. “That’s what I want to do.”

“Cool.” Ruby answered as the door opened a little Chinese boy walked into the room. Andy sighed, unimpressed that his other roommate was back. The boy stood and stared at Ruby and Andy, almost creepily.

“Want to move to my bedroom,” Andy questioned. “We can watch a movie or something? Unless you have somewhere to be?”

Ehm,” Ruby swallowed. She knew what she was supposed to say, but, part of her wanted to stay and hang out with Andy. “We can go to your room.” Andy smiled as they stood up and walked down the hall and into his bedroom. Andy and Ruby both put their beers on the desk before sitting down on his bed.

She watched as Andy opened his top drawer and pulled out a little tin. When he opened it she saw what she thought were joints already rolled up in it. Andy opened his window a little before lighting up and joining Ruby on the bed.

“So do you smoke pot every day?” Ruby questioned as they leaned back against the wall.

“This isn’t pot,” Andy answered. “It’s just a normal tobacco roll-up.

“Ah I see,” Ruby said as she rejected the offer for a smoke. “So what about the other stuff Martin gets you?” Ruby questioned.

“I do that even less,” Andy told her. “I’m not totally stupid.”

“I’m just a bit surprised,” Ruby said. “You’re a really clever guy and are at uni and stuff,” Ruby exhaled. “You wouldn’t think that -”

“Aww Ruby,” Andy gave a little laugh. “It’s not like I’m an addict sniffing coke every day,” Andy said. “It’s just a little bit pot every now and then,” Andy took a long draw. “And the occasional E. It’s cheaper than alcohol when you are out. Gives you that same high for much less price.”

“Ecstasy?” Ruby screwed her face up.

“Yeah, but like I said, not that often,” Andy answered. “So, there’s this party on Wednesday,” Andy said. “Should come.”

“Where is it?” Ruby asked.

Andy gave a shrug. “Some house party....somewhere,” Andy said. “Dave’s big brother and his mates are having it so he knows where to go.”

“Sure, it’ll be fun.” Ruby answered as he leaned forward, picking up his bottle of beer.

“Cool.” Andy looked at her and they both gave a smile.

“Yeah. Anyways, let’s pick a movie,” Andy got to his knees on the bed and looked up to the shelf that was on the wall. “You a comedy girl or horror girl?” Andy questioned. “I have some thrillers too but no chick flicks I’m afraid.”

Ruby knelt up to face the DVD’s with Andy. She looked up to him, his beer bottle in his hand and his cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He had a bit of bad boy about him and Ruby liked that. Xavier, who was now a squeaky clean trainee cop, didn’t sound as appealing as he once did. She knew she loved Xavier very much and it was just a stupid little crush she had on Andy but she felt herself wanting to explore it and given their almost kiss at the party she was pretty sure Andy felt the same. “I am definitely a chick flick girl,” Ruby answered as she ran her index finger along the DVD’s. “You don’t even have one?” Ruby questioned.

“Not one.” Andy shook his head as he exhaled a cloud of smoke before putting the cigarette out. He took a swing of his beer before placing it back down on the desk before he looked back to Ruby and watched her as she scanned her eyes over his DVD collection. She was gorgeous and he wanted her now.

“What’s The Shinning?” Ruby questioned.

“What,” Andy almost yelled. “You’ve never seen The Shinning?”

“Nope,” Ruby shook her head. “Should I have?”

“I’m not even going to answer that.” Andy shook his head.

“Well maybe we could watch that?” Ruby questioned as they both reached for the DVD at the same time and their hands grazed together. They looked around to each other and Andy put his hand onto her cheek and rubbed it gently.

“We could watch it,” Andy whispered. “Or we could....” Andy was cut off as their lips crashing together. He wrapped his arms around Ruby and pulled her closer to him as Ruby’s hand ran through his hair. The kiss deepened as their tongues explored each other’s mouths, before they lay down on the bed as the kiss continued to become more and more passionate. Andy ran his hand up the back of her leg and just as he was about to reach in under her skirt, she hit at his hand as she pulled away, sitting up on the bed.

“Sorry, I do actually have somewhere I need to be.” Ruby mumbled before standing up and running from the flat.

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Thank you Sarah, Spotd1, Freakie42 and RoRo90 for the comments. :wub:


“Charlie,” Bianca knocked softly on her bedroom door before walking into the room, finding Charlie sitting in the middle of her bed, leaning back against the headboard. “I’m sorry, I -”

“I know what it’s like not to have your husband around,” Charlie spoke over Bianca. “I hate it. It’s s*** and I don’t want to have to see you deal with that.”

“Charlie,” Bianca exhaled as she sat on the bed close to her. “This is completely different,” Charlie looked round to Bianca as she pursed her lips together. “You didn’t choose to be without Angelo,” Bianca put her hand onto Charlie’s arm and rubbed it comfortingly. “But Heath and I...I’m hurt that he lied to me. He should have told me the truth long before now.” Bianca exhaled.

“I know,” Charlie answered. “But what you have....it’s true love, Bianca. You really love him and I hate to say it, but, he really loves you too. He would never do anything to deliberately hurt you.”

“I know,” Bianca murmured. “And Charlie, we are going to be okay, I promise. I just want to let him know I’m hurt by his deceit.”

“Sorry,” Charlie bit her lip. “I know you must feel hurt,” Charlie said. “I eh....I guess these problems aren’t going to seem as bad to me anymore because all I can think about is, well yeah he may have lied but.....” Charlie trailed off as she pursed her lips together. “But at least he’s still alive. You still have the option to be with him.”

“Well when you put it like that....” Bianca trailed off.

“And I...” Charlie paused. “I...feel guilty because I....” Charlie once again paused. She looked up to Bianca, hoping that she knew. Hoping that she didn’t need to tell her.

“You like Brax?” Bianca questioned and Charlie gave a little nod. “Then do something about it,” Bianca rubbed her friends arm. “He’s asked you out already, right?” Bianca said. “So, clearly he likes you so would like the chance of a date.”

“We almost kissed,” Charlie told her friend. “On the not a date cocktail date,” Charlie pursed her lips together as Bianca’s face lit up at what Charlie was telling her. “I eh....I really want to try this, but, I feel like I’d be saying that what Angelo and I had meant nothing.”

“You wouldn’t be at all,” Bianca spoke softly. “You’ll always love Angelo. But you can still have that chance of being happy without him. If you were the one that died, you’d want him to find someone to share his life with, right?” Bianca questioned and Charlie gave a little nod. “See, and it’ll be the same for you. Angelo would want you to be happy, so do this because you know it’s what he would want.”

Charlie took a deep breath. “Rubes wouldn’t like it.”

“She would,” Bianca exhaled. “She’d want you to be happy too.”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “She’s told me. She said she didn’t ever want me replacing her dad and I promised her I wouldn’t.”

“Brax won’t replace Angelo,” Bianca said. “He’s not Angelo and never will be. He’s Brax and he’ll be himself. He won’t ever try to replace Angelo,” Bianca exhaled. “But you can still love him and have a fantastic life with him.”

Charlie pursed her lips together. “It’s hard enough thinking about moving on. I don’t need Ruby to be giving me attitude about it and I know she will.”

“So explain things to her,” Bianca told her. “She’s old enough to understand that you wouldn’t be replacing her father. That you just want to give yourself a chance to be happy and in time she’ll see that and she’ll know you deserve that.”

Charlie exhaled, unsure. She was about to reply when the door creaked open and Grace and Lucy came running into the room, Grace with Lola tucked under her arm. They climbed up onto the bed and Grace crawled over to her mother. “Hey monkey.”

“Mummy.” Grace said as she cuddled into her. Charlie wrapped her arms around her daughter, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her forehead.

“What sweetie?” Charlie ran her hand through her daughter’s chocolaty brown hair.

“Lola cuddles.” Grace held Lola up and Charlie took her from her daughter, giving her a cuddle.

“Aww she going to make mummy feel better?” Bianca asked as Lucy leaned against her.

“Uh-huh.” Grace nodded. Charlie smiled before once again placing a kiss on her daughters head, knowing if she did go out with Brax that Ruby wouldn’t be the only one he’d need to convince that he was a good guy and it would take a lot for him to win over Grace too.


Xavier turned around in the bed and reached out expecting to find Ruby but his hand met the mattress. “Rubes?” Xavier whispered as he reached a little further out but realised she wasn’t actually in the bed. He got up and walked out the room, rubbing his tired eyes as they hit the hallway light. He walked down into the living room, seeing Ruby sitting on the couch watching some TV.

“Sorry, is it too loud?” Ruby questioned as she turned to face him.

“No,” Xavier answered as he walked further into the room and sat down next to her, seeing she was watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. “This the one where Leonard, Howard and Raj eat the pot cookies without realising they have pot in them?”

“Yes,” Ruby answered. “Not going to add anything in relation to my recent pot smoking, are you?” Ruby gave him a sort of glare.

Xavier cleared his throat. “No. And anyways, it was only the one time, right?”

“Yeah, one time.” Ruby answered quickly and quietly as she pulled a little fluff from the cushion.

“So what you doing up watching TV at 2am?” Xavier questioned.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Ruby told him. “Thought that would have been obvious.” Ruby pursed her lips together, deciding not to tell him the reason she couldn’t sleep was because she was feeling so incredibly guilty for both her kiss with Andy and for even having a crush on him in the first place.

“Movie scare ya?” Xavier gave a little laugh.

“Not really,” Ruby answered. “I just can’t sleep.”

Xavier gave her a sad pout as he wrapped his arm around her. She hesitated, still feeling guilty, before leaning in and resting her head against his chest. “Well if you can’t sleep maybe we can find something else to do...” Xavier trailed off as he gently ran his hand around her shoulder in a circular motion.

Ruby looked up to him and before she had the chance to talk he leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Mmm Xav, I....” Ruby pulled back from the kiss.

“Everything alright?” Xavier questioned.

“Uhm yeah, I...” Ruby trailed off as she looked down.

“If you don’t want to we don’t need too,” Xavier told her. “We can just sit and watch TV for a while.” Xavier rubbed her arm as he spoke.

“Sorry.” Ruby apologised.

“It’s okay.” Xavier placed a soft kiss on her forehead. Although Ruby wasn’t apologising for not having sex with him as he believed the apology was for, she couldn’t come to tell him the reasons, which were about the fact she’d kissed Andy and had smoked pot since promising him she wouldn’t.

“You know I love you, right?” Ruby questioned.

“Of course I do,” Xavier answered. “And I love you too.” Ruby gave a little smile as she looked into his eyes. Her smile grew as she gently rubbed his cheek with her hand.

“C’mon,” Ruby stood up as she hit the standby button on the remote. “Let’s go to bed.” Ruby raised her eyebrows as she pulled Xavier up and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

“Mmm, I thought you didn’t want too?” Xavier questioned.

“Maybe I’ve changed my mind.” Ruby gave him a little grin before kissing him once again as they made their way back to their room.

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Thanks for the comments. I hope you and your mum had a good night, beebee :) Updates may be a little less regular over the next couple of weeks.


Grace ran ahead of Charlie but stopped as she saw Brax walking into the restaurant from the kitchen. “Hey Grace,” Brax smiled down at her before looking up to Charlie who was now directly behind her. It was first time he’d seen her since their almost kiss at the cocktail date a couple of days before hand. He smiled at Charlie, before looking back down to her daughter. “How are you today?” Brax questioned, not going to give up on getting Grace to talk to him. Grace sucked in her bottom lip as she took a step back, leaning herself against her mother’s legs as her arm wrapped around them. Charlie looked down to Grace as she ran her hand through her ponytail.

“You going to give him an answer?” Charlie questioned. Grace looked up to her mother, her big blue eyes all wide.

“I kay.” Grace said quietly.

“Good,” Brax gave her a smile before looking up to Charlie. “How are you?”

“Yeah good,” Charlie answered. “And you?”

“I’m good too.” Brax answered as Grace pulled on Charlie’s sundress. She looked down to her daughter to see what she wanted.

“What sweetheart?” Charlie questioned.

“Lollipop?” Grace asked.

“You’ll need to ask Brax.” Charlie said and Grace’s eye became even wider as her mouth opened a little. She looked to Brax before looking back up to her mother and once again hid her head against her legs.

“Mummy.” Grace squeaked quietly.

“Don’t force her eh,” Brax walked behind the bar and pulled down the box of lollipops, making sure to get out a red one. “At least she told me how she was.” Brax said as he appeared back in front of Charlie and Grace. He bent down and gave her the lollipop.

“Thank you.” Grace’s voice was almost inaudible as she gave him a smile. He ruffled her hair before she ran over to the booth and climbed up, taking a seat as she pulled at the paper, trying to get the lollipop open.

“You’re welcome,” Brax gave her a smile as she stared at him from the booth. “And she’s got her manners.” Brax laughed as he looked back to Charlie.

“Yeah.” Charlie smiled as she looked to Grace who was still watching Brax from the booth as she was still trying to get the paper off the lollipop.

“So, I didn’t see you around yesterday,” Brax exhaled. “Busy day?”

“I had a double shift,” Charlie told him. “Those are always fun.” Charlie rolled her eyes.

“Ah but we need you out there fighting the crime eh?” Brax said and Charlie gave a little laugh. “So not that it’s not lovely to see the both of you but what’s this visit in aid of today?” Brax questioned as he walked behind the bar and bent down, opening the cupboard so he could pull out napkins to get set up for lunch time.

“Uhm,” Charlie pursed her lips together as she walked closer to the bar, leaning her arms against it. She took deep breath as Brax stood back up placing the napkins on the bar top. Charlie grabbed a hand full and started to fold them as Brax leaned back down, lifting up a tray of clean cutlery. “I just wondered if maybe sometime....you ehm...” Charlie took a deep breath. She came here to ask him and she wasn’t going to back out now. “Drinks,” Charlie said nervously. “Drinks...going for....me and....”

“I’d love to go for a drink with you, Charlie.” Brax answered, seeing she was struggling at getting the question out. He smiled, a little taken aback by her asking, but, he wasn’t about to turn her down.

Charlie gave him a smile as she continued to fold napkins for him. “Great, well I’m working tonight but I’m free the rest of the week so...” Charlie stopped talking as she felt Grace’s hand on her leg. She looked down to see Grace staring up at her, the lollipop being held up in front of her.

“Please can you, mummy,” Grace said, giving up on trying to get into it herself. Charlie took the lollipop in her hand and removed the paper before handing it back to her daughter. “Thank you.” Grace smiled sweetly as she ran back over to her booth.

“So yeah, what was I saying?” Charlie looked back to Brax and he could see she was nervous already for this date.

“Telling me when you were free for us to grab a drink,” Brax told her with a smile. “I’m doing dinner shift tomorrow but on lunches the rest of the week, so, how about Friday? Is that any good for you?”

“Yeah, should be fine.” Charlie smiled.

“So, you’ll get a sitter for Grace okay?” Brax questioned.

“Ah she doesn’t need a sitter,” Charlie answered. “She’ll give herself a bath and get herself to bed fine on her own,” Charlie said and Brax gave a little laugh. “Nah, eh I’ll see if Marilyn is free and if not I’m sure Bianca will watch her.”

“Good,” Brax smiled. “I’m looking forward to it already,” Brax said and Charlie managed a nervous looking smile. “So, Bianca still staying with you?”

“She’s gone back home today,” Charlie told him. “I think she needed a few days away from him to cool down and show him she was hurt, but....” Charlie trailed off as she gave a shrug. “Hopefully they’ll be okay.”

“Don’t think he deserves all he’s got if you ask me.” Brax muttered.

“No, but Bianca deserves it,” Charlie said. “And for a reason I can’t quite understand she does love him and if she’s found happiness with him then I’ll support that.” Charlie continued to fold napkins as she spoke.

“You’re a good friend, Charlie,” Brax told her as he grabbed a handful of the napkins to help Charlie fold. “Bianca is lucky to have you.” Charlie gave him a smile as she folded the last of the napkins. He was such a sweet guy and although she was looking forward to going out on a date with him, a part of her still felt like she shouldn’t be doing this and she was extremely nervous for broaching the subject with Ruby the next time they talked, because she knew her daughter wouldn’t like the fact that she was trying to move on.


Ruby was standing outside, leaning against the fence at the end of the driveway. “Thought you might like some company,” Andy smiled as he appeared behind her, resting his bottle of beer against the top of the fence pole. They hadn’t spoken much since their kiss a couple days before and Andy felt this was the perfect opportunity. “So, listen, uhm...” Andy rubbed the back of his head. “About the other night, I...”

“I don’t want to talk about that.” Ruby wiped a tear from her cheek as she tried to look away from Andy. She didn’t want him to see her crying.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Andy rubbed her back lightly.

“It’s nothing.” Ruby answered, trying to sound upbeat. Truth was, ever since she’d arrived in Melbourne, she’d missed Angelo a lot more. This was where he was born and raised. Back in the Bay of course she still missed him like crazy, but she always needed to be so strong for Charlie and Grace. But here, she didn’t need to be strong and felt her thoughts being more on her father. She’d been drinking tonight, also, which wouldn’t be helping.

“It doesn’t look like nothing,” Andy put his hand onto her arm and rubbed it gently. “What’s wrong?”

“I just want to forget.” Ruby said as a tear rolled from her eye.

“About?” Andy looked a little confused. Was Ruby upset over the kiss and the fact she’d betrayed her boyfriend or was this something else? “You can talk to me, Rubes.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Ruby shook her head. “Do eh...do you have something that will let me forget?”

Andy exhaled, still feeling confused. “Are you asking me for some pot?” Andy questioned, unsure.

Ruby nodded and Andy pulled a joint and a lighter from his pocket. He handed it out to her and she took it in her hands, bringing the joint up to her mouth and lighting it, handing him back the lighter. He watched as she took a long draw, before seeing a cloud of smoke escaping her mouth. “Is this about the kiss?” Andy questioned. “Because if it is as much as I wish we could -”

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “But while we are on that subject....I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“I’m glad you did, to be honest,” Andy answered, watching as Ruby smoked. “It was great,” Andy smiled as he took a step closer to her, their body’s only millimetres apart. “You’re gorgeous, Rubes.” Andy leaned his head down and placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. She responded for a moment, letting the kiss deepen, before pulling back.

“We can’t.” Ruby wiped her hand across her mouth before she turned around and walked across the road, taking a seat on the banking. Andy followed and took a seat next to her, still seeing tears escape her eyes as she continued to smoke the joint.

“Sorry,” Andy exhaled sadly. “Rubes, if this isn’t about the kiss, then...” Andy tentatively put his hand on her shoulder. “You can talk to me. It might help you feel better.” Andy gave her shoulder a little squeeze.

“No, no,” Ruby shook her head. “I don’t think anything ever will.”

“You never know,” Andy said. “I might surprise you.”

Ruby shook her head as a tear rolled down her cheek. “Just leave it,” Ruby wiped the tears from her face. “I don’t feel like partying so I’m going to head home.” Ruby stood up and started to walk away, continuing to smoke the joint she still had in her hand, hoping it would help numb the pain she was feeling.

“Let me walk you then,” Andy ran after her. “It’s late and I don’t want you walking on your own.”

“Then I’ll call Xav,” Ruby said. “You just go enjoy the party.” Ruby said as she started walking faster, leaving Andy a little bit confused as she walked away from the house.

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Thanks for the comments. Plans have changed so updates will probably still be most days! Hope you enjoy your time in London Sarah. :)


Grace and Charlie were talking with Ruby via Skype. Grace still amazed that she could see her sister on the screen even though they’d Skyped several times now. “It’s Uby.” Grace waved as she giggled excitedly.

“Yeah it’s been me for the last hour,” Ruby waved at Grace once again. “But I need to go.” Ruby looked around to the clock on the shelf.

“No Uby,” Grace answered. “Stay.”

“I can’t talk to you on skype forever,” Ruby gave a little laugh. “But I promise I’ll come home soon, okay?” Ruby said. “I’ll come and give you a big hug.”

“Yeah,” Grace cheered. “And mummy.”

“Yeah, mummy too,” Ruby said. “So you keep being a good girl and looking after mummy, okay?”

“Uh-huh,” Grace nodded. “I good ay?” Grace turned her head to face her mother.

“The best,” Charlie kissed her daughters temple. “Now why don’t you go get your stuff ready for the beach,” Charlie said. “Say bye-bye to Ruby.”

Grace gave her mother a sad pout before looking back to the screen. “Bye Uby.” Grace spoke sadly before leaning forward and kissing her sisters face on the screen.

“Bye monkey,” Ruby waved as Grace jumped down from Charlie’s knee and ran to her bedroom. “So, we’ll skype again soon, right?”

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “But there was just something I wanted to talk you about first,” Charlie said. “You have 5 more minutes, right?” Charlie was nervous for talking to her daughter about this, especially over skype, but she felt she needed to before she went out on the date. Ruby wasn’t due back till the end of March, which was another 4 weeks away, and if all went well on the first date, that allowed plenty time for more dates with Brax, allowing Ruby to get more angry at her mother for keeping it from her for longer.

“Not really,” Ruby answered. “I’m already a little late as it is,” Ruby was meeting Nina to do some shopping since they didn’t have class on a Thursday. Later it would be filled with a placement of some sort, but right now, it was free. Well technically it was marked as study on their timetable, but, they felt shopping sounded like a better plan, and being only a few weeks into the term anyways, there wasn’t so much to study over. “It’s not important, is it? Everything is okay?” Ruby sounded a little worried.

“Yeah, everything is good,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “It can wait,” Charlie exhaled. “Have a nice day, okay?”

“Yeah you too,” Ruby smiled. “Love you. Bye.”

“Love you too sweetheart,” Charlie smiled before the call ended. She switched off her laptop and closed it, leaving it sitting on the kitchen table as she stood up and walked down the hall to Grace’s room, seeing her sitting on the floor with Lola, giving her a drink from a little teacup from her teacup set. “You ready for the beach?” Charlie questioned.

“Lola come?” Grace said as she stood up, letting the teacup drop to the floor.

“Of course,” Charlie answered. “Did you get your swimmers?”

“Oh.” Grace slapped her forehead with her palm, causing Charlie to give a little wince. She watched as Grace ran over to her drawers and pulled one open, throwing out her panties so they were all over the floor.

“Grace Rosetta you are making a mess.” Charlie walked further into her daughter’s room and picked up her swimming costume from the bottom of the drawer.

“No mummy,” Grace pulled the pink Peppa Pig costume from her mother’s hand, flinging it to the floor with some of her panties. “Other one.” Charlie pulled out another costume, this one being orange with yellow flowers on it.

“This one?” Charlie questioned and Grace gave a little nod.

“Yeah.” Grace did a little jump as Charlie reached for her daughters Dora Explorer bag, putting the swimming costume in deciding she would just change her daughter at the beach.

“Right miss fashion,” Charlie said. “You want to pick mummy’s bikini out and I’ll get changed?”

“Onge and ellow too.” Grace did a jump in the air as she spoke.

“Mummy doesn’t have an orange and yellow one,” Charlie laughed. “You go into mummy’s room and I’ll go get your towel.”

“Puple one,” Grace said before she ran out of her room. Charlie rolled her eyes as she walked into the bathroom, pulling her daughters purple butterfly beach towel out the cupboard and putting it into her bag. She pulled out a second beach towel for herself before walking down the hall into her bedroom. She flung Grace’s bag and her towel down on her bed as she noticed Grace was looking at the photo of Angelo with Charlie and a newborn Grace that was sitting on the bedside table. “It daddy.” Grace pointed to Angelo.

“Yeah it is.” Charlie smiled as she pulled out her white bikini and took her dress and underwear off to get ready for the beach.

“Who dat?” Grace pointed to herself in the picture.

“That’s you silly.” Charlie laughed as she tied the tie on her bikini top, before opening her drawer and pulling out her yellow and grey stripy singlet.

“No I here.” Grace hit her hand against her chest.

“It’s a picture of you when you were a baby.” Charlie answered as she walked over her wardrobe and pulled out her demin shorts.

“Oh,” Grace answered. “I big gurl now.”

“Yes you are,” Charlie ruffled Grace’s hair before she kissed the top of her head. She took the picture from her and looked down at if for a second, smiling as she looked at Angelo. “Right,” Charlie put the picture back down, before flinging her brush, purse, towel and some sunscreen into her bag. She lifted Grace’s bag up first and helped her put it on before flinging hers over her shoulder. She grabbed the keys for the granny flat so she could get Grace’s beach toys before taking her daughters hand and leaving the house, ready to spend the day at the beach with her.


“So what’s the deal with you and Andy?” Nina asked as they took a seat in the food court of the mall, grabbing a bite to eat.

“We are friends.” Ruby answered before taking a bite of her pizza.

Nina sniggered. “Friends with benefits maybe.”

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “Just friends. I have a boyfriend.”

“Yeah but you can so tell you and Andy are hot for each other,” Nina exhaled. “You guys are so going to have sex and I’ll bet on it happening soon.”

“It won’t,” Ruby told her friend. “I love Xav and I want to be with him.”

“Yet you’ve kissed Andy twice already.” Nina said.

“How did you know that?” Ruby gasped. Nina obviously knew about it so there was no point in lying.

“Andy told Dave,” Nina told her. “Dave is my friend with benefits so he told me,” Nina pursed her lips together. “Must be something going wrong with the beau if you are out kissing other guys.”

“No there’s not,” Ruby swallowed. “Look, the first time was just an in the moment mistake and the second time he kissed me. I didn’t want that kiss.” Ruby said, defending herself.

“Hmm,” Nina raised her eyebrows. “And you’ve started smoking pot to impress him.”

“You smoke pot too.” Ruby voice got higher as she spoke.

“Yeah but I do it because I want too,” Nina told her. “You’re clearly doing it to impress some guy and feel like you fit in.”

“I’m not.” Ruby answered but she didn’t sound believable at all.

“Look, I’d still be your friend if you didn’t smoke pot,” Nina said. “You’re a nice girl, but, Andy isn’t worth taking drugs for,” Nina exhaled. “Believe me; we went to the same high school. He’s not the kind of guy you want to get involved with.”

“So why are you friends with him?” Ruby questioned.

“I’m not,” Nina answered. “I put up with him because I like Dave and they’ve really hit it off and I want to be with Dave, so...” Nina trailed off. “Sometimes the price to pay is putting up with Andy. You know he does E’s right?”

“He mentioned it,” Ruby sighed. “So, you and Dave don’t then?”

“No way,” Nina shook her head. “The occasional joint is enough.”

“Oh, I was under the impression you all did that kind of stuff.” Ruby screwed her face up.

“Nah,” Nina shook her head. “I mean, we’ve all smoked pot at least once,” Nina said, taking of the group of friends that Ruby had started hanging out with. “But Andy, Martin, Stacy and Lee are the ones stupid enough to have done E’s.”

“Well I’m not going to do E’s and I’m not smoking pot to fit in,” Ruby exhaled. “Or well, maybe the first time, yes, but, the next couple of times, I’ve kinda wanted too,” Ruby said. “I wanted something to take away the pain I’m feeling.” Ruby pursed her lips together, wondering if she should have said what she did.

“What pain?” Nina asked.

Ruby took a deep breath. “Just over a year ago my dad died,” Ruby said. “Sometimes I want to forget and the pot seems to be a way that might allow me to do that.”

“Oh,” Nina widened her eyes. “I’m sorry about your dad, but is smoking pot really the best way to deal with that?”

“What else can I do?” Ruby gave a little shrug.

“Talk to your mum, your boyfriend, a counsellor.” Nina suggested.

“I can’t talk to my mum,” Ruby sniggered. “She needs me to be strong otherwise she struggles to get through,” Ruby said. “Xav’s been great but there’s only so much I can dump on him and we did the whole family counselling thing for a while but I felt too weird talking to a stranger about it. Fair enough it was her job to help people but what did she know about my dad and our relationship?” Ruby rubbed her hand over her eyes, pushing back tears.

“What about your sister?” Nina questioned. “You said you had a sister, right?”

“She’s two,” Ruby told her. “So she can’t really hold deep conversations yet and she doesn’t even remember him, so...” Ruby gave a little shrug. “But yeah, the pot has helped me forget.”

“Look, just be careful with Andy okay?”

“I will.” Ruby answered before taking a drink of her juice. Although she’d protested to it, she was finding herself becoming more and more attracted to Andy but she kept trying to tell herself it was a silly crush that was going to go away.

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