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To Love Again

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Thanks for the comments. :wub:


Grace ripped at present after present getting new clothes, toys, dolls, lollies, DVDs, everything really. She had been spoilt for sure this year. Lola ragdoll had been strapped into her seat on the bike and she’d stuffed all her lollies into the front basket. Her helmet – A Peppa Pig design of course – was placed onto her head before she ran over to Brax. “Buddy do it.” Grace said wanting him to shut it.

Brax looked at Charlie and they both laughed before Brax clipped it together. Grace grinned from ear to ear before running over to Charlie, wrapping her arms around her in a hug. Charlie kissed her daughters temple as she cuddled her tightly. “There’s one more monkey,” Brax said as he handed it to her. “What does this label say?”

Grace furrowed her eyebrows as she ran back over to Brax, taking the present from him. “Buddy, I no read,” Grace exhaled. “I only little.”

“Of course,” Brax gave a little laugh before turning the label over. “It say’s To Isaac, Merry Christmas, love Santa.”

“Wow he did brim him one,” Grace gave a little jump before tearing into the present. She threw the paper away as she pulled out the little white baby hat with green apples on it and a second mint green baby hat. “Wow,” Grace screeched. “We can change him hat.”

“Yeah,” Brax answered. “He’s had the blue one on for a while huh?”

“Too much days,” Grace gave a little nod. Isaac having wore a pale blue hat since his birth, of course it having been cleaned a few times to stop infection and bacteria growth with him being in the incubator. Of course Isaac had received more gifts. Clothes mainly. Some blankets and stuffed animals, but Charlie and Brax kept them in the nursery otherwise Grace would have wanted to take them all to the hospital and right now, none of that stuff was needed. “He wear new one today.”

“Yeah you pick one to take in for him hmm.” Brax knocked his hand against Grace’s helmet. Grace looked down to the two hats like she was concentrating hard.

“It’s a tough choice so pick wisely monkey,” Ruby spoke from across the room where her pile of gifts looked tiny in comparison to Grace’s. Although Ruby remembered fondly the days where her pile of presents looked more like Grace’s, not that she was complaining, it wasn’t really about the gifts. “Get it right.”

“Mmm.” Grace rubbed her Peppa Pig bike helmet instead of scratching the side of her head.

Charlie laughed at her daughter before she started to clear away the mess in the living room from the wrapping paper that was thrown all over the room. “So, you have one more gift,” Xavier smiled handing Ruby her present. She raised her eyebrows as she gave a little excited squeal. She ripped at the paper and opened the box to reveal a packet of Tim Tams, a folder that was white with muti-coloured flowers it and the DVD of the Disney film, Aladdin.”

“Thanks.” Ruby forced a smile as she looked up to her boyfriend but inside she was wondering what the hell was going on. He always got her such lovely, great gifts.

“Well Tims Tams are you favourite biscuits,” Xavier laughed. “And you love Aladdin so thought I’d get you the DVD to watch it as many times as you want and you need a new folder for uni work so...” Xavier leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Merry Christmas. Oh and thank you so much once again for my iPad, shirts and cologne.”

“You’re welcome,” Ruby exhaled. Xavier could see the disappointment in her eyes and knew for sure she wouldn’t expect what was to come later.

“I got it mummy,” Grace jumped up in the air, holding the white hat with little green apples on it high up. “This one.” Grace said.

“Good choice sweetie,” Charlie looked up from clearing away the wrapping paper. “Go put the other one in the nursery so it stays safe yeah?” Charlie said and Grace nodded before running out of the room.

“Think she’ll be wearing her helmet to the hospital today.” Brax laughed as he started to help Charlie clear away the wrapping paper.

“I’m going for a shower.” Ruby spoke quietly before she stood up and left the room. Brax looked round to Xavier questioningly.

“Later,” Xavier said, knowing what Brax was getting at. “Not sure when yet but, maybe after Christmas lunch. Just me and Rubes, somewhere special.” Xavier smiled, thinking about how perfect the moment would be, of course if she said yes.

“Well good luck mate,” Brax smiled. “Hope it goes well.”

“Yeah,” Xavier answered. “Well I’m going to go into Mum’s. Best say hello on Christmas day eh,” Xavier laughed before standing up and leaving the house to go next to door to see his mum and John.

“What time are Angelo’s parents getting here?” Brax questioned.

“I think about 1,” Charlie answered. “So, we’ll get ready and go to the hospital to see Isaac then they’ll be here to see Grace, give her her presents and then come with us to lunch.” Brax, Charlie, Grace, Ruby and Xavier where having lunch along with Heath, Bianca, Lucy, Molly, Leah, Miles and VJ and of course Angelo’s parents were joining the lunch, keen to spend the holidays with their granddaughter and of course, when they were in the bay, they’d be visiting Angelo’s grave along with Charlie, Ruby and Grace.

“Buddy,” Grace came running back through. “Take me out on bike.” Grace said as she climbed onto it, keeping a hold on Isaac’s new hat in her hands.

“We have to get ready for the hospital to go see Isaac.” Brax told her.

“Rubes is in the shower anyways,” Charlie exhaled, still putting away paper into the bin bag. “You can take her out for a little bit.” Charlie said and Grace cheered before she rang the bell on her bike.

“You going out with your jammies on?” Brax laughed seeing as Grace was still in her nightdress.

“Yeah I just go on bike.” Grace said, already peddling but her bike not moving through the pile of presents that surrounded it.

“Alright,” Brax laughed at her. “Let’s go then.” Brax said lifting up the bike and leaving the house with Grace balancing against him.


Charlie, Brax and Grace walked into the NICU to see Isaac. “Nurse Jo, Nurse Jo,” Grace screeched as she ran over the room to her. “This for my baby Isaac. It new from Santa.” Grace was waving the hat out in front of her excitedly.

“Ah wow its lovely,” Jo smiled down at Grace. “Maybe if it’s okay with mummy you could help me put it onto him.” Jo said and Grace jumped up and down, loving the idea before looking around to her mother. Charlie gave a little nod and Grace cheered.

“Merry Christmas,” Brax handed out a present for Jo. It wasn’t much, only a box of chocolates, but they wanted to give her a little something for her great care over their son so far.

“Ah thank you, you shouldn’t have,” Jo said, feeling herself going a little red as she took the parcel. They walked over to Isaac’s incubator to see a little blue rabbit sitting on top of it. “Santa brought all the babies here a little gift.” Jo gestured to it and Charlie gave a little smile.

“Wow Santa the coolest.” Grace said as Brax lifted her up to see.

“How has he been?” Charlie questioned, her hand immediately going through the hole in the side of the incubator and gently running it across her sons arm.

“He’s been fantastic,” Jo answered. “In fact, he is ready for Kangaroo Care,” Jo said, the smile on her face growing as she saw tears of joy spring into Charlie’s eyes. “I guess mummy is going first?”

Charlie looked to Brax who gave a nod. Although he desperately wanted to hold his son, he knew as a mother and a woman, Charlie needed this more than him. “Of course.” Brax spoke softly.

“If you want to take a seat,” Jo told her. “And take your top and bra off,” Jo instructed her as she closed the curtain around their area of the room, to allow for more privacy. Charlie did as instructed as she sat down and Jo opened the side of the incubator and very gently lifted Isaac out. She turned to Charlie who had a tear rolling down her cheek. She loved moments like these. The first cuddle with mummy was always a special one. “You have the camera ready, daddy?” Jo said looking to Brax. Brax nodded before he put Grace down and pulled it from his pocket, of course wanting to capture this moment. Jo smiled at him before carefully placing Isaac on Charlie’s chest. Charlie caught her breath as her heart started fluttering, over come with emotions. She gently put her hand onto Isaac’s back, loving feeling his heart beating against her chest. Brax clicked and clicked at the camera as Grace stood close to her mother, staring up at Isaac in awe. Jo smiled down at the scene before leaving them to have this moment as a family.

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Thanks for the comments . :)


Grace had her hand over the blanket that was covering her little brother and her mother. Charlie and Isaac had had cuddles for almost 20 minutes, Charlie not even able to put into words how great this moment felt. Brax was kneeling down at the side of Charlie, looking at his son’s little face, or at least, what he could see of his face with the CPAP tube still being there to help his with his breathing. “He looks like a different baby today.” Brax said, cupping his hand around his tiny head.

Grace gasped as she took her hand away from his back. “He not my baby Isaac?”

“Of course he is,” Charlie laughed. “Brax just means he’s looking a lot a better. A lot different from the last time we saw him.”

“Oh,” Grace scratched the side of her head, looking a little unsure still. “But he still my baby Isaac?”

“Yes,” Charlie answered, her hand gently stroking her son’s back. She loved this moment and she really didn’t want it to end, but she knew that Brax would be longing to hold to his son. “Uhm...should give you a cuddle before he needs to go back.” Charlie said and Brax smiled but looked really nervous.

“I don’t know he’s just so tiny.” Brax exhaled as he rubbed one hand over his other.

“You’ll be fine with him,” Charlie gave him an encouraging smile. “He needs a hug from his daddy.”

“Yeah buddy,” Grace looked up at him. “You gots to hug my baby Isaac.”

“I do huh?” Brax looked down to Grace who nodded her head. Charlie smiled as she stood up from the chair, Brax moving the tubes and wires with her. Charlie rubbed Isaac’s back as Brax unbuttoned his shirt and took a seat on the chair. Charlie gently moved Isaac and placed him down on Brax’s chest, keeping the blanket over her son to keep him warm. As she put her bra and top back she smiled at seeing Brax looking down lovingly at his son. She looked into his eyes seeing him misting over at holding his son for the first time. “God Charlie this feels....” Brax exhaled loudly. “I....” He shook his head a little as her hand gently rubbed his son’s back.

“I know right?” Charlie bent down next to the seat as Grace leaned into her. She wrapped one arm around Grace as she put her other hand onto Brax’s arm. “There are not words to describe the feeling.”

“It’s just....wow,” Brax looked lovingly at his tiny baby. “The feeling of his heart beating against you...it’s...” Brax once again exhaled as he couldn’t find the words to describe how great this moment was.

“I know,” Charlie said. “It’s just the best, isn’t it?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded lightly before looking back down to his son and they fell into silence at this perfect moment.


“Grandma,” Grace burst through the door and into the house where Ruby had already let Roberto and Carla into the house. “Wow Grandma.” Grace jumped up into Carla’s arms.

“Hey sweetheart.” Carla hugged Grace close. She didn’t see her often and always loved her time with her, not matter how little it was.

“You come see my baby Isaac?” Grace questioned.

“Uhm,” Carla looked up to Charlie who gave a little nod. “Yeah, how about we go after lunch?”

“Yeah,” Grace cheered before running over to her Grandpa. “Hey Pappy.” Grace cuddled into him.

“Hey monkey,” Roberto gave his granddaughter a kiss. “I hope Santa was good to you.”

“The best,” Grace nodded. “I got me bike. It orange,” Grace widened her eyes. “And dresses and lollies and toys and a dolly and too much things.” Grace held her hands out to the side, not even remembering all she got.

“Ah so you won’t want a gift from grandma and me then?” Roberto questioned.

“Oh yes Pappy,” Grace nodded. “I do.”

Roberto and Carla laughed as Carla pushed the big box from behind the couch. Grace gave a little jump at yet another present before running over and ripping into it, revealing the big Victorian style dollhouse. “Ah wow Grace, what do you say?” Charlie questioned, looking down at the gift.

“Thank you Grandma and Pappy.” Grace smiled up at them sweetly.

“You are welcome sweetie.” Carla ruffled her hair before looking to Charlie and Brax.

“We got you and Darryl gifts too, Charlotte,” Roberto said, pointing to the gifts at the table. “And there’s one there for little Isaac too.”

“And Ruby?” Grace asked, her gaze staying on the picture of the dollhouse that was on the box.

“Of course,” Carla answered. “She’s already opened hers. Her and Xavier have gone along to Leah’s,” Carla said before looking back to Charlie. “We said we’d just meet them there for lunch.”

“Right,” Charlie gave a little nod before looking to her watch. “We should be getting there actually,” Charlie said looking to Brax. “I think we spend too long at the hospital.”

“Oh Charlotte I’m sure everyone would understand you being a little late. You were seeing your boy,” Roberto said. “Lovely name by the way. Isaac. It’s a good strong name.”

Charlie gave her father in law a smile and was about to reply before she felt a little hand pulling on hers. “Mummy where is their presents?” Grace questioned.

“Oh they are in mummy’s room,” Charlie told her daughter. “Why don’t you go get them?” Charlie ruffled Grace’s hair before Grace ran out of the room.

“So how is the little one?” Carla asked.

“He’s getting stronger every day,” Charlie gave a smile. “We got to hold him today for the first time.” Charlie’s smile grew larger, thinking about the precious moment with her son.

“What a great Christmas present,” Roberto smiled. “Bet it was special.” Roberto looked up to Brax with a smile.

“Indeed sir,” Brax nodded. “One of the best moments of my life.” Brax told him and Roberto smiled, seeing the glint of joy in his eyes.

“Oh did I tell you that Gail and Richard have a daughter in the NICU?” Charlie questioned and Carla’s eyes widened at the mention of their name.

“No,” Carla shook her head. “Not sure I’d like to see them again. How are you dealing with that?” Carla asked, knowing it must be hard on Charlie to see Gail and more especially Richard; of course it would remind her of Angelo.

“Well thankfully I’ve only seen Richard a couple of times,” Charlie told her. “He works funny hours so is always at the NICU pretty late at night,” Charlie exhaled. “Gail tries to talk when she sees me and I don’t want to seem rude you, know, but...” Charlie trailed off and bit her lip. “Thankfully Brax is most always around so he’s there for me.” Charlie lightly rubbed his chest as her other arm wrapped around his back. Carla and Roberto looked to each other and smiled, glad Charlie was able to find happiness again.

“Got them,” Grace came running through dropping some of the parcels. Brax laughed before going over to help her. “Thank you buddy.” Grace smiled as she ran over to her Pappy and gave him his gifts as Brax handed Carla hers.

“Right we’ll get these gifts opened before heading to lunch hmm?” Charlie questioned.

“Yeah I help my buddy,” Grace said as she took the gift from Carla and Roberto to Brax from his hands and started to rip it open. Once again Carla and Roberto exchanged a glance before they opened their gifts.

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Thank you Chax, Sarah, beebee, Zoe and Spotd1 for the comments. :)


Brax had been asked to go for a walk with Carla after lunch. They were walking along the beach, the hot summer sun shining down on them as they let the water lap gently around their bare feet. “You’re just wonderful with Grace.” Carla smiled as she stopped walking and turned to look up to Brax.

“She’s a great kid,” Brax smiled lovingly. “I’m honoured to be in her life and I only hope I can do half as good as Angelo would have with her.” Brax gave Carla a sympathetic smile.

“You’re doing just as good as he would have,” Carla told him. “And how you are with Charlie....the way you’ve brought life back into her eyes...” Carla smiled as she rubbed his arm. “You’ve been so good for her. I was scared she wasn’t going to let herself be happy again, but now she has you and little Isaac, I....you’ve made her see life is still worth living.”

“She really does mean the world to me,” Brax told Carla. “And little Grace. I love her so much.”

“I can see that and it’s very evident she is very fond of you too,” Carla said. “You’re her buddy,” Carla smiled. “She’s besotted with you,” Brax smiled a little. “I do have a question for you though,” Carla said and Brax gave her a questioning look. “Do you ever think you’ll marry Charlie?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head sadly. “She doesn’t want to get married again. She said.....” Brax took a deep breath to compose himself. “She married Angelo for life. She doesn’t want to break those vows and I need to respect that.”

Carla could see the slight sadness in Brax’s eyes. “But you want to marry her?”

“It’s not something I would break up with her over but.....yeah,” Brax answered truthfully. “It would have been nice to get married but we are living together and we have Isaac....”Brax trailed off. “We still have a great life even without the rings.”

“And you ahve her love,” Carla rubbed his arm as she smiled. “It’s very clear she loves you deeply.”

“I know she does,” Brax smiled. “But you know.....you know she’s never actually told me. She’s just freezes up every time she tries.”

“Oh,” Carla looked a little surprised. “You know, Brax, Angelo is the only person Charlie has told she loves,” Carla told him. “Of course she tells the girls and her friends but you know thats a different kind of love, right?” Carla questioned and Brax gave a little nod in reply.

“But Angelo. He’s really the only man Charlie has said I love you too?” Brax questioned, sounding a little surprised.

“Yes,” Carla nodded. “You know about....about Ruby’s biological father, I take it?” Carla spoke tentatively, not wanting to let any secrets out of the bag.

“I do.” Brax gave a little nod.

“Well he obviously left Charlie with a lot of issues to face. One of them was letting herself fall completely for a man. Trust him and love him. It’s so clear that she is in love with you, but...” Carla gave a little shrug. “Sometimes she struggles to get her emotions out.”

“Yeah.” Brax exhaled. Hearing that her dead husband was the only man she’d said those 3 little words too, made him understand a little more why Charlie might not be able to say it. He knew she did love him, it was very clear, but he always knew there must be a reason why she couldn’t get it out and was now beginning to think he understood why.


Xavier led Ruby along the beach to the rocky area. She gasped as she saw a bottle of champagne in a cooler and scatter flower petals all around the rock. He looked at her and smiled before leading her up the rocks to the large one that came out over the ocean below. They sat down on the rocks, Xavier wrapping his arm around her as she rested her head on his chest. “We’ve had quiet an eventful 5 years together huh?”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “But it’s all made us stronger, don’t you think?”

“Without a doubt,” Xavier asked, placing a kiss on her head as one of his hands gently ran through her curly locks. “I know we’ve been together since we were kids but I couldn’t ever imagine being with anyone but you, Rubes.” Xavier spoke softly and Ruby sat up from his chest and turned to face him, a smile forming on her face.

“That’s good because I couldn’t imagine being with anyone but you.” Ruby’s smile grew larger before she leaned forward and kissed her boyfriend on the lips.

“I want to wake up with you next to me every day,” Xavier smiled. “I want you to be the mother of my children. My best friend through life. I want to grown old with you and see this world with you,” Xavier paused as the smiles on his and Ruby’s faces grew. “But most importantly. I want you to be my wife,” Xavier said and Ruby gave a gasp of shock and surprise. “Ruby Buckton will you marry me?” Xavier pulled the box from his pocket, opening it out for Ruby to see. Ruby screamed before she threw her arms around his neck and placed a long sensual kiss on his lips.

“Yes.” Ruby pulled back to give her answer before Xavier placed the ring on her finger before they once again met in a rather passionate embrace.


Grace was sitting on her ‘Pappy’s’ knee at the table, while Lucy, VJ, Heath and Miles were playing with a football in the garden. Molly was sitting on Charlie’s knee, her eyes glued to the bracelet Charlie was wearing, one of the presents that she’d received from Brax that morning. She let out some babbles before putting her little hand onto it. “Careful.” Charlie put her hand onto Molly’s taking it from her bracelet. Molly turned her head up to face Charlie and gave a sad pout before she placed her hand back onto the bracelet.

“She goes for anything shiny right now,” Bianca told her. “Makes a change from mummy’s hair though, huh?” Bianca leaned forward and ruffled her daughter’s blonde locks. Molly babbled some more as she looked to her mother before looking back down to the bracelet. “So, Roberto have you seen Isaac yet?”

“No,” Roberto answered. “We will go in with them this afternoon though,” Roberto smiled. “We’re very excited to see the little guy.”

“He’s my baby Isaac,” Grace looked up at her Pappy her big blue eyes all wide and serious looking. “Not little guy.”

“Ah I see.” Roberto gave a nod of his head.

“He like buddy,” Grace told him. “Not like mummy.” Grace shook her head, her ponytail swaying from side to side.

“He is like his daddy,” Leah joined in the conversation. “Such a gorgeous little one.”

“Yeah the most,” Grace gave a nod, clearly besotted with her baby brother. “Oh mummy,” Grace slapped the sides of her cheeks with her hands, everyone wincing as they heard a slapping sound. “Oh no.” Grace sounded very dramatic.

“What is it?” Charlie asked, Molly even looking up to Grace as the sound of her slaps.

“I forgetted to put new hat on him.” Grace sounded like it was the end of the world.

“We can do it when we go back,” Charlie told her daughter. “It’s alright.”

“Nurse Jo might does it herself.” Grace exhaled, sounding a little panicked that she wouldn’t get to help put the new hat onto her brother.

“She won’t have,” Charlie hoped. “I’m sure she’ll have left it for you do it.” Charlie said.

“Promise?” Grace asked.

“Yup.” Charlie gave a little nod.

“When we go?” Grace questioned, keen t get to the hospital to put the hat onto her brother.

“Once Brax and Grandma get back from their little walk.” Charlie said and Grace looked up to her Pappy and gave the biggest grin, excited for once again to see her baby Isaac.

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Thanks for the comments. This one is a little smaller than usual and I don’t like it at all. I’m a bit lost (again). I hope I can figure things out soon. :)


Carla and Roberto had joined Charlie, Brax and Grace in their afternoon visit to the hospital to see Isaac. “Charlie,” Carla exhaled as she looked into the incubator. “He’s gorgeous. Just like Darryl.”

“He’s my baby Isaac,” Grace smiled from her Pappy’s arms. “Look Pappy, see ‘im.”

“I can see him,” Roberto smiled at Grace before looking back to Isaac in the incubator. “He’s lovely, Charlotte. Congratulations.” Charlie gave her father in law a smile.

“Aww it would have been nice to have a cuddle.” Carla spoke softly.

“I’m sure one day you will be getting loads of cuddles.” Brax smiled at Carla.

“Aww yeah.” Carla put her hand into the hole in the side of the incubator and with her index finger, gently rubbed Isaac’s tiny hand.

“Merry Christmas,” Everyone looked up as they heard a voice and saw Gail and her husband Richard were walking over to them. “Hey Grace I hope Santa was good to you.”

Grace looked at the strange woman who kept trying to talk to her during some visits to the NICU and nodded her head as she cuddled more into her Pappy. “I gots a bike and lots.” Grace spoke quietly, always very shy with someone until she really got to know them.

“Aww wow,” Gail smiled. “Mrs and Mr Rosetta,” Gail looked to them, remembering them when they were visiting their son during his illness. “How are you doing?”

“We’re okay,” Carla smiled weakly, immediately thinking of her son, understanding even more now how Charlie must feel when she talks with Gail and Richard. “Having a lovely Christmas with Monkey and the family.”

“I’m sure you are,” Gail smiled. “How’s Isaac doing?”

“Getting stronger every day,” Brax answered. “We uhm....got to hold him this morning. Best feeling in the world.”

“Oh isn’t it?” Gail questioned. “Richard here teared up when he held Daisy. Oh it was a lovely sight, wasn’t it hunny?” Gail put her hand onto Richard’s arm. “A big 6 foot man with a tiny 17 inch baby on his chest....oh...” Gail put her hand onto her heart and exhaled loudly. Charlie looked to Richard. He was just standing there politely waiting on his wife. Charlie could see he felt a little uncomfortable being there and wondered if it had something to with the fact he survived when Angelo didn’t and now it seemed he was there rubbing it in her face.

“How longs you’re little one been in here?” Carla asked.

“One month now,” Gail answered. “Was born at 29 weeks. She’s slowly getting there though. Was two weeks old when we could hold her as opposed to Isaac’s 9 days. So, it’s looking good for your little fella too.”

“Well we just take each day as it comes.” Charlie answered, her gaze going onto her son. As much as she wanted to believe he was going to be perfectly fine she knew things could change at any minute and it might go the other way.

“Sweetheart let’s leave them to Isaac,” Richard said, lightly pushing on his wife’s shoulder. “Let’s go see our little girl.”

“Yes sorry,” Gail said. “Talk to you later.” Gail gave everyone a smile before she walked down to the back of the room with her husband following behind. Richard turned around and exchanged a smile with Charlie before both families looked down to their babies once more.


Ruby looked down to the ring on her finger; not quite believing what had happened was true. “So I didn’t nod off and dream this up.” Ruby smiled as she cuddled herself into Xavier in the bed, Xavier and Ruby going back to Ruby’s place shortly after the proposal to ‘celebrate’.

“Well you nodded off.” Xavier laughed.

“Well we had a busy afternoon.” Ruby answered with a little laugh as she cuddled even further in him, resting her hand him, her fingers gently caressing his chest.

“Hmm a very good afternoon though,” Xavier said, placing a kiss on her head. “In fact I think we need another repeat.” Xavier grinned.

“Another?” Ruby looked at him, her eyes widened. “You sure you have another round in you?” Ruby asked with a cheeky grin.

“For you, yes,” Xavier answered. “And besides, we need to practise for the honeymoon.” Xavier raised his eyebrows before placing a soft kiss on Ruby lips.

“The honeymoon hey?” Ruby said. “We’ve only just go engaged.”

“I know, but I want to make you Mrs Austin as soon as possible. I just want to be able to call you my wife.” Xavier ran his hands threw Ruby’s hair as he spoke.

“Don’t you think introducing me as your fiancée will be nice too?” Ruby questioned. “Fiancée, it sounds sexy.” Ruby grinned as she raised her eyebrows.

“Hmmm it does actually,” Xavier grinned. “Now come here, my fiancée.” Xavier said before pulling Ruby into him as they started to kiss.

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Thanks for the comments. Sarah I do not post on fanfiction.net so someone has taken my story and passed it off as their own! Thank you for making me aware of that, it’s not cool. Pembie, yes it is posted on here. I wrote it back in 2011 and it was the one before Forever Yours. It’ll be in the library if you wanted to check it out. :D


Charlie and Brax were snuggled up on the couch. Carla and Roberto of course staying for a few days with them were in the guest room. Grace had been put to bed long ago and Ruby and Xavier were out seeing their friends and celebrating their engagement. After the afternoon visit to the hospital, Charlie, Carla, Roberto, Grace and Ruby went to Angelo’s grave while Brax stayed back at the hospital with Isaac. Brax knew not to ask anything about the grave visits. Sometimes Charlie spoke to him about it but most times she kept it private and Brax had to respect that. Angelo was a huge part of her life and would always remain so, especially because of Grace. “His three year anniversary is coming up soon,” Charlie exhaled sadly, that one day in January that she dreaded so much fast approaching. Of course with Ruby’s birthday a few days later it made things a little better knowing they had a good celebration too, but then again, on the 2nd February it was their wedding anniversary, so his death and their anniversary being so close was always a hard couple of weeks. “Then our seventh wedding anniversary. Or well, what would have been.” Charlie bit her lip, running her fingers over her bare wedding ring finger. Brax gave a smile of understanding as he rubbed her arm and placed a kiss on her head.

“I....” Brax didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay,” Charlie told him. “I don’t expect a reply. I just....I’m just thinking out loud really,” Charlie snuggled herself more into his chest, smelling in his cologne. “And I don’t want you to think I’m not happy with you,” Charlie said sitting up and turning to face him. “Because I am. I am so happy. Of course I am and now we have Isaac, I...” Charlie exhaled. “I know I still get sad over Angelo but you know how much I lo....” Charlie once again froze. “You know right?” Charlie questioned. “That I do, so much and I’m so so so happy with the life we have together. I can be sad but still be so happy with you.”

“I know,” Brax gave a little smile as he tucked her hair behind her ear. “And I know Angelo was the only person you’ve said those words too,” Brax spoke softly. “It’s special and if you need to keep it that way....” Brax pursed his lips together. “I know you love me. You don’t need to say it.”

“I want too,” Charlie felt herself welling up. “I....of course it was something special when I said it to Angelo but....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I can’t say it to you even though I so badly want to be able to....I....it’s....the one person I told that to died on me,” Charlie took a deep breath to compose herself. “And I don’t want to go through that again.”

“So you think if you tell me that you love me I’ll die too?” Brax questioned. “Baby I’m not going anywhere.”

Charlie sniffed back. “We didn’t think anything would happen to Angelo. Anything can happen at any time and Isaac being here already shows that,” Charlie said. “I’ve already had my heart broken once, there’s no way I could go on if I lost you too,” Charlie’s eyes had misted over and her vision was blurred. She wiped her hand over her eyes as she felt Brax’s hand wrapping around her and rubbing the small of her back. “You mean the world to me, Brax.”

“Well that’s just as good if not better than an I love you,” Brax gave a little smile. “But baby, I’m not planning on going anywhere. We’ll grow old together. I can feel it.” Brax enveloped Charlie in a hug, placing a soft kiss onto her head as they stayed in the embrace.


Carla, Roberto, Ruby and Xavier had Grace out on her bike. Lola ragdoll was strapped into the doll seat and a selection of lollies were in the basket, Grace stopping every so often to eat a lolly and sometimes, if she was feeling like sharing, her Pappy, Grandma, Ruby and Xavier would get one too. Brax and Charlie were at the hospital with Isaac spending some quality time with their son before they would meet everyone at the restaurant for lunch. “Aww I still can’t believe my little Ruby is getting married.” Carla and Ruby were walking a little ahead of Xavier and Roberto.

“I still can believe it either,” Ruby looked down to her ring with a smile. “I just wish dad was here to give me away.” Ruby exhaled sadly.

“I know,” Carla answered, giving Ruby’s arm a gentle squeeze. “It would have been a proud day for him.”

“He’ll still be there in spirit,” Ruby smiled weakly. “He loved weddings, dad did,” Ruby said. “I remember him being like a kid on Christmas morning the day of Heath and Bianca’s wedding. Said what’s not to love about watching two people commit themselves to each other,” Ruby laughed fondly. “He also joked that he thought he’d get lucky with the maid of honour.” Ruby laughed again.

Carla gave a little laugh. “Yes he’s always loved weddings. Right from when he was a little kid.”

“Probably the romantic in him,” Ruby said. “He did some adorably romantic things for mum,” Ruby smiled fondly. “Mind you so does Brax. I kind of wrote him off at the start but....” Ruby exhaled. “If she can’t be with dad then I’m glad she’s with Brax.”

“He’s a great guy,” Carla smiled. “And that little boy....oh he’s just gorgeous.”

“Yeah,” Ruby answered. “Grace is besotted too.” Ruby gestured towards her sister who had stopped peddling her bike and was reaching for her lollies.

Carla gave a little smile as she looked at her granddaughter. The offspring of her late son. “I wish we could see her more,” Carla exhaled sadly. “Paulie doesn’t look like he is settling down any time soon. Grace, you....you might be our only grandchildren.”

“Would you ever consider moving closer to her?” Ruby questioned.

“I would in a heartbeat,” Carla answered. “Roberto as much as he loves everyone here still has his restaurants so he wouldn’t leave.”

“He could give them to Paulie,” Ruby suggested. “You are old,” Ruby said and seeing the look on Carla’s face she decided she better add something else. “I mean to be working in a restaurant full time still,” Ruby said. “You know, no one would find it strange if you retired.”

Carla exhaled as she nodded. “I know,” Carla gave a little smile. “And Angelo is here. Our boy and....” Carla trailed off and Ruby could see that Carla really would consider a move to the bay. “Well maybe one day.” Carla said before they continued their walk around the park with Grace, who had already shot off again on her bike.

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Thank you Spotd1, Sarah, beebee, Zoe and Sabrina for the comments. Sorry for the wait for this update and the fact its shorter than normal and not much really happens....I’m really not sure where to take this story anymore :(


Isaac was now six weeks old. He was still in hospital although had been taken off the CPAP about a week ago now. He was still having trouble with suckling though so still needed to be tube fed so had to stay in the hospital a little longer. Charlie had gotten through the anniversary of Angelo’s death and their wedding anniversary and of course they had Ruby 20th in between which was a great party. Today was the day of Charlie and Brax’s two year anniversary and they had been out for a nice meal to celebrate after of course having spent the day at the hospital with their little boy. They were now walking along the beach, the sun setting in the horizon. “It’s a gorgeous night,” Charlie smiled as she walked over the sand, hand in hand with Brax as the damp sand squashed between her toes. “So still and peaceful.”

“Yeah it’s lovely,” Brax smiled, stopping walking, causing Charlie to stop to. “Let’s sit for a while,” Brax said sitting down on the sand as Charlie took a seat next to him, resting her head on his shoulder as he wrapped an arm around her. “I love you so much. I love the life we have together. I love Monkey and Rubes and of course our little Isaac. You’ve made me the happiest man ever Charlie and I never want to let you go.”

“Well I don’t intend on going anywhere.” Charlie looked up at him and gave him a loving smile.

Brax returned the smile before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little box. Charlie widened her eyes as she saw the box. “Brax please don’t. I can’t.....I can’t.....”

“Don’t worry. It’s not what you think,” Brax told her. “Charlie, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and I.....I just want to show that commitment we have for each other.” Brax said.

“Don’t we have Isaac for that?” Charlie questioned.

“Of course,” Brax answered. “But I wanted to give you a little something. I....” Brax opened the box to reveal a white gold ring, with little diamonds set all around it. “It’s an eternity ring,” Brax told her. “Will you be my eternity?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded as she felt her eyes pricking with tears.

“Of course.” Charlie answered and Brax smiled as he put the ring onto her finger before they met in a kiss.


Ruby and Xavier were at Charlie’s place, staying in to watch Grace, letting Charlie and Brax have their night out. Grace was her usual easy self, bathing and going to bed with no problems. “She makes me want to have a kid right away.” Xavier smiled as he snuggled on the couch with Ruby.

Ruby gave a little laugh. “She is easy,” Ruby answered. “Chances are we’ll get a little terror. I could imagine you being trouble when you were a baby.”

Xavier mocked offence. “Ruby I am shocked you’d think that of me. I was always a little angel sure.”

“Sure you were.” Ruby rolled her eyes.

Xavier gave a little laugh. “You want children though, right?”

“Of course I do,” Ruby answered. “Don’t you know me at all?”

“I was just making sure,” Xavier told her. “You’ll be a great mum.”

“You think?” Ruby questioned. “Sometimes I’m not so sure. I mean I love Grace but sometimes I do wish she’d leave me alone.” Ruby gave a little laugh.

“Of course,” Xavier said. “She is your little sister. She is supposed to annoy you. When it’s your own kid it will be different,” Xavier smiled as he rubbed her arm. “You know, I reckon we could do it soon too.”

“No way,” Ruby sat up and stared at him, surprised by his comment. “Babe we are twenty,” Ruby exhaled. “You are still in cop training. I am still at uni. It’s way too early to be talking about babies for us.”

“Maybe,” Xavier exhaled. “I guess just being around Isaac is making me all clucky,” Xavier laughed. “Cutie little baby.”

“He is huh,” Ruby smiled as she got an image of her baby brother in her mind and she hoped that he’d be home soon, not just for him but for Charlie and Brax too. After everything they’d been through they deserved to have a happy family life. “But I think watching my little siblings will do for me on the baby front for now,” Ruby said. “But one day, Mr Austin we will have lots of little ones running around.”

“Oh yeah.” Xavier smiled and Ruby nodded before she kissed her fiancé, loving how things turned out between the two of them.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie was sitting in the hospital, holding her son against her chest. Brax had gone to pick up Grace from Kindy and Charlie was enjoying some special mother son time. “Look like you never want to let go.” Charlie looked up as she heard the voice.

“I wish I didn’t have too.” Charlie answered, her hand rubbing her son’s back.

“He’s strong,” Richard pointed to the seat next to her and Charlie gave a little a nod. “He’s going to be allowed home soon.”

Charlie gave a hopeful smile. “How’s Daisy?”

“She’s not so good,” Richard exhaled as he looked over to the incubator. “She’s keeps declining,” Richard took a deep breath to compose himself. “She’s 10 weeks now, it’s about time she was coming home but there always seems to be something keeping her. Infections, low blood count, apnea...” Richard trailed off as he ran his hand over his forehead. “This is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to face,” Richard said, looking back up at Charlie. “I’d take the Cancer back in a heartbeat if it meant she was okay and could come home.”

Charlie pursed her lips together. “Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.” Angelo used to tell her that. That he may be getting worse right now but it’s only so he can eventually get better.

“Yeah yeah,” Richard cleared his throat before his eyes set on Charlie’s eternity ring. “You been getting married?”

“No no no,” Charlie shook her head. “I can’t. I uhm....no, just no.” Charlie exhaled as she looked down to her son.

“Did I hit a nerve?” Richard asked.

Charlie pursed her lips together. “I just can’t get married again.”

“You know if you marry someone else it won’t change what you had with Angelo,” Richard spoke tentatively. “You can move on and be happy and marry Brax with Angelo still meaning the world to you. If having Cancer taught me anything it was that life is short and you don’t know when your time is going to be up,” Richard exhaled softly. “If you love him and want to be happy with him, take that, Charlie. You can always remember and love Angelo and the marriage you had with him but you deserve to have that Brax too.”

“Brax and I have a great life,” Charlie told him. “We live together in the house where I lived with Angelo. Brax is bringing up Angelo’s daughter. We have a child together; we do and have everything that a married couple would have and do. It’s the closest I can get. I need to keep one thing that was just between me and Angelo. If I marry Brax then Angelo has nothing that was just for him and I don’t want to get married again. Spend the rest of my life with Brax, yes, but marriage....” Charlie trailed off as she gave a little shrug before shaking her head.

“Mummy.” Grace’s voice could be heard through the NICU. Charlie looked up to see Grace running over to them with a picture in her hands.

“Hey Monkey,” Charlie gave Grace a kiss. “How was Kindy?”

“Good. I drawed for my baby Isaac.” Grace showed Charlie the picture. It was blues and greens and something that resembles circles and squares.

“Aww wow, that’s great.” Charlie smiled.

“I’ll just get back to Daisy.” Richard stood up from the seat and squeezed Charlie’s shoulder. She gave him a smile before he left her to her family. She watched him as he walked away, what he said not far from her mind. She knew in her heart she couldn’t remarry and knew that Brax respected that choice but felt maybe there was something else that she could try harder at doing for him. She looked up to Brax and gave him a smile which he returned, before kneeling down in front of her, his hand immediately rubbing his son.


Charlie and Brax were getting ready for bed after their day, the majority of it spent at the hospital with Isaac and Grace. Charlie walked over to her dresser, where her wedding rings to Angelo sat on display. She picked up the box and ran her hand over them, exhaled sadly. “You okay?” Brax walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, placing a soft kiss on her neck.

“Fine.” Charlie answered, running her hands over the rings once more before she took a deep breath, closing the box and putting it away in her jewellery box.

Brax was surprised by her actions. “I hope you haven’t done that on my account.” Brax spoke softly and Charlie shook her head as she turned around and cuddled into him.

“I just....” Charlie exhaled. “It felt like......I.....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I don’t want to rid him completely from my life but I....Angelo was my past and you are my present and more importantly, my future.”

Brax smiled as he kissed her forehead. “We’re going to have a great one. Me, you, Grace, Isaac, any other kids we have,” Brax smiled. “And of course Rubes too.”

“I know we will,” Charlie smiled, knowing that her future was bright and a lot of that was thanks to the man she was standing with her arms wrapped around. “I’m....I....” Charlie took a deep breath.

“It’s okay,” Brax smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. “I know how much you love me.”

“I do,” Charlie nodded her head. “Very much so, Brax. I do. I lov....”Charlie pursed her lips together, her heart beating faster. “Can you go outside?” Charlie questioned and idea suddenly coming to her. Maybe she could say it to him, without actually saying it to him directly.

“What?” Brax looked confused. “Why? It’s dark and I think it might actually be raining.”

“Not outside outside,” Charlie scrunched her nose. “Just in the hallway.”

Brax rubbed the back of his head in confusion before walking out into the hall. “Okay, I’m standing out here.” Brax said still very confused.

“Darryl Braxton,” Charlie pursed her lips together before she took a deep breath to compose herself. “I....love....you.” Charlie’s voice was rushed and quiet but she was heard. Brax walked back into the room the hugest grin on his face before he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

“I love you so much.” Brax whispered before once again placing a kiss on Charlie’s lips and they made their way over to the bed, Charlie feeling relief wash over her at finally getting those 3 little words out, but Richard’s reminder that life is short had spurred her into telling him, because she didn’t know when his time would be up and not having the chance to tell him how she really felt would be far worse.

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Thanks so much for the lovely comments. :)


The day was February 26th and it was the day that Isaac was due to be born, but instead he was turning 10 weeks old. 10 long weeks of NICU visits for Charlie, Brax, Ruby and Grace, but now they were now finally at an end. Isaac was strong enough to go home. He’d grown from a tiny 16 inches to a still pretty tiny 17.5 inches and went from 3lbs 2oz to 5lbs exactly. He was slowly growing and gaining weight but the nurses were happy enough with his health and his progress to allow him to go home. “We getting my baby Isaac.” Grace skipped around the nursery, little red dungarees with a pirate ship on the front that said ‘Ahoy’ and a white and blue stripy t-shirt underneath, the size being ‘tiny baby’ waving about in her hand. The clothes they had for 0-3 months looked like they would drown him right now, so more shopping needed to be done and Grace had a great time picking out lots of clothes for her little brother in both tiny baby and premature baby sizes.

“You picked out an outfit then?” Brax questioned and Grace nodded before running over to him.

“This one buddy.” Grace held it up.

“Aww yeah good choice monkey,” Brax ruffled her hair as he looked down to Isaac’s coming home outfit. “Where’s mummy?”

“She getting her shoes.” Grace started skipping around again, singing that her baby Isaac was coming home. Brax left the nursery and walked into their bedroom, finding Charlie sitting on the bed, her shoes on already.

“You okay?” Brax questioned as he sat down next to her, wrapping an arm around her.

“Mmm,” Charlie gave a little nod. “It’s just....I know we’ve wanted this day for so long but now it’s actually here I...” Charlie took a deep breath.

“I know it’s pretty scary, right?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded. “But we are ready for this and so is Isaac. He wouldn’t be allowed to come home otherwise.”

“I know,” Charlie exhaled as she played with her eternity ring. “I’m so excited that he is finally coming home but I am so nervous at the same time. He’s so small and fragile still and....” Charlie pursed her lips together. “Ah I’m sure everything will fall into place when he gets home.”

“No doubt it will,” Brax squeezed her arm. “Kinda funny that it’s today of all days he gets to come home eh?”Brax questioned. “The day he was due to be born.”

“Yeah,” Charlie exhaled as Grace came running into the room, holding Isaac’s coming home outfit. “Hey monkey,” Charlie opened her arms out and Grace leaned in against her. “You ready to go get Isaac?”

“Yeah,” Grace jumped up. “Let’s go now,” Grace grinned as she pulled on Charlie and Brax’s hands. “Let’s go get my baby Isaac.” Grace screeched before she ran out of the room, Charlie and Brax walking behind her, both of them with a smile on their faces at going to bring their son home.


Grace helped Charlie dress Isaac in his outfit, never taking her eyes off her brother once. Jo had been given flowers, a necklace, a picture of Isaac in a silver frame with flower detail around it and a big box of chocolates as a thank you gift, plus they left a box of chocolates for the rest of nurses. “Home time?” Charlie looked up as she heard Gail’s voice. Daisy, although she was 16 weeks old, was still in the hospital.

“Yeah,” Charlie gave a smile. “Daisy is doing great now to though, surely she’ll be home soon?”

“They think tomorrow,” Gail sounded relieved. “It’s finally going to be over.”

“That’s great news,” Brax smiled. “It’s been a long haul for you.”

“Oh I know. But better that than coming home to soon.” Gail said and Charlie and Brax agreed.

“You like my baby Isaac clothes?” Grace questioned, staying close to her mother who was holding onto her baby son.

“Aww yeah,” Gail smiled. “Did you pick that out?” Gail questioned and Grace nodded with a big grin on her face. “Well you picked a good one.”

“He has lots of clothes thats nice,” Grace said. “All thems are, ay?” Grace looked to Brax for confirmation.

“Yeah.” Brax gave a little laugh as he nodded.

“Well I really am pleased for you,” Gail smiled as she rubbed Charlie’s arm before looking down to Isaac. “See you you gorgeous little guy,” Gail rubbed Isaac’s arm. “Oh Charlie I’ll give you my number,” Gail reached into her bag and pulled out a small address book and pen and jotted her number down. “Would love these little ones to be friends,” Gail smiled as she handed Charlie her number. “And we’re both preemie mums so we can talk concerns with each other and such.” Gail said.

“Right yeah,” Charlie pursed her lips together. “I’ll give you a call sometime.”

“Great,” Gail once again rubbed Isaacs little arm. “Well I’ll get back to Daisy but you enjoy this day.” Gail gave them one final smile before she walked over to her daughter as Charlie, Brax and Grace left the NICU this time with baby Isaac.


Charlie was sitting in the back of the car, in the middle seat between her youngest two kids. Grace’s gaze was on Isaac as Charlie was holding onto his little hand. “Is we got the party now?” Grace questioned.

“What party?” Charlie questioned, looking to Grace before looking to Brax.

“Uhm I don’t know what she is talking about.” Brax gave a little shrug as he indicated right, before stopping to give way to the other cars.

“Yes buddy,” Grace sighed. “Ruby is doing it.”

“Grace,” Brax muttered and Charlie gave a little laugh. “Is this a surprise?” Charlie questioned.

“Oh.” Grace gasped before slapping her hands over her mouth.

“I wasn’t even aware she knew,” Brax sighed. “It’s not really a party,” Brax said. “Just a little welcome home for Isaac that Rubes wanted to do for us. Only Ruby, Xav, Bianca, Heath, the girls, April and Leah will be there,” Brax told her. “And I said not for too long either. We want time with our son on his first day home.”

“Yeah.” Charlie answered, staring down at her sleeping baby. “Will be nice to see everyone though,” Charlie exhaled. She felt like she hadn’t properly seen everyone for a long time, giving they were always at the hospital. “For a little bit.”

“Lucy and Molly will be there to play,” Grace was swinging her legs from her car seat as she continued to look at Isaac. “With me and Isaac.”

“Isaac might be a little young to play.” Brax said, keeping his eyes on the road.

“We will cuddle him,” Grace said. “Cuddle him all the time. He’s my baby Isaac.” Grace gave a little nod as she spoke, as if to confirm what she was saying was correct. Charlie laughed lightly before looking back to her son, his eyes fluttering a little, but he stayed asleep. She felt a big smile growing on her face as she thought about finally being able to take him into the house and into his own nursery.

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Thank you Sarah, Spotd1, beebee, RoRo90, Sabrina, Zoe and Pembie for the comments. I have decided it’s good time to end this one, so, unfortunately there are only two updates left. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this one. :wub:


Brax carried the car seat into the house, Grace skipping in behind him and Charlie following. There was a ‘Welcome Home Isaac’ banner hanging on the wall and some cupcakes with blue icing sat on the table, Lucy and Molly staring intently at them. “Hey,” Bianca was first to greet them. “Aww he’s still so tiny.” Bianca gushed as she took the car seat from Brax, laying it on the couch and lifting Isaac out into her arms.

“You’d think he’d just been born,” Leah leaned down next to Bianca, rubbing his little hand with her finger. “He’s gorgeous though.”

“Mummy,” Lucy pulled on her arm. “Can we eat them cupcakes now?” Lucy asked.

“Sure.” Bianca answered and Lucy and Grace grinned before picking up a cupcake each. Molly reached out for one and Heath picked one up and lifting his daughter into his arms, going to help her with her cupcakes. Molly frowned a little before sticking her hand on the top and lifting some icing up and putting some in her mouth, the rest getting stuck around her lips before looking to her mother. Her little eyebrows furrowed together.

“Mamma,” Molly held her hands out, showing her sticky icing covered hands. “Mamma.”

“Aww looks like you holding the baby is making your little one jealous,” Leah said, taking Isaac in her arms. “Best stop that. Don’t want to upset the little one, do we?” Leah said as Heath put Molly down and she toddled over to her mother, putting her hands on her thighs, getting blue icing stains onto her white dress.

“Thanks for that baby.” Bianca lifted Molly onto her knee and she cuddled into her mother, a cheeky grin on her face.

“Baby,” Molly repeated before looking to Isaac. “Baby baby.” Molly clapped her hands together as Grace and Lucy climbed up onto the couch, sitting next to Leah and looking down to him, Isaac’s big green eyes taking in the room.

“He’s my baby Isaac,” Grace said, running her hand over his head, fine light strands of hair starting to appear. “My baby Isaac.” Grace leaned down and softly kissed his head. Charlie and Brax looked to each other and smiled as Brax wrapped his arms around her and placed a kiss on his temple.

“He’s cute,” Lucy smiled as she watched him intently. “He a little baby ay mummy?” Lucy looked to Bianca who nodded her head.

“Yeah he is,” Bianca answered, looking up to Charlie and Brax and smiling at them. “I know I said this loads but really, congratulations. He’s lovely.”

“We think so.” Charlie smiled as she looked at her son, how was sitting looking around from Leah’s arms.

“Here you go bro,” Heath handed him a beer. Brax screwed the cap off and clinked glass with Heath before raising them in the air. “To Isaac.” Heath said before they took a swig of beer, celebrating that baby Isaac was home with his family.


Charlie and Brax were sitting on their bed, Charlie having just finished feeding Isaac lay him down on the bed in between her and Brax. “Hey precious,” Brax cooed as he rubbed his sons little hand, Isaac taking in the room, his eyes darting around. “He’s the best mistake we have ever made.”

“He wasn’t a mistake,” Charlie hit Brax’s arm. “He was just an earlier than planned addition.” Charlie said and Brax gave a little laugh.

“Yeah,” Brax continued to rub his son’s hand, a big grin on his face. “Thank you for him, Charlie,” Brax looked up at her and smiled. “He’s perfect.”

“Hey half of him is because of you,” Charlie said. “But you are most welcome.” Charlie smiled down at her son.

“I love you.” Brax leaned across and placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips.

“Me too,” Charlie smiled as she rubbed Brax’s cheek. She hadn’t said she loved him again since that time the month before, or at least, she still wasn’t able to say it to his face. If he was in a different room she could tell him or she could tell him if she had her back to him, but Brax knew that it would come one day. She was more than half way there and at least she could say the words now. It was just about her feeling ready to say it to his face. “And I love you baby, very much so.” Charlie lightly rubbed her son’s stomach, Isaac making the quietest of noises.

Brax smiled before he stuck his tongue out at his son, Isaac watching, his eyes a little out of focus still. “You’re going to be a little heart breaker, aren’t you?” Brax cooed before he rubbed his sons hand again before Isaac shut his tiny little hand around Brax’s index finger.

“No woman is ever going to be good enough for him.” Charlie said as she rubbed his other hand, Isaac quickly also grasping on to her finger. Charlie and Brax smiled as they looked into each other’s eyes, before softly kissing on the lips.

“I could sit here forever with you and our son,” Brax smiled. “This life is perfect, Charlie.”

“It is pretty damn good huh?” Charlie said before they both looked down to Isaac who was still gripping on to their fingers. He gave a big yawn and they both smiled down at him, just watching him in awe as he began to fall asleep.

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Thank you beebee, Sarah and Spotd1 for the comments and thanks to everyone else who has read and commented on this one. Hope you like how I ended it. :wub:


Charlie put the box into her bag, zipping it shut and flinging it over her shoulder. “Mmh bah.” Charlie looked down as her 18 month old son crawled into the room. He was yet to start showing an interest in learning to walk, but with him being a preemie baby, his development was a little behind anyways and Charlie and Brax were assured not to be worried. Apart from mamma and dada, Isaac’s only communication was a series of babbles, but again, they weren’t worried yet.

“Hey buddy,” Charlie lifted her son up into her arms and kissed his temple, Isaac grinning as he cuddled into his mother. She smiled as she ran her hand over his soft light brown hair, similar to Brax’s colouring. Isaac looked more and more like Brax each day. “You all ready for your day out?” Isaac was wearing little blue board shorts and a white t-shirt with 3 surf boards on it. Isaac gave her a grin showing off his lovely little white teeth before putting his hand onto Charlie’s cheek.

“Mum,” Grace came running into the room. “Buddy said I surf like a little girl.” Grace folded her arms across her chest as she scowled in the direction of Brax, who laughed as he walked into the bedroom.

“Tell him you are a little girl.” Charlie said.

“Yeah,” Grace put her hands on her hips. “I am a little girl.” Grace stuck her tongue out and Brax gasped.

“A very cheeky little girl.” Brax said before running forward and grabbing Grace, ticking her sides before lifting her over his shoulder, her head dangling down his back.

“Buddy,” Grace giggled as she pounded her fists against his back. “Buddy let me down.” Grace said and Brax laughed before putting her back onto the floor.

“You all set?” Brax questioned and Charlie nodded as she walked out of the room. Isaac still in her arms. Grace skipped out behind her and Brax followed, picking up Grace and Isaac’s beach toys from the hallway.

“You’ll have to carry these,” Brax said, handing them to Grace. Grace took them in her hand before following her mother out of the house. Brax picked up his new surf board, one of the many birthday presents he’d received from Charlie and the kids, as today it was his 33rd birthday and they were going to the beach to celebrate. Of course Charlie and Brax were going out for dinner themselves that night, but right now, it was about family time with the children. He tucked it under his arm before picking up Grace’s little purple surf board and walking the short distance from their house to the beach to enjoy the afternoon playing with his kids.


“Isaac,” Grace giggled at her little brother. “Mummy, buddy, he is eating sand.” Grace pointed to Isaac as he put a handful of sand into his mouth.

“Ah Isaac, don’t eat sand it’ll be yucky.” Charlie pulled his hand away from his mouth, before sticking her fingers into his mouth, trying to get as much sand out as possible. Brax handed her his zippy cup and Charlie offered her son a drink of water, Isaac gladly taking it as he screwed his face up, looking disgusted at the taste in his mouth.

“Silly Isaac,” Grace was still giggling, clearly taking delight in her little brother’s misfortune. “You don’t eat sand,” Grace told him. “Eat a sandwich,” Grace took a sandwich from the little picnic box Charlie had brought and offered it to her brother. Isaac looked down to it before taking it into his hand and holding it close to him. “It’s funny though cos it’s called sandwich. Sand but it’s not sand.” Grace laughed, clearly amused before putting her crusts onto the picnic blanket and picking up the ball. “Will you come play buddy?” Grace looked to Brax hopefully.

“Soon,” Brax told her. “I’m still eating my lunch right now eh.” Brax took a drink of his beer before taking another bit of his sandwich. Grace furrowed her eyebrows before standing up, kicking the ball across the beach and then running after it.

“Ah,” Brax exhaled as he moved a little closer to Charlie, Charlie resting her head on his chest as he wrapped an arm around her. “I’m having a great birthday,” Brax smiled as he placed a kiss on her head. “No fuss made. Just a great day with my family.”

“These sort of days are the best, right?” Charlie questioned and Brax nodded before taking another swig of his beer.

“You sure you don’t want a beer?” Brax questioned. “I know we can’t go silly as we’ve got the kids with us but surely one won’t hurt?” Brax said as he rubbed her arm before looking to Isaac who was still staring down at the sandwich Grace had given him, like he didn’t know what to do with it.

“I’m sure,” Charlie answered, leaning forward and unzipping her bag, pulling out the box. “I have another present for you.”

“Another one?” Brax widened his eyes in surprise. “Baby you have already gotten me so much,” Brax said, putting his beer bottle down on the sand before taking the box in his hand. “This from everyone too?” Brax questioned, giving the box a shake to see if he could get a clue as to what it was.

“Just me,” Charlie answered. “And sort of a bit from you, I guess.” Charlie said and Brax screwed his face up, looking completely confused.

“Well I was about to ask if it was a pen giving the sort of box it’s in but I don’t think that’s what it’ll be,” Brax exhaled. “How can it be a bit from me?” Brax looked pretty puzzled.

“Just open it.” Charlie told him, a smile creeping onto her face.

Brax lifted open the box and saw the little white stick and the words Pregnant 3+ weeks. “Oh my God,” Brax rose his voice and Isaac dropped his sandwich onto the sand as he jumped in fright. “Please don’t tell me this is a joke gift?” Brax looked up to Charlie but by the look on her face, he knew she wasn’t joking.

“It’s no joke.” Charlie said a huge grin on her face. “We’re having a baby.” Charlie grinned.

“Oh God that’s the best birthday present ever,” Brax pulled her into a hug. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Charlie said and Brax grinned. It was only in very special moments Charlie could utter those words to his face, making it all the more special. Brax grinned before smacking his lips against Charlie’s, Charlie smiling into the kiss, letting it deepen. Isaac babbled excitedly as he clapped his hands at seeing his parents in the embrace as Grace came running back over to them, jumping on Brax’s back.

“Roar,” Grace growled. “Come play or swim or something.”

“I know what we can do,” Brax said pulling back from the embrace with Charlie and standing up, Grace staying on his back. “Last one to the water is a rotten egg.” Brax said before taking off with Grace hanging off his back, giggling in delight.

“No fair,” Charlie stood up and lifted Isaac into her arms before running down after Brax and Grace. “Wait on us.” Charlie said, running down to the ocean, Isaac giggling in her arms as she caught up with Brax and Grace so they could have some fun in the ocean.

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