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Snow & Away

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I know there isn't snow in Australia except from a few areas, but I know you have seasons too. But in Summer Bay it is summer the whole year. Doesn't the leaves fall off the threes in Australia? I thought it did, except from the northern areas.

In Home and away it is always warm and they are going for a bath, even if it seems to be a bit cold. And you can see the actors are freezing. But how cold does it get? I know there are big differences because it is a big country, but how is it in Sydney for example?

Earlier I thought it was summer throughout the year in the whole country. But then I started to read more about the country, because I wanted to know more about it. But a lot of people around the world, watching this show don't do that.

I would have liked it to be more realistic. For us who are not Australians it is very easy to get wrong impressions of how Australia really is. We don't know much about your country and it would have been nice if H&A had shown more of it. I know there have been discussions about the lack of multi culturalism, but there are a lot of other things that is not realistic too.. and maybe more than with the question about culture which I suppose varies from place to place.

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Like any other place around the world I presume; Australia has four seasons consisting of Summer (December-February), Autumn (March-May), Winter (June-August) and Spring (September-November).


This link above provides some information about Sydney's weather and climate and it contains statistical information of average temperatures throughout each month in Sydney.

In terms of other major Australian cities climates vary. It's always very warm in Darwin which is in Northern Australia whereas Hobart which is in Tasmania and is a little island off mainland Australia is usually always very cool even in the summer for our standards.

Brisbane and Gold Coast can be warm over the summer but Northern Queensland is always very warm in such places as Cairns for example.

Adelaide and Melbourne (where I live) tend to be relatively cool over the winter period but they can endure extreme warm periods during the summer especially in January and February.

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Also to add to that, Darwin (Northern Territory) don't have four seasons. They only have two - the wet and dry seasons. It is warm or hot (average 30+) all year round.

Sydney summer is mild, if you're from Europe you'd probably think that winter isn't that bad (averaging around 15-20 degrees in winter during the day).

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Thank's for the information. :)

With the temperatures about 15-20 in Sydney i winter (average) it seems that the leaves aren't changing color and fall of the trees then? But maybe it does in colder areas as around Melbourne or in more in the inner country (not around the coastline)?

There are differences in climate in Norway too… Around the coastline there can be many winter days without snow, but not in the inland. And in north the climate is colder than in the south part.

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Well there are a LOT of evergreen trees in Australia, but there are also trees that do shed leaves. Melbourne's winter average is about 14-19 during the day, so again it's not really that cold. I've been to New York in winter and that was cold and snowing.

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Thanks's again.

I've plenty of free time at the moment, being injured for a very long time and not able to go to work. And I am very bored of it, so today I've checked around the web and read some information about Australian climate.

I read an article about Australian winter (written in July this year) and it seems that it is big differences in temperature in the nights and the days and afternoons. I read that some placed around Melbourne it had been -1 degrees below zero in the mornings but it was expected to be about -18/19 in the afternoon. And I wonder if this is the biggest difference between southern parts of Australia and northern Europe for example. Here in Norway there aren't big differences between day and night temperature in the mid summer (June-early August) or in November to early February here in south part of the country, and for a longer period in the North.

But in the spring and autumn the difference in day and night temperature is big.

Around zero in the mornings and about 15-17 in the middle of the day is something it use to be in September here. And also late April and early May sometimes.

But now in November the night and day temperature is about the same…, There was minus 10 (below zero) Celsius last night and in the middle of the day it was minus 6 (below zero) Celsius.

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