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Breathe Me


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Chapter 8

Geoff looked over at Aden. Aden looked back at Geoff. Neither of them broke the silence as they ate the dinner that Irene served up, having been invited to the other woman’s house.

“Strike me,” she exclaimed starring at the both of them.

“Wasn’t me,” Geoff said as Aden sniggered.

“Well do I have mug written on me face? One of you’s just flaming well tell me!”

“Er..” Aden muttered under his breath.

“Nic came to book the church for her wedding.”

Aden sniggered again, “apparently her fiancé is busy until the day of the wedding!” he paused, “Maybe even then he won’t turn up!” he added just to wind Geoff up a bit more.

“Will you stop that!”

“You do know Roman is back don’t you boys? I mean if you really want to keep making jokes at Nic’s expense I’m sure he brought his gun with him seeing as he’s back in the SAS,” Irene said quietly before she lifted her fork to her mouth and took a bite of food.

Aden gasped, “He’s in the SAS?”

“You obviously stopped visiting him in prison?”

Aden frowned at Geoff’s question. “I lost track of everyone after I left,” he finally murmured.

“Easy to do,” Geoff came back immediately.

“So where is he staying? With her? I…” Aden shook his head as the other two looked at him.

“Stay away from Nicole,” Irene warned.

“I can’t,” Geoff shocked them with his comment, “even if I wanted to. She’s one of my parishioners and I’m going to be marrying her.”

Aden sniggered again, never being very far from the schoolboy humour that was part of his charm.

“I wonder if she’s realised that yet?” Irene said quietly.

Geoff choked on his drink as he realised what he’d said. He was going to be marrying Nic. Not marrying her but marrying her. He frowned as the last statement went through his head. If he had feelings for her how could he officiate at her wedding?

“Oh ….. !” he muttered, swearing aloud for the first time in his life.

“Not if her dad is around you won’t!” Aden shot out with and promptly swore himself as Irene clipped him round his ear.

“So now you see what I’s been afraid off,” she said slowly.

“I’m so screwed… “ Geoff muttered still sounding shocked.

“Again not if her dad is around…” Aden grinned, “and please don’t hit me again Irene!”

She glared at him instead.

“Nic is… getting married in my Church. I’m going to have to say the words ‘Does anybody have any objections and… “

Aden put down his knife and fork and looked over at the guy that was more of a brother to him than any of his biological siblings. “Geoff, focus. If you want Nicole then you need to let her know that there are options.”

“Oh no he doesn’t!” Irene butted in.

“Yes, Irene he does,” Aden glared at her for a second until she blinked and seemed to back down, “If there is something I’ve learnt the hard way it’s that life is way too short. I loved Nic, I really did and I never told her because I thought in some way I was freeing her to be herself and not Belle’s surrogate. I lost them both. But you don’t have to lose Nic. She’s here; she’s your second chance. Go for it and I swear to god if you are going to hit me again then I’m not doing the washing up!” he added as Irene raised her hand again.

“I think I’m in love with her,” Geoff said slowly still seeming in shock at the notion.

“Oh for Gawd’s sake!”

Aden smiled over at Irene as she rolled her eyes in derision. “Think or are Bible Boy? You need to be clear on this because you are about to sabotage one of your own weddings!”

“Me?” Geoff smiled slowly, “I think you’ll find this is going to be a group effort. You included Irene!”

“Has you not been listening to a word I’ve said for the past …” she trailed off at the looks on both of their faces before sighing and shaking her head.

“So what is the plan?”

“I don’t have one yet…”

“Maybe you need to take a trip down memory lane?” Irene suggested before she could stop herself.

“Or that Island where you claim nothing happened?” Aden added a sparkle of mischief in his baby-blue eyes.

Geoff sat back trying to look innocent but the stain of a blush was turning his cheeks red making Aden snigger once more.

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“Yes, Irene he does,” Aden glared at her for a second until she blinked and seemed to back down, “If there is something I’ve learnt the hard way it’s that life is way too short. I loved Nic, I really did and I never told her because I thought in some way I was freeing her to be herself and not Belle’s surrogate. I lost them both. But you don’t have to lose Nic. She’s here; she’s your second chance. Go for it and I swear to god if you are going to hit me again then I’m not doing the washing up!” he added as Irene raised her hand again.

Awesome part, I love the fact that Aden and Irene have this friendship! :P

As for Geoff, just tell Nicole you love her or better still get Aden to bang their heads together..

Looking forward to more

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Chapter 9

Aden looked over at Geoff as he sat on the beach looking out at the churning sea. Although there were some heavy duty surfers out there the weather warning kept many confined to the beach although he didn’t think that was what was worrying Geoff. No, it was Nicole being back. Nicole who was marrying someone else and Geoff had to decide if he was going to make a move for her or not. From the glares he was getting off Irene he could tell that his comments from the previous evening had not gone down well. Who in their right minds encouraged the vicar to run off with the bride? Apparently him, he thought with a grimace before turning and walking back into the diner. Definitely an extra cup of coffee needed to start the day.

“Aden,” Roman murmured from behind him.

“Oh my god,” Aden gasped, “I heard you were …”

“Out of prison?”

“and back in uniform although not today obviously,” Aden smirked at the older man as he took in the loud board shorts and the green t-shirt.

“So you’re here for a visit?”

Aden collected his coffee from a still glaring Irene before he stepped to one side to allow Roman to order his drink and with that collected, they moved over to a table and grabbed seats, sitting opposite one another. Even though it had been years since they had last seen each other it was just like old times.

“I heard Nic was back and thought I would come check on her,” Aden finally said feeling a strange lump in his throat.

“You mean after you dumped her?”

“She really does keep you informed doesn’t she?”

“She writes emails. A lot of emails.”

There was a note in Roman’s voice that made Aden smile. He could imagine getting tonnes of emails from Nic she was always a ‘speak now and regret it later’ type of girl.

“I wasn’t ready for her. “

“And now you’ve lost her.”

“I never had her to lose her Roman. She’s special to me but as for anything else,” Aden shrugged as if to convey his nonchalance.

“I think that her being here is a mistake; there are too many memories for her here.”

Aden knew that he had a look of surprise on his face, “Have you told her that?”

“Of course not,” Roman took a drink of his coffee and looked Aden straight in the eyes.

“What?” Aden gasped out knowing he sounded guilty.

“Geoff looked pensive,” Roman changed the subject abruptly.

“Er..” Aden stuttered.

“Is it going to be a problem for him to marry Nicole?”

He spat out his coffee in shock at Roman’s question. His mind skipped back to the conversation of the previous evening when Geoff realised he still had feelings for Nicole. Rubbing the spot where Irene hit him round the back of his head absentmindedly he looked up as he saw Roman giving him an assessing look.
“What the hell, stop that!”

“Aden,” Roman murmured his name.

“I mean it, stop with the interrogation and the tricking me and the being my dad stuff ‘cause like I’m not going to say anything, okay!”

Roman eased back in his seat and folding his arms across his chest he gave Aden another long look but remained silent.

“This is what you do isn’t it? To get terrorists to talk? Well I’m not saying a word …. “ Aden muttered and picked up his cup to talk another drink. He groaned under his breath as he saw his hand shaking and then looked over at the door as Geoff walked in. No, freaking way, he said inside his head.

Roman’s smirk told him he’d given away too much as it was and he lifted his free hand and smacked himself round the back of his head.

“There, happy?”

“Er Aden…” Geoff’s voice displayed his puzzlement.

Aden looked up in shock at not even realising Geoff was by the table and he frowned.

“So Geoff, good to see you,” Roman murmured standing up and holding out his hand to the other man.

“Don’t do it Geoff, it’s a trap!” Aden shot out unaware that he had spoken aloud.

Geoff gave him a look before reaching out and shaking Roman’s hand. “Will we see much of you before the wedding?”

“I think you’ll be seeing me Geoff, I’m the father of the bride. Traditionally, of course, you had to ask the fathers permission to marry their daughter. I’m still holding on to that tradition. Stuart is a nice guy but he only does things his way. In a sense he only does what makes him happy. Now with my daughter as nice as he treats her if there was someone else who would treat her better I’m the kind of father that would want that.”

Geoff blinked. Aden buried his head in his hands and behind the counter Irene glared at all of them before she reached for a slice of chocolate cake and began eating it.

Roman released Geoff’s hand and sat back down at the table. He smiled slowly.

“So what’s the plan?” He asked in his normal tone of voice.

“We don’t have a plan,” Geoff blurted out.

Irene snorted from her place behind the counter as Aden muttered something that sounded like it rhymed with ‘buck’.

“Then what are you thinking?”

“Thinking? Thinking? I stopped thinking last night when I realised I’m supposed to stand up in church and ask Nic if she wants to marry someone else.”

Aden looked at Roman and saw a smirk on his face.

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking that Stuart really does need to come to the Bay,” Roman said quietly.

“Because of course seeing Geoff panicking is going to be a good thing?”

Roman ignored his sarcastic response and patted the seat next to him as Geoff seemed to sink into it as though his legs wouldn’t hold him up any longer. He buried his head in his hands and groaned.

“Bible boy focus, you decided last night that you wanted this, and now we’ve got an ally in the enemy camp.”

“Fine, so what do we do?”

“Doesn’t a vicar actually have to spend time with a bride before the wedding?” Roman asked slowly.

“Normally we see the both of them,” Geoff said before he cottoned on.

“Strike me!” Irene exclaimed from the other side of the diner. “I think they are saying you should spend some time with your precious Nicole!”

“What she said,” Aden added.

Geoff looked at them and seemed about to say something when his phone beeped. He drew it out of his pocket and looked at the screen before announcing that he had to go.

“I’ll come with you,” Aden said finishing his coffee before standing up and walking out of the diner with the other man.

* * *

“I thought we had a deal,” Irene said slowly.

“From the expression on Geoff’s face I think we should forget about the deal.”

“If he gets hurt…” Irene gave Roman a look that he interpreted as threatening removal of his man parts and he grinned back at her.

“I think they will be okay,” Roman told her picking up the two empty cups from the table and walking over to the counter.

“They better be Roman Harris or you’ll find me a worse enemy than… than…”


Irene glared at him before she gave into laughter as he too smiled.

“Get away w’yas!”

Roman eased back and stood to attention before he saluted her. With another grin he spun around and left the diner heading back home to see if Nic was up yet.

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