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Breathe Me


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Chapter 13


Nic woke first, not a normal early riser she groaned at the influx of sunlight on her face and then groaned again as she remembered where she was.  Let alone what happened.

Jumping to her feet she looked around frantically before grabbing the first item of clothing she saw, one of Geoff’s shirts and pulled that on over her underwear.  It still smelt of him and she grimaced as she inhaled his aftershave.  She was so totally guilty and couldn’t shake the dread that was in the pit of her stomach. 

“Morning,” Geoff called out from behind her.

She spun around and looked at him before gasping and then running away.  Not that she could get very far; they were still stranded on the island.

“I can’t believe I did it again,” she moaned falling to her knees and starring out at the frothing sea.

“Did what again Nic? Why did you run like that?”

Turning her head she looked at him.

“I can’t believe that I had sex with you again!” she ground out stung into anger.

“We didn’t have sex Nic, we kissed and held each other.”

“As good as!” she glared at him.

“Nicole, we were both emotional and overcome with memories last night.  Whilst slipping into temptation isn’t a good thing we can be honest and…”

“And what Bible boy?” She sneered using the old nickname that Aden had christened him with as she stood up.  She could see from the flash of hurt on his face that her taunt had done its work and although she hated herself for using that tactic she needed him to back away from her.   To give her space because all she thought about was the way it had felt ridiculously good to wake up with him, to have his arms around her and god help her, feel totally safe with him.

‘Yeah right’ a voice inside her head scoffed.   It was the fact that she should have those feelings when she was with Stuart and she didn’t.  That was what was scaring her.  That was making her question everything about herself.

“Nic it was a kiss.  We do not have to have a post mortem about it.”

His dismissive attitude made her madder, certainly madder than it should have done that voice taunted.  How could he not be affected by that kiss? How could he not realise what it meant to her?

“Get us off this island,” she said in a cold voice. “Get me home so I can somehow explain this mess to my fiancé and hope that he doesn’t decide to pound your face in.”

She saw him recoil before he moved across the beach and first seeing to the shelter and fire pit he went next to the small dingy and checked that over.  She watched this dispassionately feeling something dying inside her.  Her gaze was caught by the huge diamond ring on her finger and she groaned as she was tempted to tear it off and throw it into the sea. 

She wasn’t in love with Stuart. Not enough to marry him.  Not after Geoff had managed to sneak past her carefully put up defences and reach inside her heart again. 

“Nic,” Geoff called suddenly.

She looked over at him and where he was pointing. A second boat was coming close to shore.  They watched as the boat moored offshore and finally a smaller boat came into view appearing to come from the back of the other vessel.  

As the rib approached them Nic could make out figures in the boat, first Alf Stewart and then Aden and finally her fiancé. She was stung into shock that he was there; of all the times to show up he had to choose this moment.  This exact moment.   Even from this distance away she could see Aden gloating at her as though he knew she’d been unable to keep her lips off Geoff.

If there was a god then he was having a bloody good laugh at her expense she thought with another loud sigh.

“Stuart, darling,” she greeted whilst inwardly flinching.

“Nickie,” Stuart called back, “I got worried about you and grabbed a chopper to take me to Summertown, these kind gentlemen gave me a lift.”

Her eyes narrowed as she looked at both Alf and Aden.  What was Aden even doing there he had supposedly gone back to wherever he’d crawled out from and if he didn’t stop with the smirks she’d make it so he couldn’t visit again.

She could feel her scowl developing permanent lines on her face and bit back another groan.

“Oh darling,” she cried and flung herself into his arms as soon as he reached the beach. 

Had she looked over at Geoff in that moment she would have seen the look on his face and known that for him it wasn’t just a kiss either.


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